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The MTV show The X Effect puts a new spin on the typical cliche dating shows that audiences have become accustomed to over the past decade or so. The show is not intended to match people up, but rather the purpose behind it is to test a pair of existing relationships.

The show begins with two couples, generally straight couples consisting of a guy and a girl, but the show has done episodes using relationships of same sex couples. The couples show up at a hotel or resort, expecting to spend a weekend together as a couple. However, once they arrive it is revealed that instead of spending time with their current significant other during the weekend they will instead be spending the weekend with their ex, who has also arrived at the same resort under the same false pretense. The exes are given their own hotel room, usually a deluxe suite with a hot tub and several other amenities.

Meanwhile, the significant others of their exes are sequestered inside another room of the same resort, although they are generally not allowed to leave their hotel room and they usually aren't familiar with one another and have no past relationship with one another. The current significant others are given the opportunity to spy on their partners and monitor what they do with their ex. For example, there is a red light in the sequestered room that lights up at all moments that the exes are making physical contact with one another. Also, while the exes are inside their suite, their movement is monitored so that their current partners no whether they are in close proximity to one another or avoiding one another.

When all is said and done, the two exes must decide separately if they wish to get back together with their ex or if they would rather stay with their current partner. At the same time, their current partner also has the option to accept or reject their partner should they choose to stay with them. Of course, the exes don't know that their current partner has been monitoring them all weekend, so if they have done something to betray their partner they must own up to it, whether their partner takes them back or not. The show The X Effect puts an intriguing twist on relationships, while also captivating audiences with the temptation that can occur with one's ex.

The X Effect is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (15 episodes). The series first aired on March 21, 2007.

The X Effect is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The X Effect on demand atAmazon, iTunes online.

on MTV
2 Seasons, 15 Episodes
March 21, 2007
Reality, Drama
Cast: Thomas Bridegroom, Natalia Castellanos
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The X Effect Full Episode Guide

  • Erik and his flirtatious ways caused Angel to walk out on him, but she may reconsider after spending a romantic weekend together.

  • Things heat up between exes Lindsey and Eran and between their current significant others while they spy at Casa Bella.

  • Walter broke up with Nicole because she partied too much, maybe a romantic weekend will change his mind.

  • Arthur and Jess were high school sweethearts that broke up when they went to different colleges. Now they've been given a weekend to reconnect.

  • Collin was Anjelika's first real love until he stopped calling and started dating her best friend. Will Collin's new relationship survive a weekend at Casa Bella?

  • Rachel and Joey were in a relationship for two years until Rachel cheated with her new boyfriend Jayson. Now Jayson and Joey's new girlfriend have to watch as the two reconnect at Casa Bella.

  • Will Flavia and Ryan reconnect?

  • Evi and J'Serie ended their relationship after a year of dating. For the first time since their split they will spend the weekend together to see if they should remain apart or give into the X Effect.

  • Morgan and Heather were high school lovebirds who broke up one week before prom. They are reunited for the weekend, will they be able to maintain their friendship, or will they fall into the X Effect?

  • Racquia and BJ were high school sweethearts until BJ went away to college. They are forced to spend a romantic weekend together reunited, will they be faithful to their new partners or will they fall prey to the X Effect?

  • Amir was dating Natasha until he cheated on her with Neda, who happens to be his current girlfriend. Now, Amir and Natasha spend the weekend alone with each other while their current partners Neda and Kavi spy on them.

  • Jeremy and Kelly broke up because Kelly got jealous of Jeremy's flirting; they spend the weekend together at a romantic resort, will they be faithful?

  • Marcel and Ilca are put to the test as they spend a romantic weekend together while their current significant others watch.

  • Dane's feelings haven't changed for his ex Molly; in fact, they never even "officially" broke up.

  • Special Spring Break Episode! Mary and Ari were a sizzling couple until Mary hooked up with Ari's best friend, Richie.