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The television series entitled Jane and the dragon is about the life and challenges of Jane. Jane is a young lady in her teens who lives in the imaginary Kingdom of Kippernium. Jane is trained to attend to princesses and queens, but she dreams of becoming a knight someday. One day a dragon abducts the prince of the kingdom, and Jane decides to go and kill the dragon and save the prince. She succeeds in defeating the beast and brings the prince home safe, and as a reward the king makes her a young knight in training, after which she will become a full knight. However, she later becomes good friends with the dragon, and the two get along quite well.

The series continues with Jane's involvement with other people who live in the castle. Every episode covers Jane's activities with particular characters and depicts a particular subject matter, such as friendships, adventures which are all very interesting and end well. During her training to become a full knight she does different types of tasks and responsibilities in the castle. Her very good friend Dragon assists her as she trains and makes her work easier and faster. He carries her on his wings when she goes on errands, and in return she also helps him find information about his long-lost family. Not long after, Sir Ivon brings a young boy known as Gunther to also train to become a knight, and Jane becomes jealous and scared of him. Jane later makes many other friends at the castle.

The other people that live in the castle include the King and Queen alongside their children, Jane and her parents. The playful and childish King Caradoc, his very supportive and peace-loving wife, Queen Gwendolyn, the heir to the throne, Prince Cuthbert, and the pretty Princess Lavinia. Gunther's father does not live in the castle but comes there often to visit the king. He despises Dragon and does everything to force him to leave the castle.

Jane and the Dragon is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on January 8, 2006.

Jane and the Dragon is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Jane and the Dragon on demand atAmazon Prime, Amazon, Hoopla online.

Shout Factory
2 Seasons, 26 Episodes
January 8, 2006
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Tajja Isen
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Jane and the Dragon Full Episode Guide

  • When Sir Theodore assigns Jane the menial task of cleaning his sword, Gunther gloats over getting the easier task of Sentry duty.

  • Jane tries to master her battle cry - to call out above the din of battle.

  • It is a proud day for Jane. The squires and knights must make their annual pledge of allegiance to the King.

  • The Merchant's new consignment of supplies contains an incredible object - a dragon's egg.

  • When Jane and Gunther get out of hand, Sir Theodore decides to settle their differences in the sparring arena.

  • The king is bored with Pepper's cooking.

  • When the Princess comes down with a cold, the King puts Jane in charge of cheering her up.

  • Like any typical father, the Chamberlain can't help but worry every time Jane goes out on patrol.

  • When Jane finds herself trapped in the privy at night, with no candle and a squeaky bat, she develops a sudden fear of the dark.

  • With Dragon as her spotter, Jane bests the team of Sir Ivon and Gunther in a catapult contest.

  • When Jane eats some berries and passes out ill, she reawakens with amnesia.

  • While out on patrol, Dragon's spontaneous loop de loop causes Jane to slip off and free-fall through the air.

  • The three-hundredth anniversary of the castle approaching, Jane and Gunther are given an important chore to prepare for the Royal Jubile

  • The King commissions a beautiful portrait of the Queen and Jane is entrusted to guard it before the grand unveiling gala.

  • When Smithy-s pig bites the Prince, the King decides that Pig must be tethered.

  • When Gunther pulls a practical joke on Jane, Dragon discovers he and Gunther share a similar sense of humor: lowbrow.

  • While the King and Queen are away from the kingdom, Jane is charged with the daunting task of babysitting the troublesome Prince Cuthbert and the playful Princess Lavinia. When she needs to study for her upcoming knighthood test, Jane enlists Dragon's help with the kids . . . uh-oh!

  • Jester's lost his voice, just in time to prevent him from taking part in an interkingdom singing competition. Good thing Dragon has a beautiful singing voice--but too bad he refuses to compete!

  • It's Jester's favorite day of the year, and Jane is determined to pull a prank on her old friend, Dragon. But Dragon may ruin all the fun with some very unfunny pranks of his own.

  • While enjoying their day off, Jane and her friends decide to play a game of bandyball with Dragon acting as referee--now if only they could play without interrupting the King's relaxing nap!

  • Determined to prove her skill and value as a knight to the kingdom--especially to Gunther--Jane skips the annual Ball in favor of more heroic pursuits.

  • When Dragon contracts a strange disease, Jane and Gunther embark on a long and dangerous journey to find the antidote.

  • Only a duel will satisfy Sir Ivon's need to save face after a hilarious impersonation by Jester leaves him embarrassed.

  • Princess Lavinia and Dragon have loose teeth, and when Dragon overhears Jane's incredible tale of the mysterious Tooth Fairy, he becomes overwhelmed with excitement over the prospect of a shiny, new trinket.

  • To prove a point, Jane wagers her knight's apprenticeship when she catches Prince Cuthbert taking food from Pepper's kitchen. Now Jane's future rests in the result of her upcoming "Damsel in Distress" test.