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Ringer aired from 2011 to 2012 on the CW. The hour-long soap opera marked Sarah Michelle Gellar's eagerly awaited return to television. She played two twin sisters who lived vastly different lifestyles. The show's central drama begins when Bridget, the poor, down-on-her-luck twin, is asked to testify against her murderous boss in court. Bridget senses that her life is in danger, so she seeks out Siobhan, her rich, well-to-do sister. Siobhan fakes her own death, and Bridget takes over her life and identity. Bridget believes that Siobhan really is dead.

After the trappings of her new upper-class lifestyle lose their appeal, Bridget realizes that stepping into Siobhan's shoes does not solve her problems. Siobhan's life has been quietly tumultuous for a long time. Bridget has to maintain a marriage to a man she does not love and nurture friendships with people who are strangers to her. She also has to navigate the romantic affair that Siobhan was having with her best friend's husband. Bridget learns that Siobhan's life had been in danger as well, meaning that she has stepped out of one murder plot and right into another.

Ringer's intriguing premise was not enough to keep it on the air for longer than one season. The CW had hoped that Ringer would help it expand beyond its trademark teen fare, but the show failed to lure mature viewers away from more adult networks. Ringer also never caught on with CW's core viewers, who preferred lighter fare such as Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries. The series did manage to wrap up as many loose threads as possible before its untimely cancellation. Bridget finds out that Siobhan is alive and had been a participant in the murder plot against her.

The show pokes fun at its own use of soap opera tropes. While Bridget is posing as Siobhan, she flounces about in Siobhan's extensive collection of Joan Collins-esque caftans. The green screen effects for outdoor scenes are deliberately obvious. The very notion of twins who are both at the centers of their very own murder plots is deliciously campy. Ringer's detractors pointed to these supposed flaws as evidence of the show's poor quality. These attributes actually hinted toward self-awareness on behalf of the show runners. Ringer never got the chance to fully explore its soapy conventions, but as it stands, the show is still a fast-paced, engrossing send-up of the genre.

Ringer is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (22 episodes). The series first aired on September 13, 2011.

Where do I stream Ringer online? Ringer is available for streaming on The CW, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Ringer on demand at Vudu, iTunes online.

The CW
1 Season, 22 Episodes
September 13, 2011
Crime Drama
Cast: Sarah Michelle Gellar
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Ringer Full Episode Guide

  • With Bridget's upcoming vow renewal, she realizes she needs to reveal the truth to Andrew. Meanwhile, Henry struggles whether he should tell Bridget the truth about Siobhan.

  • Catherine's plot to separate Andrew and Bridget doesn't go as planned; Machado discovers who wanted Siobhan dead; and Siobhan's plan to help Henry hits a snag.

  • Agent Machado tries to explain the shooting attempt to Siobhan and Andrew.

  • Someone attempts to kill Bridget. As Machado investigates, Henry accuses Siobhan of putting out a hit on her sister while Bridget is suspicious of Olivia. In other events, Andrew admits he asked Malcolm to leave, and Juliet vanishes.

  • Henry has a few tough questions to ask Siobhan face-to-face.

  • Machado's past with stripper Shaylene Briggs is revealed; Siobhan pretends to be Bridget; Henry realizes Bridget is a liability because of her knowledge; and Tyler takes something from Siobhan that's a key piece of evidence in her revenge plot.

  • Bridget realizes she's in trouble when Andrew proposes again; Olivia is suspicious of Malcolm; and Juliet makes a decision that bothers her mother.

  • Bridget meets someone who played an important role in her and Siobhan's past; Malcolm discovers Henry has something of Bridget's; Catherine asks Andrew to make a decision about Juliet that could have major consequences.

  • Bridget discovers Siobhan had a secret office; Olivia blackmails Henry into introducing her to Gemma's wealthy father; Tyler faces a moral decision that could impact Siobhan and Andrew.

  • Juliet's mother visits and stirs things up for Andrew and Bridget; Bridget finds someone she believes is vital to learning more about her sister; Henry finds a lead that causes Machado to think he's closing in on Bridget.

  • When Bridget offers to host a fund-raiser for Juliet's school, she discovers Greer knows one of Siobhan's secrets; Siobhan is shocked at how well Bridget has adapted to her new life; Malcolm goes to work for Andrew; Henry mourns his wife.

  • Henry focuses on a suspect in Gemma's disappearance; Malcolm goes to the police regarding his suspicion about Charlie; Juliet becomes obsessed with Mr. Carpenter; Machado meets with an informant (Amber Benson) in Wyoming.

  • Bridget realizes she's starting to develop feelings for Andrew; Henry and Andrew's business partner bond; Malcolm has doubts about Bridget's new NA sponsor; Bridget decides to meet Siobhan's therapist to really understand the reality of her life.

  • Andrew and Bridget discover shocking information that affects Henry. Malcolm arrives in New York, where he is confronted by Agent Machado. Siobhan's relationship with Tyler is threatened.

