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  • TV-PG
  • 1960
  • 2 Seasons
  • 7.9  (1,359)

Secret Agent, also known as Danger Man in its UK release, is a spy-thriller television series produced by ITC Entertainment and filmed in black and white. The show premiered in the United States on CBS on September 1965, whereas its first season was aired in the UK in 1960 by ITV. Secret Agent features Patrick McGoohan in the lead role as John Drake, a British spy who works for M9, a nameless British intelligence agency.

Every episode of Secret Agent features John Drake on a different mission. The show depicts Drake as a calm, intelligent and resourceful spy. The missions Drake undertakes in Secret Agent are always different, not only in terms of their location but also their threat level. Some episodes are focused on preventing the theft of secret documents or the assassination of an important person, while others deal with defusing a major political crisis or averting a looming disaster.

The show's premise is based on real-life espionage activities carried out during the Cold War. Secret Agent's portrayal of spy activities bears little resemblance to the gadget-filled fantasy world of James Bond - espionage in this show is portrayed as a hard, gritty, and sometimes dangerous reality. It is interesting to note that the character of John Drake predates James Bond, who debuted two years later in Dr. No in 1962.

Patrick McGoohan's portrayal of John Drake is one of the most memorable performances in television history. McGoohan's character is an understated, soft-spoken man of action, whose intelligence and resourcefulness always win the day. McGoohan is a charismatic actor, and his portrayal of Drake is engaging and fascinating. In many ways, McGoohan's character, John Drake, is a precursor to his most famous role, as the enigmatic and rebellious Number Six, in the cult television classic, The Prisoner.

Secret Agent's production design is remarkable, giving the show a distinctive look and feel that stands out, even today. The locations used for the show span across the globe, with the episodes set in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America. Each episode is shot with an eye for detail, with set design and costume design carefully coordinated to bring the feeling of authenticity to every spy thriller.

Secret Agent's score is also noteworthy, under the musical direction of Edwin Astley; it creates an iconic feel that is still memorable even after so many years. The theme song is catchy, and the opening credits feature a silhouette of Patrick McGoohan walking along a series of neon signs, an image that has become synonymous with the show.

In terms of espionage dramas, Secret Agent is a classic that still stands up to modern viewing. The stories are well-written, with believable and realistic characters, while the acting is first-rate. The show's setting and production design are stunning and, combined with the music, provide the perfect backdrop for this spy thriller.

In conclusion, Secret Agent is a well-crafted, entertaining, and classic espionage drama with an outstanding performance by Patrick McGoohan as the enigmatic John Drake. The show's engaging storylines, remarkable production design, and memorable score remain unmatched in the world of spy-thriller television shows.

Secret Agent is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (63 episodes). The series first aired on September 11, 1960.

Secret Agent
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S2 E22 - Parallel Lines Will Sometimes Meet
24. S2 E22 - Parallel Lines Will Sometimes Meet
March 16, 1965
A British husband and wife scientists disappear while on holiday on the English coast. The suspicion is they have been kidnapped and sent to Haiti, and Drake is sent to investigate.
Sting in the Tail
23. Sting in the Tail
October 14, 1965
Drake provokes the jealously of a political assassin, wanted by the Parisian police, to leave the safety of Beirut.
You Are Not in Any Trouble, Are You?
22. You Are Not in Any Trouble, Are You?
October 21, 1965
In order to infiltrate a murder organisation Drake commissions his own murder.
The Mirrors New
21. The Mirrors New
March 9, 1965
Drake looks for an official from the British Embassy in Paris who has disappeared with a vital report to the German Chancellor.
Have a Glass of Wine
20. Have a Glass of Wine
March 2, 1965
Drake follows a spy to the wine country of France in pursuit of secret military documents.
Its up to the Lady
19. Its up to the Lady
February 23, 1965
Drake hopes to use a defector's wife to persuade him to return to his home to Britain.
The Ubiquitous Mr Lovegrove
18. The Ubiquitous Mr Lovegrove
February 16, 1965
Drake faces a casino owner with a large stack of unpaid gambling debts, but cannot recall how or when he accumulated them.
The Affair at Castlevara
17. The Affair at Castlevara
February 9, 1965
Drake works with an American agent to free the ousted leader of a Latin American country who has been condemned to death by the revolutionaries.
A Room in the Basement
16. A Room in the Basement
February 2, 1965
Drake doesn't believe an Eastern European Embassy in Switzerland when it denies holding his colleague Keith Turnbull.
Whatever Happened to George Foster
15. Whatever Happened to George Foster
January 19, 1965
Drake is ordered off the case when he discovers a British tycoon backing plans to overthrow a Latin American government.
Such Men Are Dangerous
14. Such Men Are Dangerous
January 12, 1965
Drake replaces a convict awaiting release who had been recruited as part of an assassination plot.
Thats Two of Us Sorry
13. Thats Two of Us Sorry
January 5, 1965
A spy who disappeared during World War II is apparently responsible for the theft of plans from a Scottish atomic-research lab.
A Date With Doris
12. A Date With Doris
December 29, 1964
Drake must clear an agent being framed for the murder of an actress on a Caribbean island.
Dont Nail Him Yet
11. Dont Nail Him Yet
December 22, 1964
Drake assumes the identity of a school teacher to trap a minor official suspected of smuggling naval secrets.
A Man to Be Trusted
10. A Man to Be Trusted
December 15, 1964
Drake goes to the West Indies to investigate the murder of two British agents.
No Marks for Servility
9. No Marks for Servility
December 8, 1964
Drake investigates a wealthy man suspected of being a swindler by posing as his valet.
The Battle of the Cameras
8. The Battle of the Cameras
December 1, 1964
Drake investigates a reclusive millionaire in connection with the theft of documents from a secret chemical plant in southern France.
The Colonels Daughter
7. The Colonels Daughter
November 24, 1964
A security leak leads Drake to India and retired British colonel and his daughter.
Fish On the Hook
6. Fish On the Hook
November 17, 1964
Drake is sent to the Middle East to protect the organizer of a complex espionage system that is coming unraveled.
Fair Exchange
5. Fair Exchange
November 10, 1964
Lisa Lanzic returns to East Germany to kill the official responsible for her torture.
The Galloping Major
4. The Galloping Major
November 3, 1964
The Prime Minister of a newly emerged African nation fears the opposition party is trying to topple his government.
Colony Three
3. Colony Three
October 27, 1964
Drake infiltrates a group of defectors being sent to a training camp for agents in eastern Europe.
The Professionals
2. The Professionals
October 20, 1964
Drake goes into Yugoslavia as a heavy drinking diplomat to find a missing agent.
Yesterdays Enemies
1. Yesterdays Enemies
October 13, 1964
Drake investigates a former British agent who has apparently set up his own espionage ring in Lebanon.
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Secret Agent is available for streaming on the Shout! Factory website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Secret Agent on demand at Amazon Prime.
  • Premiere Date
    September 11, 1960
  • IMDB Rating
    7.9  (1,359)