Secret Agent

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This TV series was a follow-up to the popular program Danger Man. Special security agent John Drake goes on top secret missions that come directly from the queen. There is plenty of action, ladies, and gadgets to keep viewers entertained in each episode.

Shout! Factory
2 Seasons, 62 Episodes
September 11, 1960
Action & Adventure
Cast: Patrick McGoohan
Secret Agent

Secret Agent Full Episode Guide

  • Drake provokes the jealously of a political assassin, wanted by the Parisian police, to leave the safety of Beirut.

  • In order to infiltrate a murder organisation Drake commissions his own murder.

  • Drake looks for an official from the British Embassy in Paris who has disappeared with a vital report to the German Chancellor.

  • Drake follows a spy to the wine country of France in pursuit of secret military documents.

  • Drake hopes to use a defector's wife to persuade him to return to his home to Britain.

  • Drake works with an American agent to free the ousted leader of a Latin American country who has been condemned to death by the revolutionaries.

  • Drake doesn't believe an Eastern European Embassy in Switzerland when it denies holding his colleague Keith Turnbull.

  • Drake is ordered off the case when he discovers a British tycoon backing plans to overthrow a Latin American government.

  • Drake replaces a convict awaiting release who had been recruited as part of an assassination plot.

  • A spy who disappeared during World War II is apparently responsible for the theft of plans from a Scottish atomic-research lab.

  • Drake must clear an agent being framed for the murder of an actress on a Caribbean island.

  • Drake assumes the identity of a school teacher to trap a minor official suspected of smuggling naval secrets.

  • Drake goes to the West Indies to investigate the murder of two British agents.

  • Drake investigates a wealthy man suspected of being a swindler by posing as his valet.

  • Drake investigates a reclusive millionaire in connection with the theft of documents from a secret chemical plant in southern France.

  • A security leak leads Drake to India and retired British colonel and his daughter.

  • Drake is sent to the Middle East to protect the organizer of a complex espionage system that is coming unraveled.

  • Lisa Lanzic returns to East Germany to kill the official responsible for her torture.

  • The Prime Minister of a newly emerged African nation fears the opposition party is trying to topple his government.

  • Drake infiltrates a group of defectors being sent to a training camp for agents in eastern Europe.

  • Drake goes into Yugoslavia as a heavy drinking diplomat to find a missing agent.

  • Drake investigates a former British agent who has apparently set up his own espionage ring in Lebanon.

  • Drake journeys to Africa disguised as a gunrunner to catch those responsible for a wave of terrorism.

  • Drake is assigned to investigate the deaths of an entire research team that was working on tropical diseases

  • While on a rescue expedition in the Arabian desert, Drake ends up protecting an infant King and his nurse.

  • Drake discovers an ex-Nazi general and a mysterious lake while trying to find those responsible for flooding the market with counterfeit U.S. dollars.

  • Drake must destroy a top secret miniature submarine which sank off of a South American coast before enemy agents find it.

  • Drake investigates a Balkan minister who has been misappropriating government funds.

  • Drake poses as an assassin who joins a group of South American revolutionaries to prevent them from killing their president.

  • In Hong Kong, Drake discovers a radio station's sound technician was killed when he learned the station was sending out secrets in code.

  • When a cipher expert disappears from her job at the U.S. Embassy in London, Drake follows her to Venice.

  • Drake joins forces with an European Doctor when workers at an African nuclear power plant fall ill.

  • Drake goes undercover to discover the source of cocaine that is being sent to New York.

  • Drake goes undercover as a replacement pilot when an airline's owner is killed and several of its planes crash.

  • Drake investigates the death of a NATO agent who was killed in a car crash.

  • In order to smash an escape route organization that kills its clients, Drake poses as a Czech engineer who wants to defect to the West.

  • Off the coast of Sicily, Drake must recover a diplomatic satchel taken by mountain bandits when a plane crashed there.

  • D rake must discover whether an interpreter suspected of being a security leak is one.

  • In the Scottish Highlands, when a stolen car turns up with the fingerprints of a spy thought dead for 10 years John Drake goes to investigate.

  • Drake travels to the Far east to investigate the murder of a Chinese businessman.

  • On a small island, Drake must protect the widow of a British diplomat from two killers.

  • Drake tries to discover who is to be the victim of an assassin he spots while on vacation.

  • Drake discovers that the apparently unrelated murders of several prominent people were assassinations.

  • In Munich, Drake poses as an American G.I. to investigate a G.I.'s murder.

  • In the mid-east, Drake convinces a girl, that Hardy sent him to bring in, to leave with him, before the British catch up with her.

  • Drake and two prisoners that he was flying in crash their plane on a small island.

  • In the Caribbean, Drake is accused of murder while trying top clear an American journalist of espionage charges.

  • In India, a traitor that Drake has been assigned to bring in is out to kill him.

  • Drake must find and substitute a double for an American who is confined to the U.S. embassy on a Caribbean island.

  • Drake is assigned to find out why a beautiful young refugee wants political asylum.

  • Drake gets assigned to discover who is leaking information from the U.S. embassy in Vienna.

  • In a Caribbean nation Drake discover that an American economics expert's apparent suicide was murder.

  • Drake goes undercover to infiltrate a gang of IRA commandos.

  • Drake is assigned to impersonate a kidnapped girl's father in order to save her life.

  • Drake teams up with an American agent to put a Middle Eastern opium supplier out of business.

  • While investigating a young girl who was found dazed and wandering around in pink pyjamas, Drake discovers a plot to kill a Balkan nation's president.

  • Drake is asked to guard a president who is coming to London by an old enemy who is now the president's aid.

  • Sent to the Arabian Desert to investigate slavery, Drake helps a stranded showgirl who thinks he is one of the slavers.

  • Drake helps a blind girl who is the only one able to identify her brother's killer find the man.

  • In Paris, Drake becomes handcuffed to a girl while on the trail of an international killer.

  • Drake goes to the seaside resort of Portmeirion while investigating the murder of a banker.

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