Studio C

This sketch comedy show is produced in Utah and has evolved from the work of a comedy troupe called Divine Comedy which was made up of students from Brigham Young University. Studio C debuted 2012 and continues to be produced for the BYUtv YouTube channel.

Monday 10:00 PM et/pt on BYUtv
8 Seasons, 119 Episodes
October 8, 2012
Cast: Matthew Meese, Mallory Everton, Jason Gray, Whitney Call
Studio C

Studio C Full Episode Guide

  • This week Stephen attempts to get a prisoner to talk by recreating a scene from Aladdin, The Dog Singer featuring Terry on the Flute makes his television debut on Farley Archer, and Snape and Voldemort take all things snake milk on their YouTube show.

  • In the latest episode of Voldemort and Snape's YouTube show, things get a bit crazy with wizarding world's favorite Every Flavor Beans! A children's library reading group seek justice for a murderous thumb, and Batman teams up with Dora the Explorer to catch an uncatchable villain!

  • This week we visit Middle Earth to find that Frodo is getting offered a little more help than he needs to get the ring to Mordor. Snape and Voldemort discuss how they first met on their YouTube channel, Matt is able to find the perfect match for his Puritan roommate, and Batman and Superman bond over their parents!

  • Studio C has fallen in love! Natalie is diagnosed with being in love, Mal and Stacey can't seem to find the right words when they meet the "one", and Tori suffers through Valentine's Day alone, while her brother receives a lot of unwanted attention.

  • Matt needs advice from James about a girl, but James isn't listening, Batman and Dora take on Gotham City, and Belle is unimpressed after the Beast transforms.

  • It's Studio C's 100th episode! Dalton takes his TSA job a little too seriously, Matt can't stop reading Tori's texts, and Jeremy ends up sharing a row with a bloodsucking passenger.

  • The worst ninja ever struggles to get the job done, Matt makes the poor choice of using a Groupon for his laser eye treatment, and a time traveler ruins a couple's proposal.

  • The worst ninja ever struggles to get the job done, Matt makes the poor choice of using a Groupon for his laser eye treatment, and a time traveler ruins a couple's proposal.

  • Matt, Jason and James try to impress girls with their cosplay, a young boy is haunted by a very unusual monster under his bed, and Joyce from Stranger Things continues to look for her son using any decorations she can think of.

  • A tourist is confused by a New York sandwich shop's service, Mo and Susan go on the worlds most awkward date, and Bad Karma returns.

  • Jason shows the five stages of Netflix addiction, an 80's sitcom brings back big hair, and we take a look inside the planning committee for the upcoming Star Wars movies.

  • In this exciting first episode of Season 8, a fight starts when Steven calls James by the wrong name, we meet a British stage actor playing Jeremy, and a crosswalk desperately wants some company.

  • Hector tries his hardest to help his boss, The Great British Bakeoff contestants deal with their most difficult challenge yet, and the Cookie Monster gets pitched his craziest endorsement deal ever.

  • Harry Potter bids his children ado as they set off to Hogwarts, the boys go to a club to flirt with the gals, and an examination is organized on the streets of Old London.

  • Sleeping Beauty receives gifts from the three good fairies, an unusual teacher substitutes at a middle school, and pirates board a ship and take the captain hostage.

  • Adam hears the melody of the ocean through a seashell, the Dark Knight rescues a lady from danger with a little help from his friends, and video game makers try to come up with their next big idea.

  • Jeremy tries to save a guy who is trapped, the national chess championship is conquered by a landslide, and YouTuber Mark Rober attempts to help the victims of a plane crash on a deserted island.

  • The Lifestyle Vlog gals come back with "amaze" parenting tips, the boys find out their lives are actually The Truman Show, and two drivers battle it out in an epic lip sync battle.

  • Grandma J embarks to figure out a court case, Jason's trip to Russia ends unexpectedly, and a teen movie theater worker learns the best way to woo women.

  • Stephen gets a kiss from his high school infatuation at last, Officer Williams keeps things in line at the park, and the actual Cinderella meets her Prince Charming.

  • Adam finally gets his warrior name after many weeks of training, a returned veteran surprises his boy at school, and Coach Dupree guides his soccer team to victory.

  • Jason and Natalie attempt to capture a simple family photo, the Charleston Brothers get assistance from the YouTube channel "What's Inside," and Spencer interviews for a position.

  • Hector tries his best to assist his boss, The Great British Bakeoff competitors deal with their hardest challenge yet, and the Cookie Monster gets pitched his wildest endorsement deal ever.

  • Harry Potter and his group try using the Mirror of Erised again, Natalie adopts a weird new cat, and Jeremy has a hard time with getting picked last for the team.

  • Matt sees colors for the first time and can hardly believe his eyes, a tour group at the Great Pyramid see more than they could have wished for, and only one man can save the world when aliens strike.

  • Things get spooky when Jeremy shops for a new piano, Matt's efforts at helping his baby get back to sleep go wrong, and the guys can't seem to comprehend Adam's Halloween costume.

  • Astronaut Mark Watney experiences issues with his first YouTube channel, Jason shows Jeremy just how great the internet can be, and a match of Truth or Dare gets more daring than ever.

  • Stephen has the worst nightmare ever, the Phantom of the Opera gets dating advice from his pals, and Brooklyn and Bailey help the girls face off against the boys in an epic dance battle.

  • Studio C Season 7 starts out with a BANG! Matt discovers who Jeremy really is, Gary decides he's had enough and quits the band, and Shay Carl presents the ins and outs of vlogging etiquette.