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  • TV-PG
  • 1990
  • 3 Seasons
  • 6.3  (1,073)

Swamp Thing is an American science fiction show that aired between 1990 and 1993. The show is based on the DC Comics character of the same name created by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson. It was produced by DC Comics and filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina. The show follows the story of Dr. Alec Holland, a brilliant plant biochemist who discovers a compound that can create accelerated plant growth.

However, things take a terrible turn when a criminal organization attempts to steal the formula for the compound. In the ensuing chaos, Holland is caught in a chemical explosion and is believed to have died.

However, he arises as a Swamp Thing - a creature made entirely of plant matter. He is now living in the swamps of Louisiana, hiding from the world.

At the core of Swamp Thing's plot is his journey to discover his true identity while living in the swamps. Throughout the show, he is aided by a young girl, Tressa Kipp, who becomes his friend and guide.

The show predominantly focuses on the relationship between the two of them, as they navigate the bayous of Louisiana, fighting evil and discovering secrets.

Swamp Thing is played by Dick Durock, who puts on an excellent performance as the misunderstood creature. He is accompanied by a talented cast, including Mark Lindsay Chapman as Anton Arcane, who is constantly trying to get hold of Holland's formula to gain power.

Scott Garrison plays the role of Jim Kipp, a police officer who is initially suspicious of Swamp Thing but eventually becomes his ally. Carrell Myers plays Will Kipp, Jim's brother, and an expert in all things mechanical.

Kari Wuhrer plays Abigail Cable, a woman with supernatural abilities, and one of the few people Swamp Thing can rely on for help.

Throughout the show, Swamp Thing faces a range of villains, all of whom are trying to capture him or gain the power that lies within him. These villains include Arcane and his army of Un-Men, a group of living monsters he has created.

Another of Swamp Thing's foes is Dr. Rochelle, an evil scientist intent on using Swamp Thing's body for his own twisted experiments.

The show has a unique, eerie atmosphere, which is enhanced by the beautiful Louisiana scenery. The bayous, swamps, and forests make for a stunning setting, and the show makes great use of these landscapes.

The special effects in Swamp Thing are impressive, considering the show is from the early 90s. The creature design is fantastic, and Swamp Thing's transformation scenes are well-done.

The show's stories are compelling, and there is a definite focus on character development. Each episode has a different plot, but there is an overarching narrative that ties everything together.

Overall, Swamp Thing is an enjoyable science fiction show with plenty of action, drama, and suspense. The show has a unique atmosphere, an engaging storyline, and a talented cast, making for a highly enjoyable viewing experience.

Swamp Thing is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (73 episodes). The series first aired on July 27, 1990.

