Wish Me Luck

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This war drama series follows the exploits of a group of women working as undercover agents in World War II Europe. The series makes an effort to examine the challenges that women faced as they worked to do their part to rescue Britain and the rest of Europe from the facist forces that threatened it. It aired on the ITV network between 1988 and 1990.

Acorn Media
3 Seasons, 23 Episodes
January 17, 1988
Cast: Jane Asher, Michael J. Jackson, Kate Buffery, Jane Snowden
Wish Me Luck

Wish Me Luck Full Episode Guide

  • Le Crest is under attack, and Resistance members flee. Some are saved; others make the ultimate sacrifice. Liz bargains with Stuckler for Kit's life.

  • Lewis and Kit are captured, and Emily escapes with an injured Luc. Stuckler questions Lewis and Kit with Philippe by his side.

  • Philippe is held by the Resistance but refuses to name his contact. When Lewis accuses Virginia, she admits her ties to Philippe.

  • Stuckler brutally interrogates a prisoner, and Kit makes a gruesome discovery after returning to Le Crest. Meanwhile, Nicole's fate is decided.

  • Father Martin is horrified to learn of the massacre's cause. The BBC announces the Allies' landing in France. Emily discovers the truth about Nicole.

  • Faith threatens to resign when she learns that the fighters in Le Crest won't get the support they need. Emily makes a deadly mistake.

  • Kit returns from London with the team's assignment: an uprising against the Germans, with full military support. Luc suspects Nicole is an informer.

  • Emily narrowly escapes capture by the Germans. Now heading the London office, Faith sends two new recruits to Le Crest -- Virginia and Lewis.

  • Despite Vivien's capture, the raid on the arms factory must continue. The mission is successful, but the team's rescue attempt goes badly.

  • Emily flees to a hideout in a brothel. Liz and Kit put aside their feelings, Cad receives devastating news, and Vivien pays for her reckless behavior.

  • Emily's transmitter and codebook are confiscated by the Germans, and her host family is arrested. Cad sends Kit to France to handle the situation.

  • Local resistance leader Gordon resents his new boss, Liz, who's there to destroy the U-boat transmitter station. Vivien pursues a mission of her own.

  • Colin is in shock after shooting a young woman he found searching his room, and Liz learns that her marriage is a sham in more ways than one.

  • Emily, Vivien and Colin parachute into France at night. Emily's farewell to her boyfriend in England turns out to have consequences.

  • Southwestern France, 1943: Nazis shoot three British agents, and Liz must tell a widow the sad news. Back in England, two new recruits join the team.