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Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) is a genius. However, you wouldn't know it by looking at him. A former college dropout, he supports himself by selling marijuana and taking tests for college hopefuls, none of it challenging his eidetic memory and sky-high IQ. Everything changes the day he meets Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht). A shark in the water, Harvey is one of New York's top "closers" - lawyers who specialize in tricky clients with million dollar payouts. Harvey doesn't care about feelings and doesn't play well with others, but at the behest of his boss Jessica (Gina Torres), he finds himself in the market for a protege.

Fleeing from a drug deal gone wrong, Mike has no idea that he's stumbled into the interview room for Harvey's new associate. But Harvey knows talent when he sees it. Mike can rattle off statistics and quote legal precedent better than any judge, so Harvey hires him immediately as a new lawyer for the firm.

The catch?

Mike has never been to law school.

It's this secret that drives Suits, one of USA's newest summertime hits. Originally titled A Legal Mind, it began as a freelance pilot dropped on the desks of David Bartis and Gene Klein. It was then picked up by Universal Cable Productions and sculpted into a comedy-drama about life, law and lies.

You see, if the truth gets out, Mike could lose a lot more than just his job. And with suspicious supervisor Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) on his case, not to mention the beautiful paralegal Rachel (Meghan Markle) making demands of his heart, discovery seems almost inevitable. Only Harvey is on his side, and with all the bickering between them, it may not be enough.

Tune into USA to see more of this unlikely partnership both in and out of the courtroom. Suits airs on Thursdays at 10/9 Central and is currently in its second season.

Wednesday 9:00 PM et/pt on USA
6 Seasons, 92 Episodes
June 23, 2011
Comedy, Drama
Cast: Gabriel Macht, Harvey Reginald Specter, Patrick J. Adams, Michael James "Mike" Ross, Meghan Markle
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Suits Full Episode Guide

  • Mike needs Harvey and Rachel's help to conquer a difficult obstacle, or his dream of becoming a real lawyer is ruined. Donna's new venture has a complication. Louis tries to patch things up with Tara.

  • When Mike's class action is met by an obstacle, it may be costly; Harvey, Louis and Rachel consider getting their hands dirty; and Donna and Benjamin look for an investor.

  • Harvey and Mike must be mindful when they team up on a class action; Louis recruits Rachel to help him impress a client during an annual presentation; and Donna and Benjamin perfect their product.

  • Rachel receives a letter that creates an unexpected issue for Harvey and Louis. Mike's mentorship of Oliver and Marissa gets put to the test. And Donna gets a surprise from the IT department.

  • Harvey tries to repair a broken relationship - leaving Louis, Donna and Rachel to manage PSL in his absence. Meanwhile, Mike gets a helping hand from an unexpected place.

  • Harvey, Louis and Donna make plans that don't include Jessica; Mike deals with the consequences of being an ex-convict; Rachel considers her options.

  • Jessica and Rachel are determined to save Leonard Bailey; Harvey and Louis try to keep clients on board by impressing their oldest client.

  • In an effort to protect Mike, Harvey considers putting Gallo back on the streets; Jessica and Rachel manage to re-open Bailey's case; Louis is anxious about Tara.

  • Harvey contradicts Cahill's star witness; and Mike tries to deliver one of his own. Meanwhile, Jessica and Rachel are determined to delay Leonard's execution; and Louis accepts being "the other man."

  • Harvey, Louis and Donna are on the lookout for a connection to Sutter's inside trading; Mike goes to extremes to get Kevin on board; and Rachel and Jessica deliver bad news to Leonard Bailey.

  • Harvey protects Sutter from Cahill; Mike's past could ruin his mission; Rachel and Jessica search for evidence to re-open Bailey's case; and Louis woos Tara with a trip to the Hamptons.

  • Mike seeks to gain Kevin's trust while Harvey sets into motion a risky plan; Jessica improves the firm's reputation; Rachel encounters a roadblock; and Louis enlists Donna's help in a matter of the heart.

  • Mike considers accepting a deal to reduce his sentence; Jessica and Louis have conflicting ways of dealing with their new tenants; and Rachel represents a death-row inmate.

  • Mike attempts to remain unscathed without breaking Danbury's unwritten rules; Jessica and Harvey try to land a whale; Louis searches for an office tenant; and Rachel confronts a fellow student.

  • PSL is slammed with a class action lawsuit from former clients; and Mike struggles with a fellow prisoner.

  • The sixth season opens with Mike behind bars. After signing a plea deal to spare his colleagues at Pearson Specter Litt, Mike must face the harsh realities of prison life as he starts his two-year sentence.

  • As Mike's day of reckoning approaches, it threatens to destroy the lives of those closest to him. Faced with the unknown outcome of his knockdown, drag-out court battle, Mike makes his final move.

  • With a grim outlook for the firm, Louis considers Anita Gibbs' offer to betray his compatriots in exchange for immunity. Meanwhile, Rachel gives Mike advice on how best to win hearts and minds in the courtroom.

  • With the trial just around the corner, Mike wants to represent himself while Harvey wants to lead the charge. To settle things, Harvey challenges Mike to a winner takes all showdown.

  • With little time before Mike's case goes to trial, Harvey and Mike fail to agree on strategy and what lengths they'll go to in order to defeat Gibbs.

  • Mike and Louis work to identify an anonymous tipster in order to snuff out a damning piece of evidence. Gibbs sets her sights on Mike, Jessica and Harvey.

  • In the mid-season premiere, Mike's fears become a reality. After being arrested for fraud, a ruthless government prosecutor is after him.

  • Jessica and Louis try to unify the partners to thwart the takeover by Hardman and Soloff. Mike and Harvey deal with demons from the past as they make potentially life-altering decisions.

  • Rachel and her mother, Laura Zane, plan for Rachel's dream wedding, but Rachel fears the event may expose Mike.

  • Jessica hopes to diffuse the situation after Harvey punches Louis as Jack Soloff and Daniel Hardman are looking to uncover dirt. Donna suggests the men solve their problems. Mike tries to discreetly turn down his promotion.

  • Under Jessica's instruction, Mike co-counsels a case with Jack Soloff, despite their history.

  • Still upset that Dr. Agard figured out the root of his panic attacks, Harvey is forced to make a difficult personal decision in a case that strikes a nerve.

  • Harvey faces his archenemy.

  • Harvey steps outside his usual area of expertise for a client who has a special tie to the firm. Although Mike and Zane are working together on their class-action case, Mike learns they have different ideas about what it takes to win.

  • Harvey uses some star power to his advantage. Mike brings in Robert Zane to co-counsel.

  • Harvey looks for a replacement for Donna. Mike tries to justify a case to Jessica.

  • In the fifth season premiere, changes are instituted around the office. Mike and Rachel's big news takes a back seat to Harvey and Mike's case.

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