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Route 66 is a television drama created by Herbert B. Leonard and Stirling Silliphant starring Martin Milner, George Maharis, and later Glenn Corbett who replaced an ill Maharis. It follows the lives and adventures of two young men, Tod, an Ivy League kid, and Buz, an orphan, who travel the country in Tod

Route 66 is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (117 episodes). The series first aired on October 7, 1960.

Where do I stream Route 66 online? Route 66 is available for streaming on Shout! Factory, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Route 66 on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Vudu, The Roku Channel Free, The Roku Channel, Google Play, Hoopla, Tubi TV online.

Shout! Factory
4 Seasons, 117 Episodes
October 7, 1960
Action & Adventure
Cast: Martin Milner, George Maharis, Glenn Corbett, Jean Muir
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Route 66 Full Episode Guide

  • Where There's a Will, There's a Way, Part 2

  • The bizarre terms of a tycoon's will mandate that Tod marry his daughter. Filmed in Tampa.

  • Coincidence brings Tod together with a political assassin who is his identical double. Filmed in Canada.

  • After accidentally killing a policeman, a troubled teenager takes Tod and Linc hostage.

  • A former classmate of Tod's, who is now a millionaire, wants Tod and his "manservant" Linc to take his place.

  • A shy and naive young librarian becomes infatuated with a dashing stranger, unaware he is a murderer being sought by the police.

  • Linc must take the place of an alcoholic boxer who is unable to participate in a fight.

  • Linc has a full plate as he carries on a relationship with a troubled young woman while reconciling with his mother and estranged father.

  • Linc runs into a former member of his Vietnam outfit - the man who got his men killed in combat.

  • A young man in rural Georgia seeks to publicly humiliate a woman who was the instrument of a cruel practical joke perpetrated on him in the Army.

  • Tod and Linc try to fulfill a dying man's wish to find the child he never knew and give her his life's savings.

  • Tired of their parents' bickering, two young children kidnap their baby brother and set up their own "family."

  • Tod and Linc vie for the affections of a German physical culturalist who is on a sabbatical.

  • Linc takes it upon himself to help out a quintet of girl musicians stranded in Toronto, Canada.

  • A moll steals six hundred dollars from her boyfriend's poker game and then hides the money in the hubcap of Tod and Linc's car.

  • Tod and Linc help an old Vermont farmer try to stave off bankruptcy.

  • A cave-in at a Colorado mine traps the town ne'er-do-well underground with a spinster, while Mozart's Don Giovanni plays in the town and parallels the mine tragedy.

  • Tod and Linc observe the grim conflict between a Maine lobster fisherman and his prodigal son.

  • Tod gets a job working with a female acoustical engineer and finds her difficult to keep up with.

  • Linc falls for the capricious daughter of a sawmill owner.

  • A matron fears her ex-husband means to kill her.

  • Tod and Linc search for a missing war hero in the Everglades.

  • A hobo befriended by Tod and Linc is suspected of bringing a rare and deadly virus into a Missouri town. An early appearance of Alan Alda as a town doctor.

  • Linc is jailed after an old woman accuses him of cruelly injuring a dog.

  • Linc is shanghaied by holdup men who are on their way to a wedding.

  • Tod and Linc race speedboats as they get caught up in the rivalry between two spoiled heiresses. Guy Lombardo and Carmen Lombardo portray themselves.

  • After the guys are shortchanged on the docks in Tampa, Linc pays a visit to his former commanding officer only to find that head wounds suffered in combat have regressed him back into an 8-year-old boy.

  • In Tampa, Tod and Linc aid Jai-Lai players in a dangerous attempt to smuggle a little girl out of Cuba.

  • Tod works at Florida's famous Weeki Wachee aquatic park when he meets a young woman who may be a real mermaid.

  • Linc becomes involved with a troubled, self-obsessed young Galveston debutante.

  • Tod meets his new traveling partner, one Lincoln Case - Army Ranger and war hero, just returned from Vietnam.

  • Tod comes to the rescue of a young woman who jumps into the bear pit of the Houston zoo.

  • A woman returning from a long prison stay believes Tod to be her son.

  • Tod joins a posse hunting a pair of killers near Arizona's Superstition Mountain.

  • Tod tries to help a pair of runaway orphans.

  • Tod becomes romantically involved with a woman who gives the term "role playing" a whole new meaning.

  • Tod and Buz try to help a German youth find his American father, unaware that the youth plans to kill the man.

  • A runaway groom in a tiny Tennessee community pretends to study local folk songs as he uses the town, its people and Tod for his own ends.

  • Tod's idyllic new existence working for a prize-winning, William Faulkner-ish novelist in rural Mississippi is shattered by murder.

  • Tod once again encounters Vicki Russell in Tennessee, where she is being courted by a cotton baron.

  • Tod unwittingly helps a young woman escape from her bail bondsman.

  • A traveling medium displays an uncanny ability to predict the future, and her next prediction is for Buz's death!

  • Tod and Buz try to help a young boy cope with his father's alcoholism.

  • Tod and Buz work for a shark-hunting scientist who is so obsessed with his cholesterol research he ignores his own family.

  • Buz's employer tries to set him up with his troubled daughter.

  • A cold-blooded killer escapes from police custody and takes Tod captive.

  • Tod and Buz board at an Oregon house with a strangely dysfunctional family.

  • Old-time horror-movie icons Lon Chaney, Jr., Boris Karloff, and Peter Lorre reunite at a Chicago hotel to plan a horror TV show for a new generation.

  • A co-worker of Buz carries on a telephone romance with a woman he has never seen.

  • At California's famous Huntington Beach, Buz challenges the local surfing champ to avenge the death of a former challenger.

  • Tod's cab fare is a former prohibition-era gangster who believes someone from his past wants to kill him.

  • Tod and Buz suffer a series of odd misfortunes after they give a ride to a local jinx.

  • Tod and Buz cross paths with an Oregon fisherman whose war experiences have turned him into a bitter, vicious misanthrope.

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