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Static Shock is an American, two-dimensional, action-adventure, animated series that aired on Saturday mornings and weekday afternoons in the early 2000s. The show is based on the superhero Static from Milestone Comics, a division of DC Comics. All 14-year-old Virgil Hawkins wants to do is survive his days in high school, hook up with his crush, Frieda, and avoid a bully named F-Stop. However, things change when a gang member named Wade saves Virgil from F-Stop. When Wade brings Virgil along to a secluded area where his gang is about to fight F-Stop's crew, a stray shot is fired and strikes a gas canister. The released gas causes mutations to those in the vicinity. One of those affected is Virgil, who gains the ability to create, control, and manipulate electricity and magnetism.

After seeing how destructive gang violence can be, especially after his mother is killed in the crossfire between two rival crews, Virgil decides to use his powers for good as the superhero Static. He's joined by his best friend Richie Foley, who obtains superhuman intelligence through contact with Virgil and becomes the hero Gear. Together, the pair battle various villains around the city. This includes Bang Babies - a number of gang members that gained special abilities after being exposed to the gas.

Created by comic book writer Dwayne McDuffie, Static Shock premiered on the Kids' WB! block of animated programs in September 2000 and ran for four seasons, ending in May of 2004. Actor and voiceover artist Phil LaMarr provided the voice for Virgil/Static. Other voice actors included Jason Marsden as Richie, Kevin Michael Richardson as Virgil's father Robert, Dan Lauria and Jean Smart as Richie's parents, and Danica McKellar as Frieda.

Static Shock is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (53 episodes). The series first aired on September 23, 2000.

Where do I stream Static Shock online? Static Shock is available for streaming on The WB, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Static Shock on demand at HBO Max, Amazon, DC Universe, Google Play, Apple TV online.

The WB
4 Seasons, 53 Episodes
September 23, 2000
Animation & Cartoon Action & Adventure
Cast: Phil LaMarr, Jason Marsden, Danica McKellar, Kevin Michael Richardson, Michele Morgan
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Static Shock Full Episode Guide

  • Dr. Todd has been spraying a bang baby cure all over town. Now every bang baby in Dakota, including Static and Gear, are being turned back to normal. It looks like everything will return to how it was before the Big Bang. Ebon isn't happy about it, so he and Hotstreak are planing to steal the last of the bang baby gas to restore their powers. Static and Gear have to stop him before they create a second Big Bang.

  • When an ex-employee of Alva Industries wants her project, that's locked away there, back, she finds out Static's secret identity. She then kidnaps his dad, and forcing him to steal the equipment back.

  • Static and Gear stop Hotstreak and Aqua-Marie in their latest crime. Hotstreak abandons her, so a scientist, Dr. Todd, offers her a chance to be normal again. When Hotstreak ruins her chances to be normal, Aqua-Marie becomes angry and could flood all of Dakota. Static and Gear have to help her return to normal or the city is history.

  • Dule Jones a college football star who was drafted into the NFL. Chainlink, a bang baby, black mails him. Looks like Static and Gear will have to help out Dule.

  • Rubberband Man has dyslexia and it is effecting his super hero career. He failed to stop Tarmack, as he got away with a very dangerous fusion engine of Alva. Static finds out he tries to give are friend so encouragement. Will that be enough when Rubberband Man has to stop the fusion engine before it explodes?

  • Static and Gear have to stop a villain called Speedwarp he has super speed.Mean while Virgil ask daisy out to on a date to B2K concert. Speedwrap may have other plans in mind. Can Static and Gear stop him?

  • Static works with "The Hoop Squad", a team of superheroes composed of NBA players, to stop a mad scientist, who has captured Gear.

  • When Static stops Hotstreak from stealing a car, a mysterious group kidnaps them. Can Static and Hotstreak work together to escape?

  • The Green Lantern becomes public enemy #1 after he robs a bank. Virgil doesn't believe he went bad, so he tries to talk some sense into Green Lantern. But when he attacks Virgil, he gives up hope. But is there more to it than meets the eye?

  • Anansi comes to Dakota, and is looking for a magic spider that is the source of his powers, but his enemy Osebo is also after the magical spider. Static and Gear have to help Anansi get the spider or he may lose his powers.