  • Siobhan-Bridget tells Andrew and Henry that she has a twin. Henry is a suspect in Gemma's disappearance.

  • Bridget becomes concerned when she is unable to get in touch with Gemma. Juliet starts a new public school, where she must defend herself against the school bully. Luckily, her teacher, Mr. Carpenter, comes to her rescue. Bridget asks Charlie for a favor that could actually backfire on her, while Agent Machado starts to investigate Malcolm's disappearance.

  • Gemma asks Bridget, who is still assuming Siobhan's identity, for a risky favor.

  • Bridget, still assuming Siobhan's identity, heads to the Hamptons with Andrew, Gemma, and Henry to celebrate Siobhan's birthday. Henry is adamant about rekindling his affair with Siobhan.

  • Bridget discovers a clue to identify Siobhan's killer and uncovers interesting information about Andrew.

  • Without blowing her Siobhan identity, Bridget attempts to cover up a crime she committed. Bridget reveals her secrets to Malcolm.

  • In the series premiere of Ringer, Bridget Kelly is turning her life around when she is asked to testify against the mob. Terrified, she assumes the identity of her deceased twin sister, Siobhan, only to discover that her "new" life was just as complicated as her own.

Ringer News

'Ringer' Season 1, Episode 22 Recap - 'I'm the Good Twin'

"Ringer" went out with a bang (pun intended) as the season closed out tonight. The bigger question is did the series just end as well?

'Ringer' Season 1, Episode 21 Recap - 'It's Called Improvising Bitch!'

Things are beginning to tie together on this week's episode of "Ringer". Who knew when we first started the show that Catherine, Andrew's bitter ex-wife, would play such a prominent role in everything? Or that Olivia was involved? Or that she was a lesbian? It was just truth-bomb after truth-bomb this week.

'Ringer' Season 1, Episode 20 Recap - 'If You're Just an Evil Bitch Then Get Over It'

Things are getting intensely crazy on this week's episode of "Ringer". This is mostly thanks to Catherine, who reveals herself to be progressively more unhinged as the episode goes on.

'Ringer' Season 1, Episode 19 Recap - 'Let's Kill Bridget'

Everyone has murder on the mind in this week's episode of "Ringer". Siobhan fantasizes about killing Bridget in a scene that was produced entirely to be put into misleading promos. Bridget, as per usual, is nearly killed a million times. Agent Pretty Eyes delivers a beat down, loses his badge and nearly dies, which is really a Malcolm kind of day minus being tied to something.

'Ringer' Season 1, Episode 18 Recap - 'That Woman's Never Been a Victim Her Entire Life'

This week's "Ringer" was wildly uneven, managing to pack in a lot of edge-of-your-seat moments and revelations with an equal amount of boring conversations in hospital rooms. Even though we found out huge information bombs like Henry's unwitting murder of Tyler and that it's Bridget, not Siobhan the shooter was gunning for (pun fully intended) the hour still dragged.

'Ringer' Season 1, Episode 17 Recap - 'What We Have Is Worth The Pain'

A lot of secrets were revealed and a lot of truth bombs were dropped in this week's episode of "Ringer". We finally have the background on why Siobhan went to all this trouble to disappear. Like any good "Bond" movie villain, Siobhan finally described her dastardly plan to her main minion squeeze Henry. The mystery of what happened to Tyler, where the flash drive went and what happened to Malcolm still loom large however.

'Ringer' Season 1, Episode 16 Recap - 'You're Way Too Pretty to Go to Jail'

The stakes have never felt higher than they have on this week's episode of "Ringer". Sure, the show started with Bridget realizing that twin sister Siobhan's life wasn't as charmed as she had once thought after a murder attempt. Since the comedy of errors with the body of the would-be assassin in the trunk, however, the show has stuck mostly to its mistaken identity trappings.

'Ringer' Season 1, Episode 15 Recap - 'P.S. You're an Idiot'

Whenever twins turn up in "Ringer" you can be assured they will be double the trouble. So it is for Siobhan when she learns that the father of her babies isn't turtleneck-enthusiast Henry like she hoped, but most likely Andrew. Isn't it such a bummer when your husband turns out to be the father of your children?

'Ringer' Season 1, Episode 14 Recap 'Whores Don't Make That Much'

Another "Ringer" episode, another shocking final moment. If there's one thing that "Ringer" has gotten good at over its half season on our small screens, it's pulling out the "OMG" twist ending.

'Ringer' Season 1, Episode 13 Recap - 'It's Easy to Cry When There's This Much Cash Involved'

Can I just say wow? For once 'Ringer' both impressed and surprised me. I did not see the reveal with Juliet and Mr. Carpenter coming. This was easily one of the best episodes of the entire season, due in large part to how quickly the narrative began moving forward.

'Ringer' Season 1, Episode 12 Recap - 'What Are You Doing Here, Ho-Bag?'

I don't know about you, but I personally think the episode title of this week's 'Ringer' is among the best episode titles to ever exist in the history of television. It's a finely crafted program indeed that can work the word 'ho-bag' into an episode title.

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