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Maverick is a delightful television show put on the air in 1957, this television show with its Old West format aired until 1962. The show stared James Garner as Bret Maverick and Jack Kelly as his brother Bart. These characters played a family of sharp dressing gamblers, quick with a card game and handy with a gun. However women, cards and fun were the top priority of the characters but they never stepped away from dealing with things dealt to them.

Maverick encounters all kinds of characters and a slew of loose women. One character always discussed but never seen was the illusive Pappy. Maverick spouted his wisdom throughout the show. A third brother portrayed by Robert Colbert would show up occasionally and a host of friends from different places. Lady luck was a constant companion of these saloon loving characters who seemed to find trouble without looking. Although the show had others by the name of Maverick, James Garner was the one most notably referred to as Maverick.

The series was fun, historically interesting and not too violent; at least in the average way. A few well placed gun fights, a lot of music and card playing. Maverick and most of his friends were fun loving and he usually tried to reason his way out of a bad spot. However, if gun play was needed, that is what the offending party got.

Episodes were filled with shady characters and beautiful women. A few other guest stars graced the show, Rodger Moore as the lovable cousin and not too smart Beau. This Warner Bros Comedy Western was one of the fun shows listed in prime time to watch during an evening after dinner for many families. The theme music was very much a part of the shows persona, developed by Paul Francis Webster and David Buttolph. This style of show was very popular and was one of a selection of popular Old West related formats.

Maverick is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (124 episodes). The series first aired on September 22, 1957.

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5 Seasons, 124 Episodes
September 22, 1957
Action & Adventure, Comedy
Cast: James Garner, Jack Kelly, Roger Moore, Robert Colbert
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Maverick Full Episode Guide

  • Bart, Doc Holliday, and Modesty Blaine get involved in the mother of all train robberies.

  • A con man sells Bart's naive female cousin a money making machine.

  • Pearly Gates and galpal Marla strike again when they rob Bart's poker game. One of Bart's fellow players goes after them with murderous intent.

  • Bart is dragooned into being the deputy of a man posing as famed lawman Wyatt Earp.

  • A poker game finds Maverick winning controlling interest in a newspaper that's just been hit with a huge libel suit by a Senator.

  • Two spins of the roulette wheel give Bart part ownership of a casino but then he discovers that his new partner is being blackmailed.

  • A man claiming to be a leprachaun grants Bart five wishes. Bart is delighted when the first wish comes true but it's all downhill from there.

  • Bart's fellow stagecoach passengers shun him when they discover he's a gambler but they soon find out he's their only hope for survival when the stage is hijacked by Mexican banditos.

  • Bart thinks he's hit the jackpot when he wins a bank in a poker game but he's unaware that it's about to go under.

  • Rancher Big Joe Wheelwright hires Bart to chaperone three women from San Francisco who are coming to his ranch to marry his sons Henry, Moose, and Small Paul.

  • Bart turns from gambler to stockbroker when he agrees to help a farmer start up a gold mining company.

  • When Bart loses a high-stakes game of poker, he ends up an indentured servant to a railroad magnate. Unbeknownst to Bart, his new master is in possession of a priceless treasure: the Mona Lisa, which was recently stolen. Jack Cassidy guests.

  • Pearly Gates fleeces $5,000 from Bart but his jilted fiancee, Marla, helps our hero get his dough back.

  • Bart teams with an Indian girl whom he unknowingly purchased to stop a Indian rebellion that was started after an Indian chief was t ricked into buying a necklace that is supposed to protect him from bullets.

  • Bart, with the aid of a Native American maiden whom he rescued from captivity, tries to prevent the Apaches from going on the warpath.

  • Thinking he's made the deal of a lifetime, Bart purchases a wagonload of merchandise. The deal goes sour quickly when he discovers that a bound and gagged Native American girl is part of the merchandise.

  • Brent, the youngest Maverick brother, witnesses a mail robbery. Much to his surprise and dismay, he's later accused of the crime.

  • Bart aids a sheriff in trying to protect a saloon owner who's the target of a hired gun.

  • Bart and younger brother Brent wander into a seemingly peaceful town that's hiding some deadly secrets.

  • Town boss George Parker has Bart beaten in order to recover gambling losses, an act that infuriates Parker's own mother. Bart and Ma Parker plot vengeance to teach the arrogant Parker a lesson.

  • Bart is in a heap of trouble with both sides of the law when loot from a bank robbery is found inside his saddlebags.

  • Beau gets involved in a woman's plot to have her niece declared insane so that she can steal her inheritance.

  • Beau steps into the manure pile once again when's he conned into replacing a real diamond with a fake.

  • Things go from awful to good grief for Bart in this one. First he loses all his money playing poker so he's forced to take a job hauling ice down from the mountains. Then he discovers a corpse in the ice.

  • After winning a struggling saloon in a poker game, Beau and his new partner, Charlotte Simmons, become partners with mysterious prospector known as the Dutchman in the search for an old gold mine.

  • Things are going great for Bart after he cleans house in a poker game. Then he returns to his room to discover a distraught damsel who wants to kill herself.

  • Beau is defeated at every turn by a group of con artists who swindled him out of $4,500.

  • Bart once again finds himself in a full-blown jam after discovering a plot to overthrow the government of Mexico.

  • Bart sets out to foil the hijacking plans of a phony sheriff.

  • The Army recruits Beau to lend a helping hand to stop a group of Irish rebels who are plotting an invasion of Canada.

  • Bart just never seems to learn. Once again, he helps out a damsel in distress and once again he's on the wanted list for robbery and murder.

  • Beau lends a helping hand when a wealthy eccentric woman's cousin, doctor, and attorney plot to have her declared insane so they can snatch her fortune.

  • In this holdover episode, Bret and Bart inherit a stagecoach line from their late uncle and end up having to run it when they can't find a buyer.

  • Beau gets framed for murder as part of a plot to incite an Native American war. His only help in clearing himself comes from an Native American chief.

  • Bart travels to the town of Hound Dog, Tennessee to collect an old gambling debt and becomes involved with a woman whom everyone thinks is a witch.

  • Beau wins half ownership in a gambling casino but gets charged with murder when the man who owns the other half is found dead from a gunshot wound.

  • Bart and Beau win $6,500 in a poker game and decide to wire the money to Denver. Big mistake because the telegraph company is a phony set up to bilk people.

  • Bart faces all kinds of trouble while traveling through the Arizona desert. First there's an Indian who wants to scalp him. Then there's two outlaws pursuing him for the money they think he's carrying. Finally, he's recruited by a deputy marshal to escort four prisoners to the territorial penitentiary one of whom happens to be a lovely woman.

  • Beau tries to help citizens of a small town get a fair price for their land from an unscrupulous railroad agent.

  • On the run from a crooked sheriff who's trying to frame him for murder, Bart encounters nearly every cowboy on the Warner Brothers TV studio lot.

  • Roger Moore joins the series as the Mavericks' English cousin Beau and he's in a full blown jam as is the family norm. Beau Maverick finds himself kidnapped shortly after being hired to impersonate someone. It's up to Cousin Bart to lend a hand.

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