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  • TV-14
  • 1999
  • 3 Seasons
  • 7.5  (30,492)

Roswell was a highly popular science fiction television series that aired on The WB network from 1999 to 2002. Created by Jason Katims, the show was based on the popular book series "Roswell High" written by Melinda Metz. The series follows the lives of a group of teenagers, who happen to be aliens living in Roswell, New Mexico, as they try to keep their true identities hidden from the rest of the world. The show stars Shiri Appleby as Liz, Jason Behr as Max, Katherine Heigl as Isabel, Brendan Fehr as Michael, Majandra Delfino as Maria, Colin Hanks as Alex, William Sadler as Jim Valenti, Nick Wechsler as Kyle, Emilie de Ravin as Tess, and Adam Rodríguez as Jesse.

The plot of Roswell centers around Max, Isabel, and Michael, three teenagers who are survivors of an alien crash landing in 1947 at Roswell. They have spent their entire lives trying to keep their true identities hidden from others, as they possess special abilities such as telekinesis, mind control, and the power of healing. Max and Isabel are siblings, and along with Michael, they are constantly on the lookout for danger, as they are the last surviving members of their species.

This all changes when Max saves Liz from being shot, revealing his powers to her in a desperate attempt to save her life. Liz works at a diner, and Max is a regular customer there. After Max saves Liz, they form a bond that leads to a secret romance. However, their relationship is not only complicated because Max is an alien, but also because Liz has a boyfriend, Kyle.

As the series progresses, Max, Isabel, and Michael become more involved with their human friends, Liz, Maria, Alex, and Kyle. They all come together to try to solve the mystery of the 1947 crash wreckage, as well as uncover the true nature of the government's cover-up. They encounter various challenges and foes, including FBI agents, alien hunters, and even other alien races.

One of the appeals of Roswell was the strong character development and relationships between the main characters. Each of them has their own unique personality and quirks. Liz is a kind-hearted and intelligent girl, whose curiosity and willingness to help others often puts her in dangerous situations. Max is a loyal and protective leader, who struggles with his responsibilities as the last survivor of his species. Michael is the rebellious and angry member of the group, who often acts before thinking. Isabel is the glamorous and seemingly carefree one, but is actually quite insecure about her identity. Maria is the spunky and outspoken best friend of Liz, who often provides comic relief. Alex is the nerdy and loyal friend of the group, who has a crush on Isabel. And Kyle is the popular jock, who starts off as an antagonist, but eventually becomes a valuable ally.

Roswell also explores various themes, such as love, loss, acceptance, and identity. The show tackles issues such as interracial relationships, discrimination, and the pressures of growing up in a small town. The series maintains a perfect balance of supernatural elements and emotional realism, which was a refreshing change from the typical high school dramas of the time.

Roswell had a devoted fanbase, who affectionately referred to themselves as "Roswellians". The show was known for its strong writing, talented cast, and unforgettable soundtrack. Some of the iconic songs from the show include "Here With Me" by Dido, "Crash Into Me" by Dave Matthews Band, and "I Shall Believe" by Sheryl Crow. The show received critical acclaim and was nominated for several awards, including Teen Choice Awards and Saturn Awards.

In conclusion, Roswell was a beloved and groundbreaking television series that left a lasting impact on its viewers. Its unique blend of science fiction, drama, romance, and humor allowed for audiences to become emotionally invested in the lives of these alien teenagers. The show's legacy has continued through its dedicated fandom, and the recent reboot of the series. Roswell will always be remembered as a cultural icon that pushed boundaries and broke barriers.

Roswell is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (67 episodes). The series first aired on October 6, 1999.

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19. Graduation
May 14, 2002
Dark premonitions overshadow Max's marriage proposal to Liz; the aliens and their friends make life-altering decisions and embark on new paths.
Four Aliens and A Baby
18. Four Aliens and A Baby
May 14, 2002
As Graduation approaches the kids realize that the time to leave Roswell has finally come.
17. Crash
May 7, 2002
Tess' arrival in Roswell creates chaos for everyone, with Liz wanting to hand her over to the FBI and Max demanding answers. Meanwhile, the parents discover the truth about their children.
Who Died and Made You King?
16. Who Died and Made You King?
April 30, 2002
Another UFO crashes in Roswell.
Chant Down Babylon
15. Chant Down Babylon
April 23, 2002
Since Max died, Michael thinks that be is inheriting the crown.
14. Panacea
February 26, 2002
Jesse finds out the kid's secret.
13. Ch-Ch-Changes
February 12, 2002
Maria has a disapointing experience at her first recording session, while Liz settles in at boarding school 2,000 miles away.
I Married An Alien
12. I Married An Alien
February 5, 2002
Liz thinks that she is experiencing some side-effects from Max healing her. Maria gets a chance to pursue her dream of singing.
A Tale of Two Parties
11. A Tale of Two Parties
January 29, 2002
Isabelle thinks about how her life resembles a 60's tv sitcom from time to time.
Samuel Rising
10. Samuel Rising
January 1, 2002
On New Year's eve everyone ends up with everyone else's significant other: Liz with Michael at the diner, Isabele and Kyle at a Fraternity Party, and Max and Maria in search of the Enigma.
Behind the Music
9. Behind the Music
December 18, 2001
Max believes that his son is trying to contract him through an autisitc child that runs up to him at the mall.
8. Interruptus
November 27, 2001
A visit from an old friend makes Maria realize how much she is giving up to befriend the aliens.
To Have and To Hold
7. To Have and To Hold
November 20, 2001
A couple of surprise guests (Max and Michael) interrupt Isabelle's honeymoon.
Control (2)
6. Control (2)
November 13, 2001
A visitor from their hometown arrives to attend Isabelle's wedding.
Secrets and Lies (1)
5. Secrets and Lies (1)
November 6, 2001
The Shape-shifter takes Max to the spacecraft, where Max discovers a key that he can use to contact his son.
Secrets & Lies
4. Secrets & Lies
October 30, 2001
Max head to Los Angeles in search of a second shape-shifter.
Significant Others
3. Significant Others
October 23, 2001
Isabel and Jesse take their relationship to the next level when they contemplate marriage.
Michael, The Guys and The Great Snapple Caper
2. Michael, The Guys and The Great Snapple Caper
October 16, 2001
Liz and Max secretly meet up with each other despite her father's wishes; Meanwhile, Michael gets a job in security at a local pharmaceutical company.
1. Busted
October 9, 2001
Max and Liz hold up a convenience store, which is directly above a secret underground facility which is housing the alien's ship.
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Roswell is available for streaming on the The WB website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Roswell on demand at Hulu, Google Play and Apple TV.
  • Premiere Date
    October 6, 1999
  • IMDB Rating
    7.5  (30,492)