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This medical drama based in Santa Monica, California, involves two handsome physicians, Dr. Marcus Welby (Robert Young), and his younger partner in family practice, Dr. Stephen Kiley (James Brolin). The show centers around many controversial or unusual medical issues and conditions. Ironically it is usually the older physician who is willing to try the more unorthodox approaches while Dr. Kiley is more conservative, which brings them into some conflict at times.

Consuelo Lopez (Elena Verdugo) is the pair

Marcus Welby, M.D. is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (51 episodes). The series first aired on March 26, 1969.

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2 Seasons, 51 Episodes
March 26, 1969
Cast: Robert Young, James Brolin
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Marcus Welby, M.D. Full Episode Guide

  • Dr. Welby urges a young woman to break with her despotic father and marry the man she loves.

  • A young girl develops an ulcer because she feels her rich parents don't love her.

  • Dr. Welby becomes involved in a strained marriage when he assists the wife of a musician who becomes ill on a flight to Los Angeles.

  • Dr. Welby is bitten by a rabid dog that belongs to a mentally challenged patient of his.

  • Problems occur after Dr. Welby helps a blind woman arrange plastic surgery for her big-eared son.

  • Welby and Kiley are sued for malpractice by a patient who blames them for her paralysis.

  • Dr. Welby's nurse Consuelo falls in love with a rich man with old-fashioned principles.

  • Dr. Welby tries to help an alcoholic orthopedic surgeon.

  • A former teacher who is dying and a confused medical student complicate efforts to honor the educator.

  • Dr. Kiley begins to fall in love with a TB patient after her husband shows disgust at her condition.

  • A young rancher lapses into despondency when he becomes dependent on a kidney machine.

  • Dr. Welby urges a young American Indian with emphysema to return to the clean air of the reservation.

  • Dr. Welby suspects a young nurse is suffering from a hereditary muscular disease.

  • A proud young father refuses to bring his supposedly mentally challenged son to a free clinic for treatment.

  • A young epileptic's effort to hide his affliction endangers his life.

  • Just before her marriage, a young woman discovers she is a victim of a form of leprosy.

  • Dr. Welby tries to help a scientist who appears to be suffering from drug-induced symptoms so serious he fears he will die or become completely incapacitated.

  • The mother of a mentally handicapped child is forced to realize that she must allow the child to live with foster parents.

  • A psychiatrist discovers he is the victim of a fatal form of sclerosis.

  • The efforts of Welby and Kiley to battle a flu epidemic are complicated by a rich hypochondriac.

  • Dr. Kiley's brother believes he is dying and refuses to seek help.

  • Even after Welby tells him he has a terminal disease, an attorney refuses to step down from a case.

  • A teenager gets caught up in the swinging set, leading to a sexually transmitted disease.

  • Dr. Welby steps in to help a former classmate of Dr. Kiley's, a maverick young doctor who is fighting to keep his neighborhood clinic operational.

  • Dr. Kiley rescues a young boy with asthma and meets Enid Cooper, a compassionate counselor at an orphanage whose medicine cabinet suggests a dependence on prescription drugs.

  • A hemophiliac begs Dr. Welby to keep his condition secret from his new schoolmates. Dr. Welby is concerned that he risks his health to achieve a normal teenage existence.

  • A student with decompression syndrome insists on one more dive for his degree in Oceanography despite Dr. Welby's advice.

  • Though she underwent a successful heart surgery as a young girl, a newlywed suffers heart seizures as an adult. Wanting a full life, she pushes the limits despite an overprotective husband.

  • When Dr. Kiley is hospitalized for chicken pox, he becomes interested in an exploratory surgery case and attempts to convince the doctor to try alternative testing.

  • Despite suffering fainting spells, a young jockey does everything he can to lose weight for the most important race of his life, and in doing so he collapses and is hospitalized.

  • Dr. Kiley has to choose between his duty as a doctor and an old friendship when he's called on to give a friend, a reformed drug addict, a physical exam to fulfill a job requirement.

  • Doctors Welby and Kiley conduct tests to determine if a scientist has Huntington's, a hereditary disease he's convinced he's afflicted with. His condition worsens upon learning that his wife is pregnant.

  • Consuelo's mother is diagnosed with a malignant tumor, and although she accepts the doctor's diagnosis, she finds it hard to accept her roommate, a sour woman dealing with a heart condition.

  • A diabetic threatens to stop taking his insulin shots to get even with his father, whom he blames for his mother's suffering.

  • Dr. Welby treats the son of a black leader who is injured by police during a demonstration.

  • A basketball player seeks out a faith healer for his injured knee instead of having the surgery Dr. Welby recommends.

  • A priest friend of Dr. Welby's suffers severe asthmatic attacks due to pressure from his parishioners. The pressure increases when he is unable to restore an injured man's will to live.

  • Parents of a teenaged boy with leukemia refuse to allow Dr. Welby to inform him of his condition.

  • A policeman who is up for a promotion wishes to keep his illness quiet, but Dr. Welby is unwilling to keep the ailment secret because it may hinder the officer in completing his duties.

  • Dr. Welby and Dr. Kiley disagree on the treatment needed for a recovering drug addict who suffers from the aftereffects of LSD.

  • An aging yet robust diver refuses to take Dr. Welby's advice to slow down after he's informed that he has emphysema.

  • A blind couple's relationship is tested when an operation restores the young man's sight and they have to reconcile their worlds.

  • Dr. Welby examines a young wife in her third trimester and discovers a condition in her blood that could spell trouble for the baby and reveal a long-kept secret to her husband.

  • The doctors struggle to discourage an aging war hero from sailing alone to the South Pacific, as the voyage could prove fatal.

  • Dr. Welby attempts to discourage a husband from filming a documentary on his actress-wife's recovery from a stroke.

  • A 42-year-old woman wants an illegal abortion after learning that her husband is having an affair 19 years into a happy, but childless, marriage.

  • Dr. Welby attempts to help a withdrawn autistic child communicate despite pressure from the child's parents and an unfeeling psychologist.

  • An outgoing schoolteacher with only a few months left to live goes into seclusion, and Dr. Kiley attempts to get her to live the life she has left.

  • Dr. Marcus Welby enlists the help of a young Dr. Steven Kiley to help run his Santa Monica practice.

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