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  • PG-13
  • 2001
  • 1 Season
  • 5.2  (219)

Heavy Gear was a popular animated science fiction television series that was broadcasted on The WB from 2001 to 2003. This series was created by Dream Pod 9 and was produced by Sony Pictures TV. The show was set in the distant future and had a post-apocalyptic theme to it. The storyline was based on a tabletop RPG game called Heavy Gear and was highly popular among the gaming community.

The show followed the story of a group of pilots who controlled large robots called "gears". These gears were used for various purposes including transportation, exploration, and warfare. The pilots, also known as "gearheads" were highly skilled individuals who operated the gears using a complex control system. The show revolved around their adventures in a post-apocalyptic world and the various challenges they faced.

The world of Heavy Gear was set in the year 6130 AD, where humanity had established colonies on various planets. However, a massive war had taken place that had ended with the destruction of Earth. The surviving humans had fled to other planets and started rebuilding their lives. In this new world, gears had become an essential part of life. They were used for everything from basic transportation to heavy industry. However, the gears were also the primary weapons in the ongoing conflicts between various factions.

In the series, the main characters were a group of gearheads who were part of the Southern Milicia. The Milicia was a rebel group that was fighting against the oppressive Earth-based government known as the Terranovan Commonwealth. The Milicia was fighting for the freedom and independence of their home planet called Terra Nova.

The story of Heavy Gear focused mainly on the frustrations and difficulties faced by the Milicia in their fight against their oppressors. The show was highly engaging, and each episode had a unique storyline that kept the audience engrossed. Some of the episodes featured the Milicia trying to obtain information from enemy bases, while others focused on their battles on the front line.

The show had a wide variety of characters, ranging from human pilots to alien characters. The main protagonist of the series was a gearhead called Marcus Rover. He was a highly skilled pilot who was known for his tactical abilities. Marcus was a charismatic leader who inspired his companions to fight for their freedom. Other members of the Milicia included pilots like Justin Allard, Maggie Weston, and Rik van Nutter.

The animation of Heavy Gear was impressive and had a unique style that set it apart from other shows of the time. The gears were intricately designed and had a futuristic look to them. The environments depicted in the show were also beautifully done and added to the overall atmosphere of the series.

Overall, Heavy Gear was an excellent science fiction show that had a loyal fan base. The series was well written and had engaging storylines that kept the audience hooked. The animation was impressive, and the action sequences were exciting to watch. The characters were well developed, and the unique setting of the show added to its appeal. Fans of science fiction shows would enjoy watching Heavy Gear and experiencing the adventures of the Milicia.

Heavy Gear is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (40 episodes). The series first aired on September 22, 2001.

