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  • TV-14
  • 1977
  • 3 Seasons
  • 8.7  (9,556)

Mind Your Language was a British comedy television series that ran on the ITV network from 1977 to 1986. The show was created by Vince Powell and starred Barry Evans as Jeremy Brown, a young and inexperienced English language teacher who has been hired to teach a group of adult immigrants in the evening at a London school.

The show's main premise revolves around the various hijinks and misunderstandings that arise as a result of the language barriers and cultural differences between Brown and his diverse students. Each episode focuses on a particular theme or scenario and features a variety of humorous antics as the students attempt to navigate their way through the English language and British culture.

Brown's students are an eclectic mix of individuals from all over the world, including Zara Nutley as a fiery Italian woman named Anna, Tommy Godfrey as an effeminate Tamil named Ranjeet Singh, Iris Sadler as a prudish Belgian named Danielle Favre, Ricardo Montez as a suave Spanish man named Juan Cervantes, Albert Moses as a Nigerian student named Mr. Kumar, Pik-Sen Lim as a timid Chinese woman named Chung Su-Lee, Robert Lee as a hyperactive Japanese man named Taro Nagazumi, Kevork Malikyan as a passionate Turkish man named Ali Nadim, and Fran as an uncouth American woman named Maureen Bullock.

The show's comedic style was largely rooted in the use of cultural stereotypes and English language puns, with many of the jokes relying on the misunderstandings that occurred when the students attempted to apply English expressions to their own cultural experiences. For example, in one episode, Mr. Kumar struggles with the concept of English sarcasm, leading to a number of amusing misunderstandings, while in another episode, the students hold a mock debate on the merits of arranged marriages versus love marriages.

Despite its lighthearted comedy, the show was not without its controversies. Some critics accused the show of reinforcing negative stereotypes about immigrants and perpetuating racist attitudes towards non-English speakers. Others praised the series' attempts to promote multiculturalism and celebrate diversity, pointing to its portrayal of the various cultures represented within its cast of characters.

Throughout its nine-year run, Mind Your Language gained a large and dedicated following, with many viewers tuning in each week to see what new situations Brown and his students would find themselves in. The show remains a beloved classic of British television, and its popularity has spawned numerous adaptations and spin-offs in countries around the world.

Overall, Mind Your Language was a groundbreaking and entertaining series that tackled important issues of cultural identity and linguistic diversity in a humorous and accessible way. Its legacy lives on as a testament to the power of comedy to bring people together and bridge the gaps between different cultures and languages.

Mind Your Language is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (29 episodes). The series first aired on September 30, 1977.

Mind Your Language
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What A Tangled Web
8. What A Tangled Web
December 15, 1979
Jeremy Brown's repsonsibility as and English teacher to foreign students doesn't always end when leaves the class. Ali Nadim, his Pakistani student, seeks advice on marital problems and Jeremy feels bound to help. The results are rather unexpected.
The School Fete
7. The School Fete
December 8, 1979
The college goes off on a desperate search for a celebrity to open their school fete.
Repent At Leisure
6. Repent At Leisure
December 1, 1979
Anna comes into the classroom upset when she discovers she will have to return to Germany because her work permit has run out. The pupils decide to help and hatch a plan for Anna to marry Jeremy.
Guilty or Not Guilty
5. Guilty or Not Guilty
November 24, 1978
Jeremy's pupils end up in court in front of the local magistrate court. Unluckily for Jeremy, Miss Courtney, who is a JP, is to preside over the court.
No Flowers By Request
4. No Flowers By Request
November 10, 1978
Jeremy takes one of his pupils to hospital and ends up needing hospital treatment himself. Meanwhile, his pupils believe that Jeremy has died and go off to his funeral.
Who Loves Ya Baby?
3. Who Loves Ya Baby?
November 3, 1978
Danielle, an au pair, brings in to college the baby that she looks after. The baby gets lost several times causing panic and concern for all.
Just The Job
2. Just The Job
September 24, 1978
Jeremy accepts a higher paid job only to discover it has already been taken and that his previous position has also been filled. Now that he is jobless his pupils plot to help him gain back his position.
I Belong to Glasgow
1. I Belong to Glasgow
October 27, 1978
A wealthy Arab Sheik comes to see Miss Courtney about English classes. He himself speaks perfect English, but he wants his chauffeur to have English lessons and is prepared to pay two thousand pounds if the college can make this happen. When the chauffeur comes in, they are shocked to discover that he is Scottish. Miss Courtney suggests that they teach the Scottish dialect to the Sheik.
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  • Premiere Date
    September 30, 1977
  • IMDB Rating
    8.7  (9,556)