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What is it about costume dramas set in the early pre-World War I twentieth century? It started with Upstairs Downstairs, continued with Downton Abbey, and now we have a Spanish TV series entitled Grand Hotel (Gran Hotel). Originally airing on Spain's Antena 3, it's available in the USA with English subtitles

Grand Hotel has all the genre requirements: aristocrats and workers, gorgeous youth, stately elders, intriguing relationships and of course lots of romance, frustrated ambitions, pregnancies and births, disease and death. It's life's microcosm, set in an extraordinarily beautiful architectural wonder, the Palacio de la Magdalena in northern Spain.

The luxurious Grand Hotel is the scene of a myriad of stories involving the owners, their guests, and their staff. At the center of the multifaceted plot is the owners' daughter Alicia (Amaia Salamanca), to the manner born and ever-conscious of her blue blood. The liaison she forms with the conflicted young waiter Julio (Yon Gonzales) provides plenty of opportunity for passion, intrigue, rejection and renunciation.

Grand Hotel is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (66 episodes). The series first aired on October 4, 2011.

Where do I stream Grand Hotel online? Grand Hotel is available for streaming on Beta Film, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Grand Hotel on demand at Netflix, Vudu online.

Tuesday 10:30 PM et/pt on Beta Film
3 Seasons, 66 Episodes
October 4, 2011
Drama, Romance
Cast: Amaia Salamanca
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Grand Hotel Full Episode Guide

  • After a dinner that Julio and Andrés have arranged for the four friends, Maite and Andrés exchange a kiss; Cisneros carries out his revenge on Diego.

  • Alicia is released; the cholera epidemic forces the hotel to go on lockdown; Ayala tells Diego that he knows about his real identity.

  • Diego wants to make a statement before the judge, but he collapses; cholera breaks out at the hotel; Cisneros convinces Doña Teresa that he loves her.

  • Andrés is slowly beginning to have doubts about Belén; Cisneros's sister shoots Diego and frames Alicia for the crime.

  • Julio has barely regained consciousness when he's in mortal danger again; after spending the night with Sofía, Alfredo insists that she leave.

  • Chief Inspector Baz'án listens to Ayala's theory about the crimes; Sofía turns her new chambermaid into an ally, and they confront Padre Grau.

  • Diego keeps Alicia prisoner, trying to get his rival's name; Andrés wants Doña Ángela to give up her position as housekeeper and makes her his heir.

  • To help solve his marital problems, Sofía suggests that Javier see a psychiatrist; Cisneros tells his fake life story to Doña Teresa.

  • Andrés is found guilty of Belén's murder and sentenced to death, to be carried out the following evening. Julio tries to save his friend but fails.

  • Doña Teresa wants Doña Ángela to renege on her statement and promises help for Andrés in return; Sofía's mother-in-law finds the letter to Padre Grau.

  • Alicia accuses her mother of knowing about Diego's abusive behavior; Diego discovers a passionate love letter signed by his first wife, Marta Santos.

  • Andrés finds and identifies the disfigured corpse of a woman; Alicia discovers Celia Velledur's wallet in her mother's room.

  • After Laura learns the details of her husband's future post in Santander, she prevents him from being hired. Meanwhile, Alfredo confronts Padre Grau.

  • Diego is spotted burying his mother's body; to Ayala's dismay, Chief Inspector Baz'án takes over the investigations in the Belén murder case.

  • Laura won't let up in her efforts to turn Javier into a faithful, caring husband; Julio, Alicia and Maite decipher a clue to a special object.

  • The hotel hosts a fundraiser for the orphanage planned by Padre Grau; on the terrace, Sofía and Padre Grau exchange a clandestine kiss.

  • Alicia discovers a clue at the reception that helps her decipher the strange message. A difficult guest turns out to be the king's mistress.

  • Ezequiel barricades himself in the attic with Maite; Ayala receives an enigmatic message; Javier and Laura go on their honeymoon.

  • Javier gets cold feet on his wedding day; Maître Cisnero takes Julio under his wing and promotes him to chef de rang.

  • Alicia and Julio drive to the de Soto estate, where they're captured; Insp. Ayala investigates the disappearance of Celia Velledur.

  • Diego announces to the shocked staff that the hotel has been sold and will close within a week; Alfredo wants to buy back his noble title.

  • Belén tries to regain Andrés's trust; Maite spots a chance to have Alicia's marriage to Diego annulled on grounds of bigamy.

  • Sofía poses a threat, as she might confess to Beatriz's murder in trance; Alicia reappears under mysterious conditions in the vicinity of the hotel.

  • An explosion rips through the hotel, leaving many guests dead and injured, including Julio. Meanwhile, Alicia is missing.

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  • As Diego's disease infects more workers from the hotel, Ángela fears an epidemic and tries to convince Doña Teresa and Alfredo to close the hotel.

  • Grand Hotel: Season 2: "Pt. 22"

  • Grand Hotel: Season 2: "Pt. 21"

  • Alicia falls into Jesús Cisneros's trap and is arrested by agent Ayala for the attempted murder of her husband, Diego Murquía.

  • During Belén's confession, it is revealed how the maid prepared everything with the help of Baz'án to get rid of Andrés once and for all.

  • Jesús reveals to Teresa the true identity of Diego and offers an alliance to be done with him once and for all.

  • Grand Hotel: Season 2: "Pt. 17"

  • Julio and Alicia have finally identified the murderer of Don Carlos, and Dona Teresa has a new proposal for Andres.

  • While Don Diego's illness worsens, Julio and Alicia realize that their dreams of a life together can come true if they're bold enough to seize them.