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  • 1950
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"The Goldbergs," a popular American sitcom, follows the lives of the Goldberg family in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, during the 1980s. The show is narrated by Adam Goldberg (played by Sean Giambrone), who shares his childhood experiences and family antics through his video camera lens.

Wendi McLendon-Covey stars as Beverly Goldberg, the matriarch of the family and an overbearing mother who loves her family fiercely. Beverly is a dedicated homemaker and excels at cooking and decorating her home. Meanwhile, Murray Goldberg (played by Jeff Garlin) is Beverly's laid-back husband who runs his own furniture store.

Their three children round out the rest of the main cast. Oldest child Erica Goldberg (played by Hayley Orrantia) is a rebellious teen aspiring to be a singer, middle child Barry Goldberg (Troy Gentile) is a teenage boy who is trying to be cool and popular, and youngest child Adam is a nerdy child who is constantly recording his family's activities with his video camera.

The show is brimming with nostalgia and references to pop culture of the 1980s. Every episode includes an opening segment that shows Adam's adventures with his best friend, Chad Kremp (played by JC Tremblay), and the rest of their schoolmates.

Along with the Goldberg family, the cast also includes George Segal as Albert "Pops" Solomon, Beverly's father, who often spoils his grandchildren while providing sage advice to his children, and Patton Oswalt as Trevor "Doc" Robbins, a narrator who provides additional commentary throughout the show.

"The Goldbergs" not only focuses on the family's daily antics but also tackles serious issues such as parents' trust in children and coming out to family, but always in a comical fashion. Each episode revolves around a specific theme such as family vacations, school dances, and holidays, often punctuated with Beverly's signature catchphrase "I told two friends, and they told two friends, and so on!"

Throughout the seasons, "The Goldbergs" introduces many notable guest stars and recurring characters. Emmy-winner Bryan Callen appears as Coach Mellor, the gym teacher who has a soft spot for Barry, and Sam Lerner plays Geoff Schwartz, Erica's school friend who eventually becomes her love interest. Odell Jackson also stars as Ari Caldwell, a schoolmate of Adam and Chad.

"The Goldbergs" first premiered on ABC in September 2013 and quickly became a hit among fans of all ages, thanks to its witty script, charming cast, and relatable family dynamics. The show wrapped up its eighth and final season in May 2021 after a total of 171 episodes.

Overall, "The Goldbergs" is a heartwarming and hilarious show that captures the essence of growing up in the 1980s while also being a relatable depiction of family life. Fans of the show can now enjoy all eight seasons on DVD and streaming platforms, courtesy of Shout Factory.

The Goldbergs is a series that is currently running and has 8 seasons (233 episodes). The series first aired on August 29, 1950.

The Goldbergs
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Daddy Daughter Day 2
19. Daddy Daughter Day 2
April 28, 2021
Following Erica and Geoff's breakup, Murray decides to take Erica out on a daddy-daughter date to cheer her up. Meanwhile, Adam is excited to participate in the school senior prank until his conscience catches up with him and he enlists Beverly's help to get him out of it.
The Dating Game
18. The Dating Game
April 21, 2021
Erica goes on a date with a guy from the coffee shop, while Geoff ends up on an episode of "The Dating Game"; Beverly is thrilled to learn that Murray has spontaneously purchased a shore house.
Who's Afraid of Brea Bee?
17. Who's Afraid of Brea Bee?
April 14, 2021
After realizing there may be trouble in lovers' paradise for Erica and Geoff, Beverly involves herself in their relationship as well as Barry and Joanne's to make sure everyone stays together.
Couple Off
16. Couple Off
April 7, 2021
When Barry and Joanne crash Erica and Geoff's peaceful weekend camping trip, they end up in a competition to see who is the better couple, causing some unexpected shifts in relationships. After learning that Brea thinks Adam has an easy, privileged life, Adam seeks to prove her wrong by getting a job but quickly learns she might be right.
15. Bever-le
March 31, 2021
When the NFL players go on strike and the football season is threatened, Barry gets concerned that he and Murray will no longer have anything to talk about which leads Barry to try out for the Eagles team himself. Against Erica's advice, Beverly decides to start selling a nutritional product from a sketchy company in an attempt to gain financial independence.
Love Triangle
14. Love Triangle
March 24, 2021
As Adam's girlfriend, Brea, heads to visit her cousin at the University of Virginia, Beverly projects her own insecurity onto Adam, convincing him to make a grand gesture to prevent Brea from choosing UVA for college.
Mr. Ships Ahoy
13. Mr. Ships Ahoy
March 3, 2021
Beverly is thrilled to have co-workers for the first time and sets out to make them all love her; Geoff competes in a beauty pageant to prove to Erica that he can be seen as desirable by other women.
The Lasagna You Deserve
12. The Lasagna You Deserve
February 24, 2021
Beverly enlists the help of Barry and Erica to teach Adam to be more assertive; Murray resolves to be a better friend after learning that Vic doesn't think he can confide in him.
Quaker Warden
11. Quaker Warden
February 10, 2021
After realizing how little time Adam has left at William Penn, a sentimental Beverly decides to get more involved at the school, to Adam and Principal Ball's dismay. In order to prevent her from intervening with Senior Skip Day, Adam and Principal Ball team up to put Beverly through an intense Quaker Warden training, which ends up backfiring.
Geoff's New Hat
10. Geoff's New Hat
February 3, 2021
Beverly convinces Murray to get a hot tub to spark romance and spend time together; Geoff decides to try out a new look for himself, which is not well received by Barry.
9. Cocoon
January 27, 2021
Beverly enlists Erica's help to sue her cookbook publisher after finding her book in the bargain bin at a bookstore; Adam and Pops bond while taking a trip on the wild side.
Bevy's Big Murder Mystery Party
8. Bevy's Big Murder Mystery Party
January 13, 2021
Inspired by his obsession, Adam helps Beverly plan a murder mystery party for the family; Erica, tasked with declaring her major, bumps up against Barry's cockiness as she considers going the pre-med route.
Hanukkah on the Seas
7. Hanukkah on the Seas
December 2, 2020
Pops surprises the family with an ill-advised winter cruise to Canada; Erica stirs up holiday trouble at home.
6. Eracism
November 25, 2020
Adam sets out to create a movie that will tackle racism but realizes he is out of his depth on the subject due to his sheltered upbringing; Geoff is determined to teach Erica and Barry to become better people.
5. Dee-Vorced
November 18, 2020
Beverly's meddling in Adam's relationship with Brea leads to a confrontation with her divorced mother; Barry struggles to reunite the JTP following his breakup with Ren.
Bill's Wedding
4. Bill's Wedding
November 4, 2020
Bill is getting married and Beverly and Jane have only 24 hours to plan it; a fortune teller at the wedding reception could change the future for Adam, Erica and Barry's romantic life.
It's All About Comptrol
3. It's All About Comptrol
October 28, 2020
Geoff and Erica realize they are in different places in college; Beverly tries to find a new purpose in her life as she seeks political office as the city comptroller.
The Prettiest Boy in School
2. The Prettiest Boy in School
October 21, 2020
Adam wrestles with the fact that he is a cool kid and no longer a nerd while his original friend group isn't as lucky; Beverly attempts to have a more grown-up relationship with Erica and Barry before they head back to college.
1. Airplane!
October 21, 2020
Beverly surprises the family with an end-of-summer vacation to Miami; Geoff accidentally spills to Erica the real reason for the trip.
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    August 29, 1950
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