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  • 1958
  • 3 Seasons
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Peter Gunn is a classic American television series that aired on NBC from 1958 to 1961. Produced by Craig Stevens, this private detective series quickly became popular due to its stylishness, film-noir sensibility, and contemporary jazz score. The show centered around Peter Gunn, a suave investigator who was always ready to unravel the mystery behind a crime.

The series was set in a fictional town of "River City," where Gunn (played by Craig Stevens) lived and worked. Gunn was a tough and resourceful private detective who always seemed to find himself in dangerous situations. He was cool-headed, suave, sharp-minded, and had a great sense of humor. Armed with a .38 gun, he was always ready to take on any criminal who crossed his path.

Gunn's companion was a beautiful and smart nightclub singer Edie Hart. She was played by the actress Lola Albright. Edie always had a soft spot for Gunn, but the relationship between them never went beyond flirting. The two had a great onscreen chemistry that added to the show's charm.

The show was directed by Blake Edwards, who went on to direct famous films such as Breakfast at Tiffany's, The Pink Panther, and Days of Wine and Roses. The unique aspect of Peter Gunn was its use of jazz music as the show's primary score. The show's opening theme was a classic piece composed by Henry Mancini, who was a prominent composer in Hollywood. The music set the mood for the show's dark and edgy atmosphere.

Each episode of Peter Gunn was a stand-alone story, focusing on a different crime. The show's plots were always engaging and kept the audience on the edge of their seats. Gunn often found himself in the middle of dangerous situations, making his investigations thrilling and intense. The show had a Film Noir-like cinematography, which gave it a visual appeal, showcasing the stylized world of private detectives.

The series was known for its great supporting cast, including a corrupt lieutenant of the police, Jacoby, played by Herschel Bernardi. The police lieutenant was always skeptical of Gunn's methods but never failed to seek his help in finding the perpetrators of the crime.

Another recurring character was Mother, played by Minerva Urecal. Mother was a middle-aged woman who looked after a bar that was often visited by Gunn. She ran the place with an iron hand and was always ready to meddle in Gunn's cases. Her character added comic relief that balanced out the series' dark storyline.

Peter Gunn was an innovative show that influenced many other private detective series that followed the 1960s. Its use of jazz, stylized cinematography, engaging plots, and sharp wit made it popular among audiences worldwide. It was nominated for many awards and won Emmys for its cinematography and art direction.

In its short run of three years, Peter Gunn achieved cult status due to its unique style and engaging plots. It remains popular among audiences who appreciate the golden age of television. Craig Stevens' portrayal of Peter Gunn is still considered one of the best portrayals of private detectives on television. The show is a must-watch for anyone who loves mystery, film noir, and jazz.

To sum it up, Peter Gunn was a classic television series that captivated audiences with its innovative visuals, thrilling plots, excellent acting, and great music. The show's legacy still lives on, making it a timeless classic that continues to entertain viewers today.

Peter Gunn is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (114 episodes). The series first aired on September 21, 1958.

