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  • 1965
  • 3 Seasons
  • 7.2  (2,431)

I Spy is an American television show that aired from 1965 to 1968. Starring Robert Culp and Bill Cosby, the show follows the adventures of two American secret agents, Kelly Robinson and Alexander Scott, as they travel around the world on various missions. The show begins with Robinson and Scott being sent off to exotic locations to carry out assignments for the US government. They meet a wide range of characters along the way, from wealthy socialites to dangerous criminals. They also encounter many cultural differences and often find themselves in bizarre and unexpected situations.

Throughout each episode, Kelly and Scott use their wits and stealth to complete their tasks, often finding themselves in high-stakes situations that put them in danger. However, they always manage to overcome their obstacles thanks to their resourcefulness and the strong bond between them.

One of the defining characteristics of I Spy is the relationship between Kelly and Scott. The two of them have a strong bond and a deep trust in each other, often relying on their sense of humor to keep spirits up during difficult situations. The dynamic between the two actors is a highlight of the show, and their on-screen chemistry remains a classic aspect of the series.

In addition to the exciting plots and action sequences, I Spy was also notable for breaking barriers in terms of race relations on TV. Bill Cosby's character, Alexander Scott, was one of the first black lead characters on a US network series, and the show was praised for depicting an interracial friendship at a time when it was still a controversial topic.

The show also made waves for its innovative use of filming locations. Unlike most television series at the time, I Spy was shot entirely on location rather than on a soundstage, which gave the show a unique look and feel. The show often traveled around the world, with episodes filmed in exotic locations like Japan, Spain, and Greece, which added to the sense of adventure and excitement.

I Spy was wildly popular during its run, and it earned numerous awards and accolades. It was nominated for 14 Emmy awards and won three, including outstanding drama series in 1967. The show also spawned a spin-off series called The Cosby Show, which starred Bill Cosby and ran from 1984 to 1992.

Overall, I Spy is widely considered a classic spy series and a groundbreaking piece of television history. Its exciting storylines, memorable characters, and innovative filming techniques made it an instant hit with audiences and a lasting icon of the 1960s.

I Spy is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (95 episodes). The series first aired on September 15, 1965.

I Spy
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26. Pinwheel
April 15, 1968
The partners and a flighty but talented agent (Arlene Golonka) seek to retrieve Soviet documents in Acapulco.
Carmelita Is One of Us
25. Carmelita Is One of Us
April 8, 1968
An agent in Acapulco uses his 10-month-old daughter to prevent microfilm from falling into enemy hands.
The Spy Business
24. The Spy Business
April 1, 1968
Robinson rejects treason allegations against an agent, until Scott uncovers ironclad evidence.
Suitable for Framing
23. Suitable for Framing
March 25, 1968
While guarding a senator, the agents are framed for murder to prevent their interference in a plot to kill the...
The Name of the Game
22. The Name of the Game
March 11, 1968
A security check puts Scott and Robinson at the mercy of a former general who wants them as quarry in a hunt.
21. Shana
March 4, 1968
A former government worker steals experimental rocket fuel to ransom her brother, held behind the Iron...
Happy Birthday... Everybody
20. Happy Birthday... Everybody
February 26, 1968
An explosives expert (Gene Hackman) escapes from prison and heads to Mexico to take revenge on the agent (Jim...
Turnabout for Traitors
19. Turnabout for Traitors
February 19, 1968
Robinson disappears to clear himself of treason charges; guest Peter Donat.
This Guy Smith
18. This Guy Smith
February 5, 1968
Posing as fishermen, the duo is suspected in two deaths while pursuing an enemy agent wanted for murder.
A Few Miles West of Nowhere
17. A Few Miles West of Nowhere
January 29, 1968
Scott and Robinson investigate the death of an agent in a town where an atomic plant will be constructed.
Tag, You're It
16. Tag, You're It
January 22, 1968
One of the participants in a San Francisco training exercise takes the lesson seriously.
Anyplace I Hang Myself Is Home
15. Anyplace I Hang Myself Is Home
January 15, 1968
A psychiatrist has suicidal Scott relive his early days of training as a spy.
Home to Judgement
14. Home to Judgement
January 8, 1968
Scott and injured Robinson elude pursuers at the Idaho farmhouse of Kelly's uncle (Will Geer) and aunt. Guest starring: Una Merkel, Will Geer, Walter Coy, Robert Donner, Bob Sampson -
An American Empress
13. An American Empress
December 25, 1967
The partners learn a casual acquaintance (France Nuyen) is a Chinese royal heir seeking to regain power.
The Lotos Eater
12. The Lotos Eater
December 11, 1967
Scott finds missing Kelly lounging on a Greek beach, claiming to have quit the agency. Guest starring: Sheldon Leonard, Viviane Ventura, Michael Evans, James Seay, Alan Dexter -
Oedipus at Colonus
11. Oedipus at Colonus
November 27, 1967
Seeking the only man (Maurice Evans) who can lead a Moroccan revolt, the partners are captured by a political...
10. Apollo
November 20, 1967
A failed trap enables enemy agents (Pippa Scott, Nancy Kovacs) to blow up a NASA test site.
The Seventh Captain
9. The Seventh Captain
November 13, 1967
Robinson and Scott must learn why enemy anti-submarine crafts pass undetected through Greek waters; guest Nick...
Red Sash of Courage
8. Red Sash of Courage
October 30, 1967
A father (Roger C. Carmel) who believes his daughter (Louise Sorel) was wronged by Robinson interferes with a...
Now You See Her, Now You Don't
7. Now You See Her, Now You Don't
October 23, 1967
Scott and Robinson search the Greek islands for a vacationing Los Alamos mathematician (Barbara Mullen).
The Honorable Assassins
6. The Honorable Assassins
October 16, 1967
The partners take a man and his daughter (Dorothy Lamour) across the Moroccan desert to escape bandits. Guest...
5. Philotimo
October 9, 1967
The partners try to help a Bulgarian violin prodigy defect, but wind up accused of kidnapping.
The Medarra Block
4. The Medarra Block
October 2, 1967
To thwart a coup, Robinson and Scott must decipher the inscription on a wooden block given to them by a dying...
3. Laya
September 25, 1967
To learn about a Central African crisis, Scott must use an embassy clerk (Janet MacLachlan) working in Greece.
The Beautiful Children
2. The Beautiful Children
September 18, 1967
An endangered undercover agent (Paris Alexander) is reluctant to flee to safety in Greece.
Let's Kill Karlovassi
1. Let's Kill Karlovassi
September 11, 1967
The partners object when a ruthless agent (Ruth Roman) wants them to kill a likable suspected spy. Guest...
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  • Premiere Date
    September 15, 1965
  • IMDB Rating
    7.2  (2,431)