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This is exciting and popular television show aired from 1962 until 1969. This show was originally a British television show based on the character Simon Templar. Simon Templar is a modern day Robin Hood the only catch is that he keeps the money for himself. He is stealing from the rich criminals and often gets them put away in prison. Simon Templar played by Roger Moore, eventually plays the role of James Bond.

Moore plays the sophisticated Simon Templar. The show transitions from a straightforward mystery series to a more secret agent type show. During the show, The Saint works alone. He is a remarkable adventurer. The nickname the Saint came from his initials ST, the abbreviation for saint. When his character plays an American, he changes his name to Sebastian Tomes, keeping the initials the same.

The Saint was picked up in the United States by NBC, aired over the summer. The show was popular in the United States. The series was cancelled in 1969, but that did not stop it from becoming popular in over 60 other countries. The show started in black and white and eventually moved up to color before it was cancelled.

The show broke some of the traditional ways by letting the character talk to the audience in the beginning of the show. Roger Moore as Simon Templar would look directly into the camera and address the audience. The show progressed and eventually they replaced that with a narrator in the beginning.

Simon Templar has a nemesis, the Chief Inspector Claude Teal. The Chief Inspector looks at him as just a common criminal and tries diligently to catch him. The Saint is always able to keep just one step ahead of the Chief Inspector. To the dismay of the Chief Inspector he is unable to accomplish this and they become tentative allies. The Saint is always able to keep just one step ahead of the Chief Inspector.

This show was so popular that it was revived in 1978 in The Return of the Saint starring Ian Ogilvy as the Saint. Roger Moore was never again The Saint after 1969.

The Saint is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (158 episodes). The series first aired on October 4, 1962.

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6 Seasons, 158 Episodes
October 4, 1962
Action & Adventure, Drama
Cast: Roger Moore
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The Saint Full Episode Guide

  • Car rally racing means dangerous bends ahead for the Saint - with a beautiful blonde involved in mysterious happenings.Simon Templar, the Saint (ROGER MOORE), is never happier than when behind the wheel of a powerful car - and he is certainly happy when trying out the rally car designed by George Hapgood (JAMES KERRY) for his engineer- mechanic father (EDDIE BYRNE). But the car crashes, and it's obviously sabotage, which is no surprise to an ice- cool blonde named Kay Collingwood (PATRICIA MINES) who is watching with a young man named Tom Stevens (WILLIAM WILDE).George, frustrated and disillusioned, is prepared to throw his hand in. The design car is a wreck and he doesn't feel that there is time to get the practice car into shape before the impending Rally, though his father wants to do so. It looks as though the way is open for the backer, the wealthy Harold Laker (GEORGE A. COOPER), to sponsor George's cousin, Justin Pritchard (JOHN RONANE), a rival designer, but to Kay Collingwood's annoyance Laker insists that the Saint should be the driver. Somehow, Simon has got to be "dissuaded."Who is Kay? When he realises that she is some?how concerned in the affair, the Saint pursues his inquiries. He mows Kay of old: a highly enterprising young adventuress whose activities encompass anything that is likely to bring a rich reward. Now, it seems, she is tied up with Justin Pritchard, ostensibly as a public relations consultant. And that, Simon guesses, covers every possible effort to give his new car the edge over his cousin's.Tom Stevens is the man doing the dirty work for her, and that includes trying to kill the Saint, though this is something that brings her into conflict with him. Tom accuses her of expecting him to be a magician. She doesn't want Simon hurt, but now she wants Justin Pritchard's car to meet with the same fate as his cousin's. But why? The Saint discovers that there are some very complex and dangero

