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  • 2012
  • 17 Seasons
  • 8.6  (1,317)

Studio C is a sketch comedy show that first aired on BYUtv in October 2012. The show features a talented cast of comedians, including Whitney Call, Mallory Everton, Jason Gray, Matt Meese, and several others who contribute to the show's hilarious and often outrageous skits.

Each episode of Studio C follows a similar format, with the cast performing a series of short sketches that skewer everything from pop culture to politics to everyday life. The sketches vary in length, but most are around three to five minutes long and are filmed in front of a live audience. Many of the sketches also include musical numbers and other comedic bits, such as fake commercials and parodies.

One of the standout features of Studio C is the show's incredible writing. The sketches are consistently funny and well-crafted, with clever twists and unexpected punchlines that keep viewers on their toes. The cast members also have excellent comedic timing and chemistry, which helps to elevate the material even further.

Another key element of Studio C's success is its broad appeal. The show's humor is often silly and absurd, but it never feels mean-spirited or offensive. This makes it a great choice for families to watch together, as well as for viewers who are looking for a good laugh without the need for crass or vulgar humor.

Over the course of its run, Studio C has produced a wide variety of memorable sketches. Some of the most popular recurring characters include Captain Literally, a superhero who takes things a little too literally; the Awkward Avoidance Viking, who shows up at the worst possible times; and the Shoulder Angel and Devil, who offer conflicting advice to people in moral dilemmas.

Other sketches tackle more serious topics with a comedic twist, such as a sketch about a man who takes his love of traffic cones a little too far or a parody of The Hunger Games called "The Hunger Games: Waiting for the Elevator."

Throughout its run, Studio C has continued to evolve and experiment with new styles and formats. In addition to the traditional sketch comedy segments, the show has also produced longer narrative sketches, musical specials, and even a full-length feature film.

Overall, Studio C is a delightful showcase of some of the most talented comedic minds working today. With its clever writing, impeccable timing, and all-around good-natured silliness, the show is sure to bring a smile to the face of anyone who watches.

Studio C is a series that is currently running and has 17 seasons (211 episodes). The series first aired on October 9, 2012.

Studio C
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A Snowy Stuntman
8. A Snowy Stuntman
December 4, 2023
Jason Gray waits for Santa to arrive. A gag gift becomes highly sought after at a gift exchange. Kids build a magical snowman who craves high octane thrills. Santa visits Career Day. A teenager receives a very unique car.
A Belligerent Bowler
7. A Belligerent Bowler
November 27, 2023
Mallory Everton and Megan Rico join; a space crew has to act fast while under attack; not all Olympic athletes are the same; blowing a kiss becomes complicated; luggage is damaged on a flight.
A Bossy Biker
6. A Bossy Biker
November 20, 2023
A composer's win is upstaged by his ex-girlfriend; a man gets a lesson on motorcycle style; a picky eater hosts a cooking show; military recruits are not trained for laundry; a couple visits a pet shop full of fancy pets; Austin Williams guest stars.
An Elderly Embezzler
5. An Elderly Embezzler
November 13, 2023
Lisa Valentine Clark guest stars; a teleprompter is on the fritz; a podcast guest is interrupted by ads; Grandma Bunny is determined to help her grandson out; the cast learns what makes a podcast; a police officer trusts her instincts.
A Terrible Tailor
4. A Terrible Tailor
November 6, 2023
A teacher is late for his class. An adult tries to sell homemade Girl Scout Cookies. An employee loses his mind while filming a recruitment video. Tourists get a one of a kind suit. A man's birthday presents get creepier and creepier.
A Secret Scarecrow
3. A Secret Scarecrow
October 30, 2023
The cast is horrified when the lights go out. A scarecrow tries to frighten trick-or-treaters. A vampire loves biting necks in the USA. A know-it-all werewolf offended. And Tori is convinced she's the pretty girl in a horror movie.
An Admonishing Anthropologist
2. An Admonishing Anthropologist
October 23, 2023
Confusion plagues a restaurant, job fair, basketball game, and graduation. And Dobby needs clothes.
A Defective Detective
1. A Defective Detective
October 16, 2023
Kiri, Carl, and Aleta join the cast! Trainees get robbed, morph malfunctions & an angry assistant.
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Studio C is available for streaming on the BYUtv website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Studio C on demand at Apple TV Channels, Amazon Prime and BYUtv.
  • Premiere Date
    October 9, 2012
  • IMDB Rating
    8.6  (1,317)