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At Graceland, your lies become your life. That is the tough reality over-eager FBI rookie Mike Warren (played by Aaron Tveit) quickly learns when he joins an undercover team in Southern California. The beachfront mansion, dubbed Graceland by its previous drug lord owner who happened to be an Elvis fan, houses agents from the DEA, FBI and ICE who work together to uncover major drug operations. Warren, who graduated at the top of his class and was originally vying for a position in Washington D.C., gets a rude awakening when he finds himself surrounded by cut-throat gangsters, beautiful women and wily undercover agents. His efforts to stay professional and focused on the task at hand quickly fall by the wayside as he learns to enjoy his So. Cal. surroundings.

Taking the lead from legendary FBI agent Paul Briggs (played by Daniel Sunjata), Warren plants himself deep within the drug cartels that run Southern California's underground scene. Soon enough, though, his job becomes more than setting up fake deals and calling in his team for drug busts. The tables turn when Briggs puts Warren on a case where he is asked to commit murder for a Russian gang. The plot thickens even further when Warren also finds out that his true assignment is to investigate his field instructor and housemate, Briggs, who has saved Warren's life once already.

As relationships begin, trust is lost and ties are severed, Warren does his best to feed information to his secret case manager as he learns more and more about Brigg's operation. It becomes increasingly hard for Warren to know who to trust with all the smoke and mirrors surrounding Graceland. He struggles to keep his own pseudo relationship with a young, attractive law student named Abby (played by Jenn Proske) a midst many near-death assignments and the ever-changing dynamics at Graceland.

As these agents swing between the good guys and the drug dealers and emerging warlord, Bello (played by Gbenga Akinnagbe), it becomes harder and harder to remember which side they are on. When Brigg's past comes back to haunt him and old villains resurface, the team is forced to make tough decisions and even tougher moves.

3 Seasons, 38 Episodes
June 6, 2013
Cast: Daniel Sunjata, Aaron Tveit, Vanessa Ferlito, Manny Montana
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Graceland Full Episode Guide

  • In the third season finale, the agents deal with the aftermath of the gang war; and Briggs ties down a loose end in order to bring Ari Adamian to justice.

  • The feud between the Sarkissians and a local gang intensifies; Briggs' true intentions are revealed; and Mike searches for the sarin gas.

  • Johnny goes undercover to combat a gang war. Jakes and Charlie attempt to take over Germaine's business.

  • Ari advances in the Armenian mob. Briggs avoids new suspicions from his housemates.

  • Mike contemplates Briggs' motivations in the Sarkissian case. Charlie hatches a new plan to catch Germaine.

  • Charlie and Jake get closer to Germaine. Mike and Gusti become involved in a bad situation that becomes even more complicated by Mike's drug problem.

  • Charlie attempts to pull Amber from Florida. Paige plans a bust to obliterate the Sarkissian organization.

  • Mike makes a plan to find out the contents of Gusti's trunk. Briggs assists Paige when she goes undercover with the Armenian Mafia's shipping company.

  • The death of an agent stuns the housemate. Briggs and Johnny must rescue Lucia, who's been captured.

  • Ari Adamian has no recollection of anything, so Briggs helps him piece together the details.

  • Mike's visions and his addiction begin to affect work.

  • Briggs tries to keep control of Ari Adamian. Meanwhile, Charlie must make a difficult decision regarding her pregnancy.

  • In the third season premiere, Briggs becomes involved in a high-risk undercover operation within the Armenian Mafia.

  • The agents' plans go awry with the impending arrests of Sid and the Solanos.

  • The agents plot to take down the Solano Cartel permanently.

  • Briggs searches for someone with the knowledge of his past crimes while the team attempts to stop an adversary of Mike's.

  • Briggs goes undercover after Mike goes too far. Unfortunately, a dirty cop's commitment to corruption upsets the plan.

  • Johnny encounters the head of one of the most dangerous cartels in Mexico. Mike is in the middle of a sex trafficking ring.

  • Charlie tries to make a connection with a bank robber. Johnny struggles to keep his feelings in check for the daughter of a cartel leader.

  • Mike is determined to take down his enemy, no matter the consequences.

  • Mike and Briggs search for Paige as she works undercover with a sex trafficking ring.

  • An unexpected visitor disrupts the power dynamics and puts Mike in a dangerous position. Tuturro risks his undercover with Carlito to help Lucia, but he makes a bold move to earn it back. Meanwhile Jake's personal life becomes problematic.

  • Briggs and Charlie try to smooth over some of their past transgressions. Tuturro thinks about how far he is willing to go for a case following a night on the town with Carlito.

  • Jake watches out for a bus full of smuggled contraband. Tuturro takes on more than he can handle after he sells an antique gun to the son of the leader of a cartel.

  • Briggs taps into his past to help Mike solve a case involving a cartel.

  • In the second season premiere, Mike escapes the cartel that tried to kill him and returns to Graceland.

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