  • The Saint investigates a racket in which illegal immigrants are smuggled into Britain.A fishing expedition produces an unusual haul for Simon Templar, the Saint (ROGER MOORE), when his boat is almost run down in thick fog and he hears a shot, abody being thrown overboard, and drags a murder victim out of the water.He has sailed into a grim smuggling racket - the illegal importing of immigrants into Britain. The men responsible are Bonner (NEIL HALLETT) and Slater (GARY MILLER).In the local Yacht Club, the Saint drifts into conversation with an attractive girl named Laura (SUSAN TRAVERS), who is waiting for Bonner.When Bonner arrives, he apologises for having to leave Laura to her own devices because of an urgent message, and she accepts the Saint's invitation to drive her up to London.Meanwhile, Bonner is forced to take his latest cargo to London himself because Slater has had trouble with the police and has lost one or two of the Pakistaniimmigrants. As this is happening, the Saint is questioning Laura about her man-friend, and he learns that Bonner is a boat-broker who hasn't sold a boat in months - but still seems to be making money.But Banner is also facing financial problems because he is being blackmailed by Slater. The Saint, more than ever convinced that Bonner has something to do with the shooting he has overheard, follows a trail which leads him to the clearing-house used by Bonner, where he finds a very ill Pakistani named Chaudri (NIK ZARAN), who rejects the Saint's offer to take him to a doctor. Before the Saint can take further action, Chaudri is shot, and when the Saint escapes and returns with a doctor it is discovered (I-) that the Pakistani had smallpox. The hunt is then on for the other Pakistanis who are potential carriers. And Bonner himself is hunting for a lovely model, Nana Gupta (InCGEN HASSALL), who can lead him to her brother Suresh (SALMAAN PEER), who intends to give the authorities details of the illegal "peo

  • In Wales, an eerie research experiment terrifies local villagers---and intrigues the Saint. Roger Moore. Carmen: Annette Andre. Sardon: Anthony Bate. Davis: Mervyn Johns. Armstrong: Alex Scott.

  • Which man is which? This is the problem facing The Saint when a business tycoon claims that he is being impersonated by a perfect double who is trying to ruin him.Simon Templar, the Saint (ROGER MOORE), is cleverly abducted when changing 'planes at Athens, and the girl responsible is the attractive Annabel (DENISE BUCKLEY). She takes him to her employer, the wealthy magnate Eugene Patroclos (GREGOIRE ASLAN), who explains that he needs Simon's help. He is being impersonated by a perfect double, a man who is duplicating him in every way. Patroclos has apartments, houses and offices allover the world, and his double uses them, carries out deals under his name, and is threatening his future by putting through illegal deals - arms to the Congo, hard drugs and other such activities. Now, to make matters worse, he has stolen Patroclos' codebook which contains details of his entire business empire and the code he uses to communicate with his companies.The Saint decides to investigate, and discovers from a newspaperman friend that it is believed that the Patroclos ships have been carrying dodgy cargoes recently. He also finds some interesting newspaper cuttings which seem to indicate that Patroclos has, in fact, been in two places at the same time. He goes to the tycoon's London home and the girl who greets him could easily he Annabel. But is it? She doesn't seem to recognise him, and the Saint mentally dubs her Aunabel II (KATE O'MARA).She takes him to Patroclos (GREGOIRE ASLAN) and this Patroclos welcomes the Saint with pleasure, convinced that he is offering his, services to investigate the man who is impersonating him. His story is identical to that of the Patroclos in Athens, except that he maintains that it is the other man who is impersonating him.Which is which? The Saint plunges into one of the most bizarre of all his adventures, placed in full charge of the London-based magnate's personal security.The mystery deepens when he

  • The Saint is trained as a mercenary - but what is the real function of this private army which uses a health farm as a facade?It is, to all intents and purposes, a perfectly innocent and very exclusive health farm. But when the Saint, Simon Templar (ROGER MOORE), finds himself behind its well-guarded doors he soon discovers that its afacade for an organisation existing for far more dramatic purposes. It is, in fact, a training-ground for a mercenary army controlled by the health farm owner, Jonathan Roper (TONY BRITTON).The Saint has, however, entered with his eyes wide open after being approached by Roper. Special Intelligence comes into the picture when he reports the approach, and is urged to accept the offer. The name interests operator Spode (NORMAN BIRD) who believes that Roper's activities are in some way connected with the detention of an espionage agent, George Craddock (SIMON LACK), who has been working for the Chinese.The Saint and Spode keep in touch through a strikingly attractive British Intelligence agent, Kate Barnaby (CAROLINE MORTIMER), whose cover is a job in a country club near the health farm; but Simon finds it difficult to get evidence which will confirm Spode's suspicions. He also faces doubts about him on the part of two of Roper's men, Leander (GLYNN EDWARDS) and Cable (JOHN COLLIN), who keep a wary eye on him and make his mercenary training as tough as possible.His first assignment, he discovers, is to organise the hi-jacking of a Highland Regiment company's truck containing regimental kilts - information which leads Spode into guessing how the private army will try to rescue George Craddock. He is more than ever convinced The Highland company is due to take over guard duty at the house where Craddock is being detained - and it is the mercenary army, clothed in the Highland Regiment's uniform, that tricks the real guards and storm the country house.But what's happened to the reinforcements Spode has arr

