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  • TV-Y7
  • 2006
  • 2 Seasons
  • 7.3  (881)

Jane and the Dragon is a Canadian animated series that aired from 2005-2006. The show is aimed at children aged 6-12 years old and is based on the books by Martin Baynton. It was produced by Weta Productions, a company founded by Peter Jackson and located in New Zealand, where the show was animated.

The show follows the adventures of Jane, a young girl who dreams of becoming a knight like her father. Jane lives in a medieval kingdom and serves as a squire to Sir Ivon, a knight who is not very good at his job. Jane is accompanied by her best friend, Dragon, who is a talking dragon that she hatched and raised herself.

Jane's goal is to become a knight, but she faces many challenges along the way. The show is often about Jane's struggles with gender expectations and societal norms within medieval times. She has to deal with discrimination and skepticism from her peers and other knights, who do not believe a girl can be a knight. However, Jane does not let this discourage her, and she is determined to prove that she can be just as good as any boy knight. Her resiliency and determination are some of her most admirable traits.

As a squire, Jane's role is to assist Sir Ivon in his duties, which often involve fighting against various monsters and villains, such as trolls, witches, and giants. Sir Ivon, however, is not very skilled, and it is often Jane who comes up with creative solutions to defeat the enemy. Jane's intelligence and bravery are what make her stand out.

The show's main theme is friendship, and Jane's relationship with Dragon is the heart of the series. Dragon is voiced by Adrian Truss and is a loyal and supportive friend to Jane. Despite their differences, Jane and Dragon have a strong bond that is admirable and inspiring to watch. The way they communicate and rely on each other creates a beautiful friendship dynamic that adds a lot of charm to the show.

The animation style of Jane and the Dragon is unique and different from other cartoons. The show uses a combination of 2D animation and 3D CGI, which gives it a distinct look that is visually stunning. The medieval setting is beautifully rendered, and the character designs are charming and memorable.

The voice acting is also commendable, with Tajja Isen perfectly embodying Jane's spirit and determination. The supporting cast of characters is also well-cast, with the likes of Neil Crone as Sir Ivon, Scott McCord as Jester, and Katie Boland as Pepper, showcasing their vocal talent.

One of the things that set Jane and the Dragon apart from other children's shows is its message of breaking gender stereotypes. The show teaches children that it is okay to pursue their dreams, even if those dreams go against societal norms. Jane's character is inspiring because she defies gender expectations and does not let anyone tell her what she can or cannot do.

Jane and the Dragon is an entertaining show that provides plenty of action, humor, and heart. With its unique animation style and strong message of friendship and empowerment, it remains a beloved children's series years after its initial release. Overall, Jane and the Dragon is an excellent choice for parents looking for a show that teaches valuable life lessons while remaining fun and engaging for their children.

Jane and the Dragon is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on January 8, 2006.

Jane and the Dragon
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The Last of the Dragon Slayers
21. The Last of the Dragon Slayers
January 1, 2006
When Sir Theodore assigns Jane the menial task of cleaning his sword, Gunther gloats over getting the easier task of Sentry duty.
For Crying Out Loud
20. For Crying Out Loud
January 1, 2006
Jane tries to master her battle cry - to call out above the din of battle.
King's Knight
19. King's Knight
January 1, 2006
It is a proud day for Jane. The squires and knights must make their annual pledge of allegiance to the King.
Dragon's Egg
18. Dragon's Egg
January 1, 2006
The Merchant's new consignment of supplies contains an incredible object - a dragon's egg.
17. Mismatched
January 1, 2006
When Jane and Gunther get out of hand, Sir Theodore decides to settle their differences in the sparring arena.
Go West Young Gardener
16. Go West Young Gardener
January 1, 2006
The king is bored with Pepper's cooking.
Strawberry Fool
15. Strawberry Fool
January 1, 2006
When the Princess comes down with a cold, the King puts Jane in charge of cheering her up.
14. Fathers
January 1, 2006
Like any typical father, the Chamberlain can't help but worry every time Jane goes out on patrol.
Knight Light
13. Knight Light
January 1, 2006
When Jane finds herself trapped in the privy at night, with no candle and a squeaky bat, she develops a sudden fear of the dark.
Pride and Pollen
12. Pride and Pollen
January 1, 2006
With Dragon as her spotter, Jane bests the team of Sir Ivon and Gunther in a catapult contest.
11. Dragonphobia
January 1, 2006
When Jane eats some berries and passes out ill, she reawakens with amnesia.
Foul Weather Friends
10. Foul Weather Friends
January 1, 2006
While out on patrol, Dragon's spontaneous loop de loop causes Jane to slip off and free-fall through the air.
9. Rune
January 1, 2006
The three-hundredth anniversary of the castle approaching, Jane and Gunther are given an important chore to prepare for the Royal Jubile
A Thing of Beauty
8. A Thing of Beauty
January 1, 2006
The King commissions a beautiful portrait of the Queen and Jane is entrusted to guard it before the grand unveiling gala.
A Pig of a Problem
7. A Pig of a Problem
January 1, 2006
When Smithy-s pig bites the Prince, the King decides that Pig must be tethered.
Three's a Crowd
6. Three's a Crowd
January 1, 2006
When Gunther pulls a practical joke on Jane, Dragon discovers he and Gunther share a similar sense of humor: lowbrow.
Adventures In Royal Babysitting
5. Adventures In Royal Babysitting
March 12, 2006
While the King and Queen are away from the kingdom, Jane is charged with the daunting task of babysitting the troublesome Prince Cuthbert and the playful Princess Lavinia. When she needs to study for her upcoming knighthood test, Jane enlists Dragon's help with the kids . . . uh-oh!
Dragon Diva
4. Dragon Diva
March 5, 2006
Jester's lost his voice, just in time to prevent him from taking part in an interkingdom singing competition. Good thing Dragon has a beautiful singing voice--but too bad he refuses to compete!
All Fools Day
3. All Fools Day
February 26, 2006
It's Jester's favorite day of the year, and Jane is determined to pull a prank on her old friend, Dragon. But Dragon may ruin all the fun with some very unfunny pranks of his own.
Dragon Rules
2. Dragon Rules
February 19, 2006
While enjoying their day off, Jane and her friends decide to play a game of bandyball with Dragon acting as referee--now if only they could play without interrupting the King's relaxing nap!
The Offer
1. The Offer
February 5, 2006
Dragon's clumsiness is wreaking havoc around the kingdom, but Jane is quick to defend her friend, even creating a story that she and Dragon may be moving to another castle.
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Jane and the Dragon is available for streaming on the Shout Factory website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Jane and the Dragon on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Hoopla, Tubi TV and Pluto TV.
  • Premiere Date
    January 8, 2006
  • IMDB Rating
    7.3  (881)