Joni & Susanna

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  • 1969
  • 1 Season

This series follows the lives and relationship of Joni and Susanna, two young women who aren't sure if they are best friends, worst enemies or a strange combination of both. In Joni and Susanna, comedy abounds as the two women try to navigate life as frenemies.

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6. Mall
Susanna takes Joni out shopping to get her mind off of Bridget.
5. Brunch
Bridget runs into her ex-girlfriend during brunch with Joni and Susanna.
4. Stable
Susanna and Bridget accompany Joni on a visit to her mother.
3. Gym
Jamie invites Joni and Susanna out to try her new gym.
2. Comedy
Susanna invites Dave out when she and Joni attend Bridget's stand-up comedy show.
1. Party
Joni and Susanna try to help each other with their crushes at a friend's birthday party.