  • Why should a trusted diplomat steal a fortune from the country he loves? The Saint is an old friend of both the diplomat and his daughter...Violent death comes to a courier bringing a message to Simon Templar, the Saint (ROGER MOORE), and the message has no significance for anyone except the Saint. It is an envelope containing a coin, and the coin is a perfect match to one he possesses - an indication that the messenger has come from Jason Douglas. The coins were picked up by the Saint and Jason during one of the terrorist campaigns in Africa and kept as souvenirs. Jason's sending his to the Saint is an indication that he wants help.But Jason is missing. He has disappeared after stealing three-quarters of a million dollars in American aid to the emerging African country to which he was a diplomat. Yet he loved that country. The Saint seeks aid from Jason's daughter Sara (SUZAN FARMER), who runs a boutique in London, and she promises to make a list of the contacts who might be shielding him. The one clue is that Jason is probably in Switzerland.The Saint's visit to Sara leads her into the hands of two men, Walter Faber (ROBERT HARDY) and Eddie Margoles (DAVID CARGILL), who are after the money. The Saint out?wits them, but the chase is on to find Jason - the Saint to try to learn the truth; Faber to get the dollars. It takes them, eventually, to an old house in Switzerland, but Faber gets there first and by the time the Saint and Sara arrive, Jason is in a near-unconscious, beaten-up condition, but still resisting Faber's efforts to discover where the money is hidden.Both the Saint and Sara find themselves trapped, with the threat of death hanging over both of them as Sara is held hostage to try to make her father talk. The Saint does, however, succeed in learning the truth from Jason - how corruption has Set in among the new African leaders, and how he has stepped in when discovering that the latest consignment of American aid has left the cou

  • A beautiful blonde (Shirley Eaton) picks Simon up at a casino---then makes him her prisoner. Roger Moore. Brett: Robert Hutton. Rendo: Les Crawford. Bressett: Warren Stanhope.

  • Simon is a chief suspect when a collection of antiques disappears from a museum in Istanbul. Roger Moore. Diya: Georgia Brown. Bayar: Andre Van Gyseghem. Kemal: Henry Soskin. Ayesha: Nicole Shelby.

  • Photographs of a valuable missing antique collection lead Templar to investigate a lady -- a probe that makes him the victim of torture.

  • A pretty girl lures Simon into a plot to free a Soviet spy awaiting trial in London. Joanne: Toby Robins. Teal: Ivor Dean. Marie: Ann Lynn. Hannerly: Alan Cuthbertson. John: Gary Watson.

  • The Saint's a picture of depression: a visit to an artist's studio landed him in a frame for murder. Roger Moore. Cassie: Pauline Munro. Thorpe-Jones: Tristram Jellinek.

  • The trail of a jeweler's murderer leads Simon into a plot to steal a diamond necklace. Templar: Roger Moore. Gillingham: Cecil Parker. Mary: Ilona Rodgers. Pierre: Anton Rodgers. Kate: Yolande Turner. Valerie: Vicky Graham.

  • Simon helps a beautiful Soviet spy (Mary Peach) find the source of mysterious gadgets that are killing off the world's spy population. Templar: Roger Moore. Igor: Glynn Edwards. Fenton: Campbell Singer.