Peter Gunn
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Murder On the Line
38. Murder On the Line
September 17, 1961
Cesar Carlyle, a very rich man, hires Gunn to find certain documents which, if made public, could ruin him. Seems the papers were stolen and the thief wants a good deal of money for their return.
Down the Drain
37. Down the Drain
June 25, 1961
A man named Paul Condon calls the police and tells them where a cache of stolen jewels can be found. But before any more information can be passed on - Condon is shot down.
36. Voodoo
June 18, 1961
Abel Gunther a small-time Haitian sugar-cane grower, blames the death of his wife on the spirit world. He has a more practical explanation for another of his worries - his cane fields have been leveled by fire.
Deadly Intrusion
35. Deadly Intrusion
June 11, 1961
Golf instructor Gil Manson is accused by the police of being a hit and run driver. Manson insists he was giving a golf lesson at the time of the accident, but his pupil has mysteriously disappeared.
Death Is a Four Letter Word
34. Death Is a Four Letter Word
June 4, 1961
Lisa Randolph's well-groomed appearance belies the turmoil of her emotions - as Gunn discovers when he is asked to prevent her from committing suicide.
A Bullet for the Boy
33. A Bullet for the Boy
May 28, 1961
Gambling man Paul Mitchell and the son of an American diplomat in Acapulco, is show and wounded while leaving his home.
A Matter of Policy
32. A Matter of Policy
May 21, 1961
Gunman Frank Dineen never objected to killing people for money. This time, however he's going to do a job for himself.
Last Resort
31. Last Resort
May 14, 1961
Clinton Hobart, former movie great, is trying to make a comeback. But hard-driving young producer Les Murdock isn't making matters any easier for the old fellow.
Till Death Do Us Part
30. Till Death Do Us Part
May 7, 1961
Edward Candell is scheduled to die for the murder of his wife Leona. Tommy McDonald is surprised to hear the verdict - he just saw Leona.
The Most Deadly Angel
29. The Most Deadly Angel
April 30, 1961
Hero-worshiping Caroline Haskins takes steps to wipe out the Yabocci family, Gunn's archenemies.
The Murder Bond
28. The Murder Bond
April 23, 1961
Racketeer Joe Cully is out of the pokey on bail - half a million dollars. Not long afterwards Cully's car explodes, the body found in the demolished auto can't be identified - and Joe Cully is nowhere to be found.
Short Motive
27. Short Motive
April 9, 1961
Ellen Clary is worried about Paulie Walker, who left a piece of paper with four names on it in her restaurant. The first name, Les Coombs, had a line through it - and now Coombs is dead.
A Penny Saved
26. A Penny Saved
April 2, 1961
Ballet dancer Nico Belurin escapes from a home for the mentally ill after vowing to kill his old dance partner. The partner hires Gunn to track down Nico before Nico gets to her or her current boyfriend, a gangster, kills Nico.
Cry Love, Cry Murder
25. Cry Love, Cry Murder
March 26, 1961
The gun used in a murder of a drug dealer is found in the possession of a teenager, and family friend Peter volunteers to help clear his name.
Come Dance With Me and Die
24. Come Dance With Me and Die
March 19, 1961
Peter receives a call from cabbie Eddie Webb who sees a taxi-dancer being kidnapped by two gangsters.
Portrait in Leather
23. Portrait in Leather
March 12, 1961
While ex-heavyweight champ Billy Cochrane is training for a comeback, an attempt is made on his life.
The Deep End
22. The Deep End
March 5, 1961
Susan Neilson swims out to the deep end of her pool and drowns. Her swimming instructor, Phil Matterson, left her alone, poured himself a drink and ignored her cries for help.
Thank a Serpent's Tooth
21. Thank a Serpent's Tooth
February 26, 1961
Tape recordings of a psychoanalyst's sessions have been stolen and one of them contains the details of a murder.
A Kill and a Half
20. A Kill and a Half
February 19, 1961
It's "trick or treat" night, and Arthur Merrill answers the door to a big surprise.
I Know It's Murder
19. I Know It's Murder
February 12, 1961
Psychic Kevin Daniels asks Gunn to prevent the murder of his mother.
Death Is a Sore Loser
18. Death Is a Sore Loser
February 5, 1961
A janitor and his wife see Police Sergeant Lee Davis enter their building and minutes later they hear two shots. They rush to the scene to find Sergeant Davis holding a gun over the body of a dead derelict.
Blind Item
17. Blind Item
January 22, 1961
A blind item in a newspaper gossip column refers to clandestine activities of a wealthy novelist's wife. The novelist, Benton Ridgely, invites Gunn out to his lodge to discuss an investigation. Pete arrives only to find a corpse.
Jacoby's Vacation
16. Jacoby's Vacation
January 22, 1961
Gunn recommends a nice, quite place to Jacoby for his vacation but things don't exactly go off as planned.
Bullet in Escrow
15. Bullet in Escrow
January 8, 1961
Ed Stone is released from prison, met by a friend who gives him a gun and makes a call to Peter Gunn.
The Royal Roast
14. The Royal Roast
January 1, 1961
A royal visitor, King Felix, is visiting the city and it's Jacoby's job to escort him through the city jail.
A Tender Touch
13. A Tender Touch
December 25, 1960
A bank cashier makes off with a lot of cash then phones Gunn about it.
12. Sepi
December 18, 1960
A young boy, Sepi Toreno, tells Gunn that he saw his father beaten up during the night. But when Gunn calls the police, Sepi disappears.
Dream Big, Dream Deadly
11. Dream Big, Dream Deadly
December 11, 1960
Detective Eddie Sellers comes close to solving a two-million dollar robbery and pays with his life. His brother Cal, also a detective, is afraid he's next.
Take Five for Murder
10. Take Five for Murder
December 4, 1960
The manager of teen idol Bobby Jeeter hires Gunn to deliver money to a blackmailer. Gunn then learns of a possible connection between the blackmailer and the murder of Doris Rainey.
The Long Green Kill
9. The Long Green Kill
November 27, 1960
En route to jail for robbery, Frank Garrett makes his escape.
Tramp Steamer
8. Tramp Steamer
November 20, 1960
The Rico brothers' testimony was responsible for Matt Poliska's deportation, and when Dave Rico is shot, his dying word is Poliska. But Poliska's not supposed to be in the country.
Death Across the Board
7. Death Across the Board
November 13, 1960
Wealthy sportsman Harley Bernard wants to know who murdered his stable manager. Gunn suspects a gangster who once tried to get Wally to fix a race, but then a seven-foot giant tries to strangle Gunn.
The Death Frame
6. The Death Frame
November 6, 1960
Eddie Carson, a small time thug, is sure he's going to be bumped off. He tries to get Gunn to help him but the sleuth is unmoved until it's too late.
The Judgment
5. The Judgment
October 30, 1960
A judge is shot by a convicted man he's about to sentence.
The Candidate
4. The Candidate
October 23, 1960
The candidate for Governor, Adrian Grimmett, runs on a no-taxes platform. Who could possibly want to assassinate him?
The Maitre D'
3. The Maitre D'
October 16, 1960
A restaurateur's luck takes a definite turn for the worse after he witnesses a gangland murder.
Mask of Murder
2. Mask of Murder
October 9, 1960
Gunn gets a frantic phone call from Norman Hartley and rushes to Hartley's home - only to find him dead.
The Passenger
1. The Passenger
October 2, 1960
While coming home on the bus, Edward Hines fears that he may be the next victim after he witnesses a man in an apartment strangling a woman.
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    September 21, 1958
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