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In this comedy-drama series, a bachelor takes over the care of his young niece and nephew after the death of their parents. He's help in his new role by his devoted butler. This is a 2002 remake of an original series that debuted in 1966. Gary Cole and Tim Curry star. Family Affair is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (138 episodes). The series first aired on September 12, 2002.

Where do I stream Family Affair online? Family Affair is available for streaming on The WB, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Family Affair on demand at Amazon, Google Play, Hoopla, Tubi TV online.

Thursday at 8:00 PM on The WB
5 Seasons, 138 Episodes
September 12, 2002
Cast: Tim Curry, Gary Cole, Caitlin Wachs
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Family Affair Full Episode Guide

  • Buffy, Jody, and their friend Ricky find a great place to play in the neighborhood. Then they find out a parking lot is going to be built in the space.

  • Buffy helps a shy friend meet new friends. Buffy throws a party for Angela and friends, but she experiences some unexpected results.

  • One of Buffy's friends tells her it is time to give up her doll, Mrs. Beasley, as it is a child's toy. They go to a toy store where the owner looks like Mrs. Beasley.

  • Jody and Buffy decide to help Emily go to her son Jim's graduation celebration. She wants a new outfit and someone to take her.

  • Russ Brook is a former friend of Cissy's who is now in the Peace Corps. Russ asks Cissy to join him on a mission to Chile.

  • Buffy & Jody make a new friend with Johnnie. Johnnie and his mother are hiding from militants who are interested in finding their father.

  • Emily Turner plays matchmaker to Mr French and Miss Faversham, while being the match-breaker for her son Jim Turner and Cissy's relationship.

  • The twins play matchmaker for Uncle Bill so he has someone in his life when they get older and move out.

  • Jody's newest hero figure is a football superstar who is Uncle Ken to one of Jody's friend. When Jody finds out that Ken is suspended from the team for placing bets, Jody is disillusioned.

  • Buffy and Jody accidentally break a small statue originally from Columbia and try to fix it before Uncle Bill finds out about it.

  • The family goes on vacation to Indiana, where Cissy, Buffy, and Jody grew up. Bill wants them to touch base with the relatives still living there and to see their hometown.

  • Everything at the Davis' place seems to be in a state of chaos, but Mr. French manages to keep things under control. That is, until one more thing goes wrong.

  • Jody and a classmate taunt each other with claims of "my father can beat your father," but the parents refuse to fight each other.

  • Cissy's friend Kathy is pregnant, and her husband is out of town.

  • Bill and Jody try to get on the good side of female friends in order to get something they want. Bill wants a job at her company, and Jody wants a stamp for his collection.

  • Cissy, Jody and Buffy talk about when they first came to live with their Uncle Bill and realize it has been five years. They decide to throw a party for the occasion but Bill almost misses it due to work. Emily tells he has to come home.

  • A former friend of Mr. French's visits.

  • Bill decides to hire a female employee to help around the house and soften the edges of Mr. French's stiffness. It takes a while, but soon the whole family enjoys having Emily around.

  • Bill offers to let Ming Lee stay at his place. Ming Lee is engaged in an arranged marriage to Bill's friend Eng Ho. Cissy and Gregg offer to take Ming Lee out for the evening. She meets someone and refuses to marry Eng Ho.

  • Uncle Bill considers having everyone stay in Tahiti and live there.

  • Bill takes the family and Mr French to Tahiti for a vacation. Everyone enjoys the place.

  • Mr. French tries to help a friend by talking to the daughter about the life of being an actress. His efforts are negated when Bill finds the daughter an acting position.

  • The twins inherit a small amount of money, which to them, seems like riches. They begin to argue about how to spend the money.

  • A friend of Buffy is deaf, and Uncle Bill asks a friend of his, a doctor who specializes in deaf children, to see if he can do anything for the little girl.

  • Jody is giving a bonsai tree from Mr Osaki. When the tree starts to die as Mr Osaki gets sick, Jody is worried the tree means Mr Osaki will die.

  • While Bill is in Vermont for business, he asks Mr French and the twins to visit there since it is so pretty. As French drives up, a snow storm turns into a blizzard and they are forced to take refuge in an abandoned cabin.

  • Cissy graduates from high school and wants to go to an all-night party with her friends.

  • Buffy and Jody's pet hamsters seem to always escape their cage and then get out of the apartment building. The twins realize the hamsters want to be free.

  • A former sweetheart of French's, once a common worker, is now a wealthy single woman. She asks Mr French to visit her in England, with the hopes to pursue their relationship.

  • Uncle Bill and Mr. French take the twins on vacation to Boston while Cissy spends her vacation time in New York. Everyone seems to be off sync as they miss each other.

  • When Bill is in Hong Kong for business, he works with Ng Ho. Bill is impressed with Ng Ho, and invites him to visit in New York. When Ng Ho stays with the Davis' he starts to help around the apartment, too efficiently, and upsets Mr French.

  • When the twins find out that Mr French's birthday is approaching, they ask Cissy to help them set up a birthday party for Mr French.

  • When playing at school, a ball thrown breaks a window and Jody is blamed. Jody denies doing it.

  • Cissy decides it is time to move out on her own, so she moves into an apartment with a friend. It seems like she hasn't left home when when her family constantly visits her. She tells them to let her enjoy her own place by herself.

  • A former friend of Bill's visits, asking for a favor. Harv has just gotten out of prison and needs to find a job. The twins are afraid of Harv, and Cissy thinks she can help him adjust to living outside of prison again.

  • Mr. French, Cissy, Buffy and Jody decide to give Bill some time alone for the weekend. Unfortunately, while they are away, a barrage of neighbors stop by, disrupting Bill's relaxation, peace and quiet.

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