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This competition race series pits two-person teams against one another in a race across the country to capture cash prizes. Like all race competition series, this one makes the teams, which in this case are married couples, compete in challenges to gain an advantage over their opponents. The hook this time around is that the challenges involve previously unknown relatives of the contestants. The series airs on the BYUtv YouTube channel.

Relative Race is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (61 episodes). The series first aired on February 29, 2016.

Relative Race is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Relative Race on demand atApple TV+, Amazon Prime, The Roku Channel, BYUtv online.

6 Seasons, 61 Episodes
February 29, 2016
Cast: Rolexis Delaney
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Relative Race Full Episode Guide

  • On the final day of the challenge, two teams go head-to-head in a racing challenge at SuperCharged Speedway in Montville, CT. They'll have to use their physical skills and mental knowledge of the show to take home the grand prize of $50,000!

  • The end of the race is in sight, and only three teams are still in the running. Aunique challenge puts the teams' smarts (and stomachs) to the test. Raymond gets answers he's waited for his whole life. Anitra has an emotional reunion.

  • J.D. meets a relative that changes his life. DeShae finds the name on her hospital bracelet. Anitra discovers someone very close to her mother. The teams arechallenged to see if they can think alike.

  • With immunity in hand, Team Blue plays a new game. Anitra meets a close connection to her father. DeShae finally solves a mystery. Jenn learns more about her great-grandfather. And Ray meets the person he has always wondered about.

  • A surprise envelope changes everything for all four teams. An emoji movie-title challenge is a breeze . . . for some of the teams. J.D. meets a campsite full of relatives. Ray gets more information about his long-lost brother.

  • DeShae discovers a special bond with her uncle. The teams compete in a sumo suit challenge. Anitra meets her closest family member yet. Ray learns incredible details about his mother's legacy.

  • A physical challenge pushes all the teams to their limits. Anitra's family continues to grow. Ray meets an important relative with connections to his mother. And J.D. discovers his closest relative yet.

  • A hilarious challenge tests the teams' toddler translation skills. Team Green gets turn-by-turn directions from a relative. Jenn uncovers a link to her grandparents. Ray finds out about his brother. Anitra makes a life-changing discovery about her past. And DeShae learns about her last name.

  • A costly penalty puts three teams at a complete standstill. A medieval challenge launches the teams into a fierce battle. Anitra finally discovers her family name. Chris meets an important cousin. Raymond meets a close cousin and gets some important answers about his mother.

  • The race begins for four new teams at Virginia International Raceway. J.D. discovers vital information about his family's history. Raymond and DeShae meet their first biological relatives. Anitra gets one step closer to finding her parents.

  • After 9 days on the road, the remaining teams test their challenge skills in the desert southwest for the Season 5 championship.

  • An audible memory challenge stumps the teams. Demetrius meets a key paternal relative. Marcus and his Dad share a heartwarming discovery. A trip to Day 10 is on the line for two teams with two strikes!

  • Team Green gets off to a rough start when Marcus's dad shows up late to pick them up. While they set off toward Vegas, Team Red heads toward a relative that will help Elizabeth understand more about her maternal side.

  • The teams' art skills are on display in a challenge. Elizabeth's emotions are tested with a close relative. The twins continue their journey and meet a key relative in the search for their dad. Marcus connects with his dad's side.

  • Immunity is on the line. A hampster like challenge has the teams rolling in all directions. Chonta's surprised by an emotional cousin. Team Red plays hockey, Team Green camps and learns to wake board and Team Black learns baseball.

  • The teams show off their singing abilities. Strange paper airplanes are made to pop through a challenge. Marcus meets the person who linked him to his father. Elizabeth discovers her Dad's side of the family. Team Black finds out twins run in their family.

  • All the teams must smell their way to victory competing in a blind folded challenge. A door opens, and Maria's life is changed forever. Kaley and Kristin connect with their family at a recording studio. Marcus meets his mom's brother for the first time.

  • Teams Red and Blue battle heavy rain and compete head to head in a building block challenge. Kaley and Kristin go back to driving school with a relative. Demetrius falls to his knees after meeting the first blood relative on his fathers side. Keith connects with his father's side of the family.

  • Four teams take off from St. Louis with a surprising twist at the starting line. Chonta discovers her slavery roots, Maria is shocked by her family tree, and Marcus takes part in a family dance-off. Plus, a texting war breaks out when the twin sisters get ahold of their phones.

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