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Monk is a television series that was created by Andy Breckman, starring Tony Shalhoub. Adrian Monk is the main character in this comedy-drama detective mystery. The series ran from 2002-2009 on USA Network. Monk features police and crime procedures, with both comic and dramatic explorations of the show

Monk is a series that is currently running and has 8 seasons (125 episodes). The series first aired on July 12, 2002.

Monk is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Monk on demand atAmazon Prime, Philo, Amazon, Vudu, FuboTV, Microsoft Movies & TV, Sling, Google Play, iTunes, Peacock online.

8 Seasons, 125 Episodes
July 12, 2002
Drama Comedy
Cast: Tony Shalhoub, Bitty Schram, Traylor Howard, Jason Gray-Stanford, Ted Levine
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Monk Full Episode Guide

  • After listening to Trudy's last message, Monk finally discovers who killed his wife. Racing against time before he dies of poison, he must make a fateful decision.

  • Monk is called to a crime at the location where he first heard the news of his wife's murder and begins the most important investigation of his life.

  • Upon being reinstated, Monk is put in charge of tracking down a serial killer.

  • Monk is hunting for the person who's trying to sabotage the wedding of someone close to him.

  • To get reinstated, Monk must go camping with the son of a committee member... and try to solve a crime.

  • Monk hesitantly takes in a dog whose owner has vanished, a mystery that Monk sets out to solve.

  • Sharona comes to San Francisco to collect a settlement from a country club after her uncle accidentally fell to his death. However, Monk realizes that her uncle was murdered and begins an investigation, only to find himself caught in the middle when Natalie and Sharona argue over him.

  • While Monk investigates the mysterious death of an office building's maintenance man, Natalie tries to plan a surprise party for Monk's birthday

  • Monk is forced to attend Dr. Bell's group therapy sessions, and he begins to suspect that a murderer in the group might be going after the other patients.

  • Monk is called in to unravel a case involving voodoo dolls sent to individuals who soon die... and Natalie is the next target.

  • Monk investigates the murder of an author who wrote a critical biography of a famous deceased martial arts movie star, Sonny Chow. The evidence present at the scene makes it appear that Chow is still alive and murdered the man who maligned him.

  • Monk's phobias prove a liability when he must testify against a killer in court.

  • When a hitman is run over by a bus, the FBI realize that he's an exact twin for Adrian Monk and ask the detective to learn who the killer was going after.

  • While traveling, Monk and Natalie becomes involved with the disappearance of a girl apparently abducted by a UFO.

  • While investigating the case of a murdered maid with an unusual solicitous killer, Monk meets an African widower looking for the killer of his wife.

  • After the attempted murder of a former child star from Monk's favorite show, Monk accept the job as her bodyguard.

  • When the parking garage where Monk's wife was killed is set for demolition, Monk intervenes but soon finds himself investigating the disappearance of a city official key to preserving the site.

  • It's murder meets magic when Monk takes on an elusive magician who has crafted the perfect murder.

  • The bully that picked on Monk as a boy has grown up and needs the detective to follow his wife and determine if she's having an affair. Monk is more than happy to follow the woman and hopes to prove his old nemesis right.

  • Monk has scored tickets to the biggest football game of the year, but he and Captain Stottlemeyer can't go inside until they figure out who tried to blow up a fan in the parking lot. Bob Costas guest stars.

  • While investigating a murder at a museum, Monk befriends a neighbor lady but begins to suspect her when he wonders why anyone would want to be his friend.

  • Natalie inadvertently helps a thief steal a biotech CEO's bike and asks Monk to find the culprit.

  • After his half brother escapes from prison, he asks the help of Monk to find the person who framed him for murder.

  • When a homeless man hires Monk on Christmas, Monk finds himself drawn to a monastery to find a miracle.

  • Monk's hundredth case, involving a serial killer, is covered by a TV news magazine, but while watching it he realizes that a second unknown killer was responsible for one of the murders.

  • Monk is smitten with an attractive Zemenian woman who works at a refugee center. When she's accused of murder, he agrees to help her... despite the fact she confessed to the crime.

  • Monk is put in an uncomfortable position when a friend of Natalie's ex-husband asks him to help solve the apparent suicide of a friend.

  • While investigating a murder, Monk is forced to consider giving up his dream of being reinstated to the police... and takes a job as a boxer's cornerman.

  • Natalie becomes a Lotto Girl for the California lottery, but when she becomes embroiled in a scandal Monk comes to her aid.

  • Monk pits his wits against a grandmaster chess player with murder on his mind.

  • When a noisy neighbor forces Monk to move, he ends up in a new house with an overeager handyman.

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