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If you are a fan of modern B movies, prepare to be amazed! This collection of films is sure to get your heart pumping with all new gags and sketches from Elvira, Mistress of the Dark! We all know these movies are a far cry from cinematic genius, but they are certainly meant to entertain. Elvira offers heaping doses of her one of a kind, campy one liners and sultry innuendos with flawless timing and total commitment. So, grab those midnight snacks and settle in for the best in B movie entertainment with this fun video series.

Brainstorm Media
1 Season, 13 Episodes
October 19, 2014
Horror & Suspense
Cast: Cassandra Peterson
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13 Nights of Elvira Full Episode Guide

  • Elvira resurrects the original zombie classic, and devours it with raw energy! Elvira loves George A Romero's masterpiece so much, she's takin it to the grave!

  • Elvira is often mistaken for someone else, but this time, even the creatures crawling out from inside don't want to be mistaken for her

  • Potheads Beware: You could enjoy this trip so much you'll DIE! Join Elvira as she gets a Whiff of this "High Art" and gets high with a little help from her fiend, Tommy Chong.

  • Elvira always says, when you can't say something nice about a movie, come sit by her. And with this movie, she got plenty to say!

  • Elvira is put through the ringer, and hung out to dry, after sitting through this movie. She should have quit while she was a head!

  • Fly the 'fiendish' skies with Elvira as your host on a devilish trip to Oblivion. It's Cowboys and Aliens, as a bizarre gang of futuristic desperadoes attempt to turn this tumbleweed town into their own private playground.

  • Elvira sets off for the far off future, and 1985, in this high tech chase for the minds of killers!

  • Elvira is playing with a guy who's got 13 inches!!! No that's all he's got. He's 13 inches high! Tim Thomerson stars in this knee high nightmare

  • Elvira's holiday gift to all of you is this awful lump of coal, straight off the naughty list. Gary Busey stars as the voice of this creepy cookie made from the ashes of a serial killer and a few drops of blood- a recipe for disaster.

  • Elvira's couch is infested with pesky little critters who are clearly Gremlin rejects. The only way she's gonna get rid of them is to endure this flick

  • No one likes playthings more than the Mistress of the Dark. But these toys are straight out of Hell's toybox. Playtime is over!

  • The cult classic gets the hook, when Elvira's pulling the strings.There's more Punch than Judy in this cinematrocity.

  • Holy Guacamole, this movie is the pits! Elvira is no stranger to "man-eating women", but she may have bit off more than she can chew in this indigestible entree, staring Adrienne Barbeau, Shannon Tweed, and a young Bill Maher.

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