  • The trail of a murderer takes Simon on a treasure hunt in the West Indies. Roger Moore. Marla: Sue Lloyd. Frank: Richard Owens. Krayford: David Bauer. Arlene: Patricia Donahue. Vanderfelt: Alex Scott

  • Simon must provide a real-life happy ending when a hated movie star is kidnapped. Roger Moore. Serena: Suzanne Lloyd. Bradley: Guy Rolfe. Beth: Lois Maxwell. Vittorini: Ronald Radd.

  • Templar tries to find the connection between a counterfeiting ring and a plane that crashed. Nadine: Kate O'Mara. Alzon: Philip Madoc. Mireille: Alexandra Bastedo. Chapman: David Kelsey.

  • "To Kill a Saint" someone hired an assassin. Simon intercepts the killer and tries to find out who issued a contract for his death. Varrier: Peter Dyneley. Annette: Annette Andre. Andre: Francis Matthews.

  • Simon, an old master at intrigue, invades the art world: he's helping a pretty girl who has three da Vincis to sell. Natasha: Ann Bell.Legrand: Geoffrey Bayldon.

  • The Saint tries to prevent an unholy alliance between a crime ring and psychology students who excel at plotting murders. Templar: Roger Moore. Jenny: Angela Douglas. Teal: Ivor Dean. Grey: John Steiner.

  • Case: the attempted murder of racing driver Cynthia Quillin (Jan Holden). Templar: Roger Moore. Teresa: Kate O'Mara. Tordoff: John Hollis. Enrico: Victor Maddern.

  • In a British colony, Simon investigates an assassination attempt against the prime minister (Edward Woodward). Mary: Jan Waters. Peterson: Mike Pratt

  • The Saint goes behind bars to smash an international organization whose specialty is . . . jail breaks. Penny: Wanda Ventham. Wood: Donald Sutherland. Teal: Ivor Dean. Ann: Jean Marsh.

  • In Peru, Simon gets involved in a plot to assassinate a former Nazi. Kroleich: John Barrie. Ingrid: Julia Arnall. Jacobs: Alan Lake. Maria: Francesca Annis. Nathan: Maurice Kaufmann

  • Simon is asked to follow a civil servant who defected to East Germany with a top-secret file. Roger Moore. Redman: Ronald Hines. Metz: Gordon Gostelow

  • In Ireland, a girl who claims to be Hitler's daughter asks Templar to help her escape from men she calls Nazis. Roger Moore. Mildred: June Ritchie. Cullins: Noel Purcell. Drew: Edward Burnham. Mullins: Shay Gorman

  • Simon spends a trying time on the French Riviera when he is implicated in a jewel robbery. Templar: Roger Moore. Natalie: Alexandra Stewart. Latignant: Arnold Diamond. Tench: Michael Byrne. Alphonse: Ronnie Barker.

  • In Italy, Simon uncovers a weird cult group that worships ancient Rome. Roger Moore. Claudia: Suzanne Lloyd. Tiberio: Peter Wyngarde.

  • A spectacular diamond is sent to a respected cutter who later denies ever having it. Templar: Roger Moore. Mabel: Jane Merrow. Upwater: Liam Redmond. Malone: T.P. McKenna.

  • People have been murdered on Scotland's moors and clues point to the mythical Loch Ness monster. Templar: Roger Moore. Anne: Suzan Farmer. Bastion: Laurence Payne. Eleanor: Caroline Blakiston.

  • A team of confidence men try to sell their latest victim---a scientist---to the Russians. Roger Moore. Eva: Erika Remberg. Kolben: Paul Maxwell. Roskin: Vladek Sheybal. Fran: Anneke Wills. Carter: Jack Gwillim. Roeding: Redmond Phillips.

  • Simon tries an ingenious power play after a South American dictator falls under a corrupt Englishman's influence. Lawrence: Barry Morse. Diane: Jenny Linden. Sanchez: Martin Benson.

  • In Venice, Simon gets involved in a gangster's vicious revenge plot against an American lawyer. Roger Moore. Helen: Lois Maxwell. Fortunati: William Sylvester. Ubaldo: Paul Stassino. Cathy: Quinn O'Hara.

  • In Monte Carlo, Templar finds the odds stacked against him after saving the life of a deposed Middle Eastern monarch (George Pastell). Adana: Dawn Addams. Aboukir: Gary Hope.