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Upstairs Downstairs is the sequel to the popular 1970's television show of the same name. Written by Heidi Thomas, the nine-episode story of 165 Eaton Place picks up in 1936, six years after the original family and staff vacate. The new owner, Sir Hallam Holland (Ed Stoppard), is a Foreign Office diplomat who inherited Eaton Place, a large fortune, and a title. He and his newly married wife, Lady Agnes (Keeley Hawes), the daughter of the 12th Earl of Towyn, move into the magnificent, neglected house with plans for restoration.

Sir Hallam and Lady Agnes enlist the help of Rose Buck (Jean Marsh) who is only too happy to return to Eaton Place as housekeeper, responsible for engaging the new staff. Rose deems Mr. Warwick Pritchard (Adrian Scarborough), ready to take his place as butler, and true to his position, Mr. Pritchard is discreet, well spoken, and meticulous.

When Rose suffers a setback, Pritchard and the cook, Mrs. Clarice Thackeray (Anne Reid), engage in a power struggle. Mrs. Thackeray, a nosey, judgmental, kind-hearted widow, who is very vocal about the high standards she sets for herself and the other staff.

Lady Agnes's younger sister, Lady Persephone

Upstairs, Downstairs is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (69 episodes). The series first aired on October 10, 1971.

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Acorn Media
5 Seasons, 69 Episodes
October 10, 1971
Cast: Gordon Jackson, David Langton, Rachel Gurney, Angela Baddeley, Jean Marsh
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Upstairs, Downstairs Full Episode Guide

  • October 1929. Home after making a killing on Wall Street, James urges the Bellamy household to get on the gravy train, and Rose trusts James to invest for her.

  • Summer 1928. Georgina's out-of-control behavior causes more trouble for the Bellamys. When a joyride proves fatal, Lord Robert Stockbridge comes to Georgina's aid.

  • On a household holiday in the Scottish Highlands, Hudson confronts a poacher. James reveals his feelings for Georgina, but when she doesn't return his ardor, he leaves abruptly for America.

  • June 1927. James takes Lady Prudence to Ascot. Georgina's friendship with Lady Dolly Hale, a wild society girl, leads to an ugly scene and the departure of a key servant.

  • September 1926. Eaton Place hosts an important dinner party for the French ambassador. When Hudson falls ill, someone must take his place, causing a crisis downstairs.

  • May 1926. Britain's General Strike of 1926 rattles the Bellamy household. Lord Richard is dismayed, James takes a job as a bus conductor, and Hudson struggles to keep order downstairs.

  • Summer 1925. Seeking an important government post, Lord Richard courts influential millionaire Sir Guy Paynter. But Guy is more interested in Virginia. Meanwhile, Ruby has a suitor.

  • Spring 1923. Bored with life, James takes up with his best friend's wife. When they spend a weekend together in a cottage, the Bellamys barely avert a scandal.

  • Autumn 1921. James buys a small airplane and takes his young stepmother for a spin. When the plane disappears, the household prepares for the worst and the press has a field day.

  • Summer 1921. The Viscount and her Ladyship travel for their honeymoon. While they're away, Georgina throws a wild party at Eaton Place that ends in tragedy.

  • February 1920: Medically discharged from the army, James enters politics but refuses any guidance from his father.

  • Summer 1919. Upstairs, Lord and Lady Bellamy make plans to leave Eaton Place. Downstairs, the servants fear for their jobs. Fortunately, Virginia's young children save the day.

  • Lord Richard proposes to Virginia Hamilton. James is sullen and difficult, especially with Hazel. London rejoices when the armistice is declared, but Eaton Place experiences one more tragedy.

  • When young widow Virginia Hamilton learns that her son is to be court-martialed, she asks Lord Richard for help. Edward goes into hiding to avoid being sent back to France.

  • Is James alive or dead? A message arrives from the military hospital where Georgina is working. Hazel and Lord Richard travel to France to bring their wounded loved one home.

  • Lady Prudence commandeers the Bellamys' drawing room for a charity matinee, but her plans are disrupted when a bomb falls nearby. A telegram brings bad news about James.

  • Ruby and Edward return to Eaton Place, the latter suffering from a severe case of shell shock. Sir Richard tries to help him and also gets appointed Viscount Bellamy of Haversham.

  • Eaton Place is rocked by tragedy: Rose's fiance has been killed in battle, and pilot Jack Dyson is dead. James comes home on leave and takes a walk in the park with Hazel.

  • At the tea party for wounded officers, Hazel feels drawn to Jack Dyson, a shy young pilot. Rose and Daisy await news about their soldier sweethearts, while James and Georgina meet in France.

  • Rose is reunited with the Australian Gregory Wilmot, now an Anzac Sergeant. Lady Prudence wants Hazel to host a tea party for wounded officers. Hazel says no, but Hudson says yes.

  • James longs to rejoin his regiment along the Western Front, and Hazel pulls some strings. Rose becomes a bus conductor, and Georgina finds nursing less glamorous than she expected.

  • Edward and Daisy marry. Georgina trains as a volunteer nurse, and kitchen maid Ruby takes a job at a munitions plant. James is unhappy with his posting as a staff officer.

  • The sinking of the Lusitania fuels anti-German sentiments. The servants are forced to examine their feelings when a local tradesman's store is burned and his family is beaten.

  • On leave from the Western Front, James carelessly complains about shortages and is drawn into a political intrigue. Daisy and Edward announce their engagement.

  • 1914: War has begun. James fights in the trenches of France, Edward feels pressure to enlist, the servants draw the curtains tight, and Hazel takes in a family of refugees.

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