Watch TV Shows on Shout Factory

It is the network whose title yells out at you. Shout! Factory was founded in 2003 with the intention of bringing about videos that one might not be able to catch on other networks. For example, this network is well known for pumping out some live music videos and some of the classic movies that people still love.

This network was only founded in 2003 when co-founders Bob Emmer and brothers Garson and Richard Foos sold their stake in a record company to Warner Brothers. Having been successful with their previous venture, the trio decided that it was time to give television a try. Since that time, they have been going about collecting the rights to a variety of different classic television series'. In doing so, they have established their network as a place that people can turn to in order to find the good stuff.

One of the primary focuses of this network has been to work on independent projects. You are not going to see the big Hollywood names running on this network. Rather, Shout! likes to pick up the lesser known brands and make something amazing out of them. When they do, they are often able to book a nice profit for themselves as well.

Shout! network is definitely something for the independent television viewer. It is a network that speaks to the needs and wants of people who are more interested in watching something that is not as mainstream. The founders of this network must be proud in the work that they have done.