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In the Scottish city of Glasgow, the police department struggles to deal with a number of grisly murders. The personalities of the detectives come into play in their investigative style, and they work together to solve vicious crimes and get murderers off the streets and into prison where they belong.

Taggart is a series that is currently running and has 27 seasons (133 episodes). The series first aired on March 3, 1983.

Where do I stream Taggart online? Taggart is available for streaming on ITV, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Taggart on demand at Amazon Prime online.

27 Seasons, 133 Episodes
March 3, 1983
Crime Mystery Drama
Cast: Mark McManus
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Taggart Full Episode Guide

  • A murdered boxer found by the expressway connects the team to an underground world of cage fighting and criminal activity.

  • Newly-promoted DI Reid leads the investigation into the fatal stabbing of a busker. DI Ross's personal problems continue to affect his professional life.

  • A badly-beaten body is discovered by a motorway, and the investigation leads the team to an illegal bare-knuckle fighting ring. DI Ross has to face up to his gambling addiction.

  • A man and three of his children are found dead in their home, and a fourth child is critically ill. It initially appears that the father killed his children and took his own life, but forensic tests show that the father died first.

  • An Iranian refugee is burned to death, and the evidence points to a racially-motivated murder, but DCI Burke suspects otherwise, and the team uncovers a connection to a local drug dealer.

  • A shipworkers' trade union leader and his employer are both shot during an industrial dispute, the union man fatally. DCI Burke and the team suspect that this was a corporate killing.

  • The mutilated body of a torture victim is found in an empty warehouse. Detectives from the Met, investigating a similar case in London, arrive to help in the investigation.

  • Two members of a religious sect are murdered, but their fellow members seem intent on obstructing the investigation, which angers DCI Burke and only serves to complicate the case.

  • The body of a member of a Community Watch scheme is found hanging in the children's playground. Suspicion falls on the chairman of the scheme, who has killed before, but DS Reid is convinced of his innocence.

  • A gambler is murdered at a greyhound track just before his dog came in. DI Ross soon establishes that the race was fixed, but then the bookie's son is killed in the same way. The suspects are the gambler's ex-wife, ex-lover, the bookie & the trainer.