Heavy Gear
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Gears of Fire
40. Gears of Fire
April 27, 2002
At the annual Heavy Gear Trideo Awards, Yoji and Groonz plant a bomb in one of the award statuettes.
The Third Degree
39. The Third Degree
April 27, 2002
During a tournament, the Dragons are abducted by the Alien Gear (from Show #123, "Close Encounters of the Gear Kind"), imprisoned in an underground bunker, and interrogated on their strengths and weaknesses.
Of Monsters and Mayhem
38. Of Monsters and Mayhem
April 27, 2002
As part of a new "Creature Feature" museum in the Dragon's base, Zerve brings in some "inert" Raptor Gears for a display.
Marcus Rover Highlights
37. Marcus Rover Highlights
March 30, 2002
During Bob Stonefire's trideo show on Heavy Gear Champion Marcus Rover's amazing career, the Vanguard gets into an on-camera fight with the Dragons.
36. Gear-Lympiad
April 27, 2002
During the 16th Gear-Lympic games, an alien race comes to compete and transforms the athletic events into a battle for complete sovereignty over the entire planet of Terra Nova.
The Most Dangerous Gear
35. The Most Dangerous Gear
March 23, 2002
Zerve tries to make a movie about the Dragons during a "Hunter/Prey" tournament against the Vanguard, Draven and the Mega Gear (controlled by Colonel Rika).
When Gears Collide
34. When Gears Collide
April 27, 2002
The Dragons battle the Vanguard on "ArmaGeardon", an artificial asteroid orbiting Terra Nova.
The Vanguard Storm
33. The Vanguard Storm
April 27, 2002
A huge sandstorm interrupts a training tournament and uncovers a secret, long-lost weather station in the Badlands.
Tournament Xtreme
32. Tournament Xtreme
March 16, 2002
Marcus loves the Xtreme Tournament, which involves hoverboards, ramps and jumps.
Heavy Gear Smashdown
31. Heavy Gear Smashdown
April 27, 2002
Major Wallis leads a new team of four genetically enhanced super soldier GRELs (including Vigon) against the Dragons in an obstacle course-styled tournament.
Gearrasic Park
30. Gearrasic Park
April 27, 2002
The Vanguard and the Dragons battle it out on a Von Maddox-built island in the middle of Lake Belus filled with many creature Gears.
The Space Race
29. The Space Race
March 9, 2002
When a power satellite is damaged and knocks out all power on Terra Nova, Maddox announces a new tournament in which the first squad to repair the satellite wins.
The Rise & Fall of the Heavy Gear Empire
28. The Rise & Fall of the Heavy Gear Empire
March 2, 2002
The Dragons and the Vanguard engage in a tournament based on the gladiatorial contests of the ancient Roman Empire.
The Big Round-Up
27. The Big Round-Up
April 27, 2002
In middle of a Heavy Gear rodeo-styled tournament between the Dragons and the Vanguard, Dirx's dad is kidnapped by Rank.
The Spider's Web
26. The Spider's Web
February 23, 2002
When Marcus humiliates Major Wallis at a demonstration, Wallis surprises everyone by retiring
The Zero Racer
25. The Zero Racer
February 16, 2002
Marcus wins a Gear Prix race held on the Mag-Lev train line despite the appearance of a mysterious new super Gear...the Zero Racer!
Under Water, Under Siege
24. Under Water, Under Siege
February 9, 2002
As a result of Rank's challenging Zerve to a contest, the Dragons and the Vanguard compete to retrieve a single tooth from the legendary Lake Belus Monster.
Close Encounters of the Gear Kind
23. Close Encounters of the Gear Kind
February 2, 2002
Preparing for the Badlands Relay Race Tournament in the Badlands, the Dragons encounter a large Alien Gear that crash lands and then allies itself with the Vanguard.
All-Star Gears
22. All-Star Gears
January 26, 2002
Marcus loses his Heavy Gear Champion title when he's disqualified due to the Vanguard's claim that Marcus cheated in the tournaments.
Rolling Brawl
21. Rolling Brawl
January 19, 2002
During a tournament, Yoji uses a stolen remote control device to control GREL Soldier Sebastian's Gear, forcing the powerful super-soldier to fight against his own squadmates.
Gear Scout Jamboree
20. Gear Scout Jamboree
April 27, 2002
When Marcus discovers two Gear Scouts tagging along with the Dragons during an endurance race, our Champion must fight against the Vanguard while protecting the children.
Under Orem
19. Under Orem
April 27, 2002
The Dragons and the Vanguard fight for a large deposit of tiranium buried under Orem and are almost all destroyed by a bomb designed by Groonz.
The Ultra Duel
18. The Ultra Duel
April 27, 2002
After the Dragons are caught during a covert mission to investigate an underground weapons lab in the Vanguard's home city, Marcus and his squadmates are imprisoned.
The Scavenger Hunt
17. The Scavenger Hunt
April 27, 2002
The Dragons and the Vanguard battle across the Badlands in a fight to win a mystery grand prize in a unique scavenger hunt tournament that features a booby-trapped Mag-Lev train.
The Monster and the Maze
16. The Monster and the Maze
April 27, 2002
As part of a Challenge Tournament, Marcus and the Shadow Dragons fight a giant, bio-mechanical monster that escapes from an underground maze, then threatens to destroy an entire city.
15. Transformation
January 12, 2002
The Dragons and the Vanguard battle across the Badlands in a fight to win a mystery grand prize in a unique scavenger hunt tournament that features a booby-trapped Mag-Lev train.
Happy New Gear
14. Happy New Gear
January 5, 2002
After Major Wallis enhances his Gear with new Gear technology found in the ancient Novan Temple ruins, Marcus and the Dragons defeat the Vanguard in an impromptu tournament
Mercenary Gambit
13. Mercenary Gambit
December 22, 2001
The Shadow Dragons fight a group of ruthless mercenaries for possession of Dirx's desert hometown.
Marcus Rover, Northern Ace
12. Marcus Rover, Northern Ace
December 15, 2001
Colonel Rika kidnaps Greco and forces Marcus to fight for the Vanguard.
11. Disqualified
December 8, 2001
Colonel Rika kidnaps Greco and forces Marcus to fight for the Vanguard.
Mega Duel
10. Mega Duel
November 24, 2001
The Dragons and the Vanguard battle it out in the Super Bowl of all tournaments for the sought-after Heavy Gear title, battling against the gigantic Mega Gear.
The Tunnels
9. The Tunnels
November 17, 2001
The Vanguard and the Shadow Dragons face off in the challenging underground MacAllen Tunnel Tournament.
8. Sacrifice
November 10, 2001
Colonel Rika assigns a GREL super soldier to the Vanguard for the latest tournament against the Shadow Dragons
The Train
7. The Train
November 3, 2001
The Vanguard and the Shadow Dragons face off in the challenging underground MacAllen Tunnel Tournament.
Gear Wars
6. Gear Wars
October 27, 2001
The Dragons and the Vanguard face off in the Brawl Ball tournament in the Badlands.
The Desert Duel
5. The Desert Duel
October 20, 2001
The Shadow Dragons must complete the grueling 24-hour Baja Tournament event without spare parts.
Grudge Match
4. Grudge Match
October 13, 2001
A locker room brawl between the Shadow Dragons and the Vanguard of Justice turns into a major dueling tournament.
Training a Dragon
3. Training a Dragon
October 6, 2001
Marcus must complete his arduous training in order to become Shadow Dragons.
The Face-Off
2. The Face-Off
September 29, 2001
After Colonel Rika, commanding officer of the Northern Guard, orders the elimination of "the rogue Badlander" who helped cause the Vanguard of Justice to lose the recent Heavy Gear Championship tournament
The Tournament
1. The Tournament
September 22, 2001
An organized professional duel between the Northern Vanguard of Justice and the Southern Shadow Dragons held in the Badlands turns into a giant brawl.
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Heavy Gear is available for streaming on the The WB website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Heavy Gear on demand at and Crackle.
  • Premiere Date
    September 22, 2001
  • IMDB Rating
    5.2  (219)