Watch TV Shows on The WB

The WB channel is the predecessor to the CW Network. The culmination of the United Paramount Network(UPN), and Warner Brothers(WB), both of which had geared many of their programs to a younger audience. Keeping with the trend, the CW’s lineup is a hit in the 12-34 age group. The channel is currently running original programing six days a week. Monday through Friday in the afternoon and primetime as well Saturday morning.

The network’s primetime schedule includes The Vampire Diaries, Arrow, Jane the Virgin, The Flash, Beauty and the Beast, and The Originals just to name a few. This time slot is where they make up the bulk of their ratings and is most popular among the young adult audience. Learning and educational programs are slotted for Saturday mornings and they are tailored to the 7-12 age groups. Showing episodes of Calling Dr. Poll, America the Wild, and Rock the Park to both inform and educate older children. The remainder of the time slots are left for reruns of popular sitcom shows like Friends, Mike and Molly, How I Met Your Mother, and Two and a Half Men.

Many programs like Reign, The 100, and Star Crossed are focused on the lives of teenagers struggling with extraordinary circumstances. This combination of drama and science fiction has bolstered the networks teen following. Be on the lookout for their upcoming series iZombie about a crime solving zombie and a show called Messengers about a group of people chosen to save humanity from evil.