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One of the most successful television detective drama's to be made in the U.K., Inspector Morse is a police procedural featuring John Thaw as the hero of the title, Chief Inspector Morse. Produced for the British network ITV from 1987 to 2000 the drama covers the working life of Morse through to the characters death in the final episode; John Thaw died of cancer just two years after the screening of the final episode making a return for Morse impossible.

During its production 33 two hour episodes of the show were produced based on the 13 novels featuring the character written by Colin Dexter. Morse is often described as an unconventional detective as he does not have the usual interests of TV police officers and has no personal life to speak of. The interests of Morse are varied and often described as high brow, including painting, opera, classic British cars and real ale; often one of these interests becomes important in solving the case he is working on during an episode.

Each mystery revolves around a murder usually committed at the start of the episode, which Morse is called in to investigate. Inspector Morse is known for the complex mysteries portrayed in the shows, with many red herrings fallen for by both the viewer and in some cases Morse himself. It is not uncommon for Morse to believe he has solved a case and arrest a suspect, only to later realize he is mistaken and finally arrest the real culprit. Throughout each investigation Morse is usually assisted by Sergeant Lewis, who fails to match his superior in terms of intelligence or knowledge of Morse's high brow interests.

One of the great mysteries of Inspector Morse was the first name of the character, which was revealed towards the end of the series to be Endeavour. Following the end of the final episode the character of Inspector Lewis returned in his own spin off series consisting of seven seasons.

Inspector Morse is a series that is currently running and has 8 seasons (33 episodes). The series first aired on January 6, 1987.

Where do I stream Inspector Morse online? Inspector Morse is available for streaming on ITV, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Inspector Morse on demand at Amazon Prime, iTunes online.

8 Seasons, 33 Episodes
January 6, 1987
Cast: John Thaw, Kevin Whately, James Grout
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Inspector Morse Full Episode Guide

  • Morse faces his final challenge when Yvonne Harrison is murdered and suspicions are focused on three men connected to the Harrison family. But when Morse is suddenly taken ill, it is left to Lewis to wrap up the case. Starring alongside John Thaw and Kevin Whately are Clare Holman (The Lakes) and Jesse Birdsall (Bugs).

  • Morse investigates a murder that takes him away from the familiar setting of twentieth century Oxford to solving a canal murder in Oxford in 1859.

  • Murder strikes at the heart of Oxford's academic world when a retired university fellow is cold-bloodedly stabbed to death. A complicated investigation uncovers undergraduate suicide, drugs in the college and the subsequent dismissal of a loyal college scout. Suspects abound and so do their alibis. Then a ceremonial knife goes missing from a museum and a body is washed up on the banks of the river Cherwell. Featuring Tony Haygarth (Our Friends In The North, Bramwell).

  • Morse and Lewis investigate a murder case believed closed after the accused's death as there is still a body to be accounted for.

  • Oxford is to be donated a new college building by businessman Andrew Baydon. While the celebrations are taking place, Morse and Lewis make enquiries into the murder of a journalist working who was an article about Baydon. Featuring Sir John Gielgud (Hamlet, Shine), Robert Hardy (Bramwell) and Sheila Gish (The House Of Elliott).

  • John Barrie, a serial rapist and Satanist, escapes from a mental hospital and demands that his therapist be turned over to him. A master of disguise, Barrie sets up an elaborate and deadly battle of wits with Morse. Featuring Keith Allen (Trainspotting, Shallow Grave).

  • Avril Steppings is permanently brain damaged following a minor operation that went tragically wrong. When the Doctor who runs the clinic is murdered, Morse has an immediate suspect - Avril's devoted father. Featuring Brian Cox (Braveheart).