  • Shebang returns, and the Madelyn teams up with Ebon,Hotstreak,and Talon to take Static out once and for all.

  • After stopping a criminal Timecode, with the help of Batman and Robin, they take his time-machine back to the Bat Cave. But when it malfunctions, Static is pulled into it, and taken to the future, in the Batman Beyond time period. There is when he must relunctantly work with Terry McGinnis (a.k.a. Batman II) to save Static's future-self from the Kobra Organization.

  • When Static and Gear meet a Bang Baby with time-travelling powers, Virgil tries to go back in time and prevent his mother's death, while trying to stop Ebon from creating a second Big Bang.

  • Shebang discovers her parents are missing, and seeks help from Static and Gear. When they arrive at the place in which they are being held, she discovers that her parents are working for a criminal, who can dissolve matter into energy, and weighs over 400 pounds. Electricity also has of no affect on him. Can they find a weakness, and save Shenice's parents?

  • Specs and Trapper have returned.This time they have new devices and are ready for Static.When they capture Static Alva gets angry.Static breaks out and damages a the lab.The same lab that Alva's son was being treated.When Avla kicks them out of their school Specs and Trapper kidnap his son.Will Static save Avla Jr?

  • While showing off while fighting Puff and Onyx, Daisy gets seriously injured by Static's carelessness. So Static angrily storms through a local bar where Puff and Onyx usually hang out. Rubberband Man stops him, and convinces him to go after them calmly, to avoid mistakes.

  • Bernie Rast a dirty t.v producer makes show called Heroes and it stars Static!Static isn't happy about this.He goes to Rasp to tell him he isn't interested.Rasp cons Static into doing it.Gear does think it's good idea.A new villain named Starbrust appears our heroes are going to have there hands full.To make matters worst Starbrust has the same powers as Static!Static lets his new t.v. show go to his head and tries to show off but ends up getting beat.Starbrust seems to have stronger powers than Static.Gear tells him to stop showing off for Rast.Static says he is jealous and that he doesn't need Gear,so Gear leaves.How can Static stop Starbrust when Starbrust electric magnetic powers are even greater than his own?

  • Brainiac returns, but inside of Backpack. So The Justice League and Static go after Richie, who has been taken over by Brainiac as well. When they get there, they are mind controlled, with the exception of Static, into killing Static. Can he stop the Justice League, and Brainiac, as well as Richie, without hurting him?

  • Static is contacted to re-generate the power in The Watchtower by the Justice League. Since the Justice League are due on a mission, they decide to let the duo guard the tower. When Brainac hacks into the server, its up to Static and Gear to stop him. Can they do it?

  • A new monster comes to Dakota, terrorizing everyone who Marcus, a kid who was recently released from juvenile hall,has had problems with. Static and Gear suspect Marcus might be the monster. So Virgil taunts Marcus, hoping to enrage him, and make him turn into the hideous creature. But when it is revealed that it couldn't possibly be him, then who is it?

  • There is a new hero in Dakota and her name is Shebang.When Shebang shows up Static and Gear twice Virgil becomes jealous of the new super heroine.She is kidnapped by a secret group.Shebang isn't a bang baby but a artificial human.It's up to Static and Gear have to save her before it's too late.

  • The Hawkins go to Africa.They are enjoying their mother land. Osebo steals a map to gold.Now Static has to team up with an African hero Anansi.

  • Richie has been on an inventing streak lately and making stuff more advance than the military, due to his new inventions Virgil realizes Richie is a bang baby.Richie is feeling down about his super genius power,he wants to have better powers.When the Breed kidnaps Virgil convinced he is Static.Virgil can't escape on his own or Ebon will find out he really is Static.Now it is up to Richie to save him with some of his new inventions.

  • A young girl from Virgil's neighborhood, Ally, realizes she's becoming a Bang Baby, she goes to the net for help. She comes across two people on a website called Bang Baby Outreach. They say they have a cure for being a Bang Baby, so she plans to meet them there in Gotham City. Static goes after her, but Batman catches her first, stating that she's going to meet Harley and Ivy. Harley and Ivy then show up in a blimp and cut Ally out of the rope, then Ivy traps Static and Ivy inside of a tree, which will kill them from suffocation.