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Celebrity Fit Club is a one-hour reality television series, with one basic premise: eight celebrities who have gain massive weight over the years get a chance to lose weight and donate money to a charity of their choosing. The eight celebrities are split into two teams of four and each week they are meet with a difficult challenge that will test their will and faith, called The Fit Camp. The celebrities are supervised and monitored by a group of professional including a psychologist, nutritionist, and most famously a former drill instructor, Harvey Walden who acts as the show fitness trainer.

The celebrities must live among one another and deal with each other temperament or risk being booted off the show for inappropriate behavior. Sure enough minds will collide and moments are drama are ensured when the celebrities just can't take the pressure anymore. The group meets up initiated a team trade of challenge, in which in shape team members vote off one team member off their team. The two voted off team members switch places and continue to try and meet their goal but on the opposite team.

The weigh-in ceremony is the moment of truth for the celebrities as they one by one get onto the big scale to see if they've gained or lose weight. At the end of the season the celebrity who lost the most weight, on both teams wins a grand prize.

Viewers also get to watch a celebrity's life once they leave the Celebrity Fit Club boot camp and return home. Viewers witness the celebrities struggle with staying true to their regime and keeping their weight down and how their family members react to the new change.

Celebrity Fit club is the American version of a show across the pond called Fat Club in the United Kingdom. The show runs on the VH1 network.

Celebrity Fit Club is a series that is currently running and has 7 seasons (57 episodes). The series first aired on January 9, 2005.

Where do I stream Celebrity Fit Club online? Celebrity Fit Club is available for streaming on VH1, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Celebrity Fit Club on demand at Amazon, iTunes online.

Sunday 8:00 PM et/pt on VH1
7 Seasons, 57 Episodes
January 9, 2005
Cast: Ant, Gary Busey, Phil Margera, Wendy Kaufman, Angie Stone
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Celebrity Fit Club Full Episode Guide

  • One celebrity is sent to the hospital while the others have to rough it.

  • The contestants' willpower is put to the test when they compete in a CFC marathon.

  • Bobby Brown says goodbye, but will he return?

  • Rhonda teaches Anger Management following last week's challenge.

  • A teamwork challenge upsets Tanisha and Sebastian.

  • Fight or Flight. Nicole is surprised when she gets on the scale.

  • The Warrior Within. Kevin and Bobby burn some calories... and lose their pants.

  • A new all-star cast of celebrities arrive to lose weight.

  • As the final days approach, the race for the grand prize is close. A last go at the dreaded obstacle course finds one contestant overcoming their fears as five extra points are up for grabs in this competition. Harvey introduces the clubers to glass walking, where each of the teams will cross a path of glass while bare foot. A final weigh in leads to a shocking weight loss and weight gain, all leading to the $150,000 in cash and prizes for the winning team.

  • Dustin returns to the show and is back to his old ways. After a number of phony excuses on why he was absent for the last meeting, Harvey has had enough and throws insults his way. Dustin responds by threatening to call his lawyer and have the show shut down. Meanwhile, injuries knock two fit clubers from the challenge and the rest are exhausted by the challenge itself.

  • Tina and Toccara try to contact Dustin on the phone when he fails to show up at the camp. An unhappy Harvey gives those who did show up a rugged work out dodging a water cannon on a beach during a rescue mission. Later, a Commando Krav Maga expert arrives to teach the members life-saving secrets. but the expert is in for a surprise when he matches up with Toccara.

  • The boot camp is disrupted when Brian Dunkleman is thrown a surprise bachelor party, much to Harvey's displeasure causing an unexpected result.

  • The captains are chosen for the Second Chancers and the Newbies, leaving Harvey skeptical. Dustin is left face down in the dirt after a challenge. And Toccara has a major blowout with Dr. Ian during the weigh in when she still believes that she doesn't need to lose any weight.

  • This season's boot camp combines both new celebrities and some of past season's returnees, as they agree to follow the fitness plan and and exercise plan created by Dr. Ian Smith, drill instructor Harvey Walden IV, and Dr. Stacy Keiser. Celebrities include Erin Moran, Tina Yothers, Willie Ames, Toccara Jones, Sommore, AJ Benza, Brian Dunkleman and the controversial Dustin Diamond.

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