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Lark Rise to Candleford is a show set at the turn of the century in the English countryside. Lark Rise is a small hamlet where most of the inhabitants are poor and work in the fields. Candleford on the other hand is a neighboring city with stores, hotels and even a post office. The two towns are bound together by a set of cousins. One cousin, named Dorcas Lane is the female head of the post office. Her cousin Emma Timmins lives in Lark Rise with her husband Robert and their many children. Their oldest daughter Laura, moves in with Ms. Lane to work with her at the post office.

The show is a dramatic series often depicting the hard times many people faced during the end of the 19th century. The story is narrated through the eyes of a much older Laura, who is a sentimental character with high morals. Laura goes through the struggles many young women face when they are educated and looking to have a meaningful relationship. This time period was not a time of independence for women although there are many strong willed and independent women depicted in the show. Pearl and her sister Ruby own a clothing shop where they hand stitch all of their own garments.

As the head postmaster, Ms Lane has a male postal carrier named Thomas who works for her. She also adopts an orphaned boy named Sydney and raises him as her own. Another strong woman comes in the form of an older lady named Queenie. Queenie lives in a humble abode in Lark Rise with her husband Thomas. While the people in the hamlet often do not have enough food to eat or clothes for their children, they somehow pull together to help each other out. Many of the festivals held by the people in Lark Rise replicate the old Celtic traditions from the English culture.

While the show is filled with a lot of dramatic moments, it is not without some lighthearted ones as well. The often unpredictable Minnie, who works as housekeeper for Ms. Lane is hopelessly in love with the hard working Alf. Despite Minnie's sometimes obvious endeavors to capture Alf's heart, they are often unnoticed by Alf.

Lark Rise to Candleford is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (40 episodes). The series first aired on January 13, 2008.

Where do I stream Lark Rise to Candleford online? Lark Rise to Candleford is available for streaming on BBC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Lark Rise to Candleford on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Apple TV online.

4 Seasons, 40 Episodes
January 13, 2008
Cast: Julia Sawalha, Brendan Coyle, Jennie Jacques
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Lark Rise to Candleford Full Episode Guide

  • Gabriel has finally completed the machine which he hopes will restore his fortunes and farmers are soon asking to buy his invention. Dorcas is delighted for him, until she realizes it could mean his departure from Candleford. Meanwhile, Caroline has returned to Lark Rise, and Minnie assumes it's only a matter of time before Alf comes to propose, now that his ma is back to look after her children.

  • The Fair has come to town, and the locals are celebrating - Alf has been crowned King of the Fair, while Queenie has won a whole pig! The Lark Risers start fattening up the pig in preparation for a sumptuous pig feast, but Twister can't resist the temptation of selling off cuts of the animal to the people of Candleford. At the post office, Gabriel is proving to be a less than perfect house guest.

  • Thomas is euphoric when he lands the job of organizing the church bazaar. But his joy soon evaporates when the vicar falls ill, and the controversial and free-thinking Reverend Marley takes charge. Thomas is convinced that Marley is evil incarnate, and when he comes across a snake on his postal rounds, he sees it as a sign that the devil is indeed amongst them.

  • When Daniel announces that his newspaper is launching a poetry competition, the folks of Lark Rise and Candleford are thrown into a frenzy of creative writing. Pearl, Margaret and Alfie all vie to take home the trophy with their poetic offerings, but Ruby is spreading a rumor that Laura and Daniel have fixed the outcome of the competition.

  • Gabriel Cochrane, the once wealthy owner of a large Iron Foundry, arrives. The bank has repossessed his home and business, his young wife has died, and Gabriel finds himself looking for a new start. The people of Candleford take him to their hearts.

  • When the postmaster at Inglestone, with an old score to settle, tries to force Dorcas into selling up, she is faced with the heartbreaking prospect of losing her home and denying Sydney his dream of running the post office one day.

  • Mischief Night is approaching and the folks of Lark Rise and Candleford are excitedly planning tricks to play on their neighbours. But Laura is in no mood for silly pranks - Fisher Bloom has returned, intent on winning her back, and it has thrown her feelings for Daniel into turmoil.

  • When the local Lark Rise gossip Mrs Mullins discovers her daughter Emily is pregnant, she leaps to the conclusion that Daniel is the father. Everyone, including Laura, rallies round to defend him. But when Daniel's behaviour starts to arouse suspicion, and people begin to doubt him, Dorcas is determined to uncover the truth.

  • When the Lark Rise school loses its teacher, Emma steps in and discovers a talent she never knew she had. But Margaret also covets the role of schoolteacher, and the two women become rivals for the job. Over in Candleford, Thomas and Dorcas are at odds. The postman is agitating for better working conditions, and Dorcas isn't taking it well.

  • The locals are rehearsing for their annual production of St George and the Dragon when they hear rumours that Sir Timothy has returned. They are thrilled at the prospect of performing it for the squire himself, but with the play fast approaching and no sign of Sir Timothy, Dorcas decides to pay him a visit. She finds only Lady Adelaide. As the two women come face to face they are forced to confront their shared history, learning more about each other than they could have imagined.

  • It's harvest time and, when Alf is crowned "king of the mowers", he vows to bring in the harvest in record time. Every man, woman and child in the hamlet is employed cutting the wheat and collecting the "leazings", or leftover wheat, which will feed them through the winter. Dorcas decides a day of fun with the Lark Rise children at the harvest is just what her serious little boy, Sydney, needs.

  • When Alf secures a "man's wage" from the farmer, enabling him and his siblings to move back into the family cottage, he couldn't be prouder, and throws a party to celebrate. Laura intercepts a letter addressed to Alf from prison - fearing it may contain bad news from his ma, she decides to delay its delivery so his special day isn't spoiled. As the beer and the merriment flow, Alf sings a song he learnt from a traveller. Its haunting words have a profound affect on his guests.

  • Daniel Parish, a handsome and ambitious young journalist, arrives in Lark Rise with exciting news for the Timmins family. Emma's aunt has died, leaving her a large inheritance. All Daniel seeks in return for this information is permission to write their rags-to-riches story for his newspaper.