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Unfabulous is a television show that airs on Nickelodeon which showcases the life of Addie Singer, who strives to live life to the fullest and get her biggest crush at school to like her. Addie Singer is in middle school and lives the life of an ordinary teenager with a few twists to her life. She has an older brother who is the typical high school jock, two best friends, and plenty of school bullies who still try to bully her and make fun of her while in school. Unfabulous is a show that displays the ordinary and typical life of a teenager while she still tries to live life reaching for her goals.

The typical parts of the show usually will showcase Addie singer being sad about her life and will use her guitar and singing voice to express how she is feeling. This will usually go on for many weeks constantly and make her feel extremely bad about her life. It is quite funny how she expresses her feelings in so many different ways. If you want to enjoy a funny show that always makes different things take place, then Unfabulous is a show worth watching. What is so interesting is the fact that Addie Singer is only 13 years old, and you will get to watch her as she gets older in the show.

Unfabulous is definitely not the world's best television show to ever become available on Nick, so the show is quite unique and definitely is different than what most people think. If you are very much into watching teenagers rant about their life issues through song, then Unfabulous is definitely worth looking into. The show is quite different and unique compared to other kinds professional television shows. If you are interested in watching a nice and enjoying show, then Unfabulous is definitely worth visiting. If you are waiting for an interesting show that has some great stories, funny jokes, and plenty of great acting, then this show is definitely worth looking into. Unfabulous is truly worth watching with your kids on Nickelodeon.

Unfabulous is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (45 episodes). The series first aired on September 12, 2004.

Where do I stream Unfabulous online? Unfabulous is available for streaming on Nickelodeon, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Unfabulous on demand at Amazon, Microsoft Movies & TV, iTunes online.

4 Seasons, 45 Episodes
September 12, 2004
Comedy, Drama
Cast: Emma Roberts, Malese Jow, Jordan Calloway, Tadhg Kelly, Molly Hagan
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Unfabulous Full Episode Guide

  • Addie's dream of becoming a school reporter is ruined by Ben who shows up to sell smoothies, so Addie decides to do whatever it takes to get him off campus and out of her life once and for all.

  • It's career week, and Addie feels discouraged that she will never be able to hold a job after she was fired from her work assignment.

  • Having caused Maris' injury while on a balance beam, Addie is forced to help her win a beauty contest.

  • A letter, written by Addie when she was only seven years old, throws her birthday plans for a loop.

  • Did Jake really say "I love you?" What should Addie do? Say she loves him back or pretend she didn't hear anything? Addie thought she herd Jake say I love you to her at the carnival, so she begins to do really weird things.

  • Addie thinks she finally has the key to becoming fabulous: planning the best 8th grade trip ever! And what could be better than a three day cruise?

  • Addie thinks she finally has the key to becoming fabulous: planning the best 8th grade trip ever! And what could be better than a three day cruise? The trip is sure to be a success... until Addie learns about Zach's secret crush on Geena. Fearing this potential romance will ruin their perfect friendship trio; Addie sets out to end the budding relationship before it starts. Unfortunately, Addie's plotting and scheming threatens to ruin their best trip ever.

  • Addie pretends to be sick in order to get out of taking a trip with her parents.

  • Jake and Addie spend their six-month anniversary at the town carnival, where Addie thinks she hears Jake say, "I love you" on the merry-go-round Addie freaks.

  • Addie's confused when she is accused of being someplace she wasn't by several people.

  • Addie's eighth grade life is a well oiled machine... until Jolene gets kicked out of St. Agnes, and transfers to Rocky Road.

  • Yum Buger held a contest to win a chance to sing with Rob Hottie. Addie entered the contest and left Jake to put the label on, but when she herd her song on tv she wondered how there wasn't a label on it and guessed that Jake probably was jelouse and didn't want her to win

  • Addie does a little mastake and wreks everything for the school dance. She had to find a way to raise enough money for the dance, so their school can have one. She decided to do a bachlor acution, but her principal said Mary Farry had to organise it. Thinking she would win Jake with $40 didn't happen. Marry Farry got Jake with $100 and crushed Addie's chance to have a first dance with Jake.

  • Addie is excited to start the eighth grade with her new look and boyfriend, Jake, but a mishap during a book report threatens to undermine her newfound confidence.

  • Addie wants Jake to help her win the school talent show, but Jake agrees to take part in an old friend's magic act, upsetting Addie enough that she decides to crash the show.