Swamp Thing
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That's a Wrap
39. That's a Wrap
May 1, 1993
Summary is not available.
Heart of the Mantis
38. Heart of the Mantis
April 24, 1993
Oliver Duncan awaits death in a hospital while Archane plots to gain his former teachers secrets.
Swamp of Dreams
37. Swamp of Dreams
April 17, 1993
Swamp thing finds some "eggs" in the swamp and this makes him start dreaming about when he was human and was in love.
Romancing Arcane
36. Romancing Arcane
April 10, 1993
Summary is not available.
Heart of Stone
35. Heart of Stone
April 3, 1993
Summary is not available.
Yo Ho Ho
34. Yo Ho Ho
March 27, 1993
Summary is not available.
An Eye for an Eye
33. An Eye for an Eye
March 20, 1993
When the swamp stalks Arcane in the form of a panther, an ecological message is the overtone about unsafe modes of power encroaching on nature and how she strikes back. Leaving a forboding and chilling message when even Swamp Thing is powerless.
Brotherly Love
32. Brotherly Love
March 13, 1993
Summary is not available.
In the Beginning
31. In the Beginning
March 6, 1993
Summary is not available.
The Chains of Forever
30. The Chains of Forever
February 27, 1993
Will becomes involved with a couple who hold a map that Arcane has a keene interest in obtaining.
Patient Zero
29. Patient Zero
February 20, 1993
When a stranger comes to swamp with evil designs of his own upon Swamp Thing's blood, Archane becomes involved.
28. Cross-Fired
February 13, 1993
Summary is not available.
The Specter of Death
27. The Specter of Death
February 6, 1993
Summary is not available.
The Burning Times
26. The Burning Times
January 30, 1993
Summary is not available.
The Hurting
25. The Hurting
January 23, 1993
Swamp Thing helps Cathy comprehend her late, alienated mother by showing her visions of her mother's teen-age life.
24. Vendetta
January 16, 1993
Summary is not available.
Eye of the Storm
23. Eye of the Storm
January 9, 1993
Summary is not available.
Judgment Day
22. Judgment Day
December 19, 1992
Can Swamp Thing save his friend Will from charges of a murder is didn't commit versus the ambitions of a corrupt District Attorney?
The Curse
21. The Curse
December 12, 1992
Summary is not available.
A Most Bitter Pill
20. A Most Bitter Pill
December 5, 1992
Summary is not available.
Never Alone
19. Never Alone
November 21, 1992
Summary is not available.
Rites of Passage
18. Rites of Passage
November 14, 1992
Two young co-eds looking to perform a magic ceremony called the test of Shabalba that will grant them three wishes use Will as a reluctant guide.
The Return of LaRoche
17. The Return of LaRoche
November 7, 1992
Summary is not available.
Pay Day
16. Pay Day
October 31, 1992
Three convicts escape from prison in search of loot from a Las Vegas heist buried in the swamp. One by one they learn the justice of the swamp.
Hide in the Night
15. Hide in the Night
October 24, 1992
Summary is not available.
Future Tense
14. Future Tense
October 17, 1992
A chemical plant causing toxic damage to the swamp is the key to a darker future.
The Handyman
13. The Handyman
October 10, 1992
The body of a dead man leads Swamp Thing to Arcane and Gen. Sunderland.
Easy Prey
12. Easy Prey
October 3, 1992
A wealthy hunter stalks and wounds a rare hawk for a trophy. Afterward the swamp takes Will into it's confidence and Will sees the swamp as he never has before.
11. Revelations
September 26, 1992
Swamp Thing is wounded and being tracked down by mercenaries hired by Arcane. He makes his way to Dr. Ann Fisk's lab and is transformed back into Alec Holland. Afterward he is still wounded and aided by Tressa Kipp who finally learns the truth about Swamp Thing.
Lesser of Two Evils
10. Lesser of Two Evils
September 19, 1992
Arcane's rival, Carla Jeffries (Tyne Daly) takes over his business. Swamp Thing discovers that she's a much more formidable enemy than Arcane ever was. Will he, Arcane and Graham put their differences aside to oust Carla?
Mirador's Brain
9. Mirador's Brain
September 11, 1992
Arcane uploads the memory of his former teacher directly into his own. In an ironic twist of justice Carl Mirador was schizophrenic and is now driving Arcane insane.
8. Tatania
August 28, 1992
Arcane finally resurrects his dead wife only to discover he's been duped by Sunderland.
7. Destiny
August 21, 1992
Encountering two men already dead in the swamp is nothing particularly new for Will, but the fact they are from the civil war era is. Can Will solve this mystery of the swamp and find peace for two soldiers?
6. Changes
August 14, 1992
Arcane has created a poison engineered to specifically target Swamp Thing's genetic code. Ann has discovered a method of temporarily changing Alec back to human form.
Fear Itself
5. Fear Itself
August 7, 1992
What happens the swamp itself is no longer an ally to Swamp Thing? The answers lay with a man called Mephisto.
What Goes Around Comes Around, Comes Around
4. What Goes Around Comes Around, Comes Around
July 31, 1992
Return to those thrilling days of the old west in guilt ridden dreams, when Arcane is allowed to hunt a man with the full knowledge of the sheriff.
Special Request
3. Special Request
July 24, 1992
After seemingly having no interest for so many episodes_4-18 what happened to Jim, Tressa is suddenly in Peru and sidetracked by a voice from her past on a radio.
Powers of Darkness
2. Powers of Darkness
July 17, 1992
A young loner who believes he is a vampire is accused of murdering his mother's boyfriend.
Dead and Married
1. Dead and Married
July 10, 1992
A recent storm in the swamp uncovers a car wreck from ten years ago,including the married couples ghosts that think only hours have passed.
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  • Premiere Date
    July 27, 1990
  • IMDB Rating
    6.3  (1,073)