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In this sweet and heartwarming six season family sitcom that ran in the mid-eighties, Webster Long (Emmanuel Lewis) is an African American five year old who is adopted by his godfather after both of his parents die in a car crash. His new parents are George Papadopoulos (Alex Karras), a retired football player who used to be teammates with Webster's dad, and Katherine (Susan Clark), a sophisticated socialite. George and Katherine are newlyweds and both are white.

George is retired from football and now works as a sportscaster while Katherine works as a consumer advocate (and later as a psychologist). The family lives in Chicago, in a fancy high-rise apartment, and the three try to adjust to their new circumstances and come together as a family. There is some friction as Webster's uncle, who disapproves of the arrangement and believes that Webster should live with a blood relative, tries to get custody of the boy.

Webster is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (121 episodes). The series first aired on September 16, 1983.

Where do I stream Webster online? Webster is available for streaming on Shout Factory, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Webster on demand at Google Play online.

Shout Factory
6 Seasons, 121 Episodes
September 16, 1983
Kids & Family Comedy
Cast: Emmanuel Lewis, Alex Karras, Susan Clark, Henry Polic II, Eugene Roche
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Webster Full Episode Guide

  • Webster's pen pal, an adult butler from England, visits to meet Webster in person.

  • Webster's very smart friend gets depressed because her science project didn't come in as number one.

  • Webster gets a brand new bike, but ends up getting a ticket from a cop.

  • Webster encounters a convicted gambler undergoing rehabilitation, but he has an influence on Webster.

  • When Katherine's rich uncle falls in love with the leading lady of a theatrical performance, Webster and Katherine's debuts are in danger.

  • Webster's rich aunt plans on adopting a boy, but Webster thinks that he's just interested in her money.

  • Katherine gives dating advice to a teen who wants to date an older woman, but she is in for a surprise when the older woman is her.

  • Webster is in charge of campaigning for a class presidential candidate.

  • George and Katherine find out that their friend Chelsea is a cat burglar.

  • The family supports Papa's techniques with a belly dance instructor.

  • Webster and his classmates appear on a TV game show.

  • Katherine is appalled when she sees a nude portrait of her in an art gallery, especially since she never posed that way.

  • After being bullied around, Webster fantasizes that he is in the Wild West to take care of his bully.

  • George is pexplexed when he mysteriously loses an endorsement as a candidate for the Board of Education.

  • The family wins a spa from a shady dealer who tricks George into endorsing his product.

  • Wanting to see George's cameo in a movie he's been forbidden to see, Webster sneaks into a showing, but soon regrets his decision.

  • Webster plays matchmaker to a romance-seeking Nicky.

  • George encounters a promising basketball player, but he must help him deal with a cocaine addiction.

  • George discovers two boys on Corky's football team shouldn't be playing for them.

  • Katherine is frightened when a ex-prisoner she testified against leaves a message on the Papadapolis' answering machine.

  • Katherine and George look back at the time they first met after Webster is assigned a project about famous lovers.

  • After finding out that a bunch of nerds are in the same school group Webster just joined, he starts to have second thoughts.

  • Katherine disapproves of the overly expensive gifts her wealthy uncle chooses to give the family.

  • Katherine proves surprisingly good at picking football winners when a struggling George asks for her help.

  • On a weekend trip, George and Katherine's hosts literally reveal themselves as nudists on a relaxing getaway.

  • Webster is upset when funds raised for sports equipment are stolen.

  • When George learns that an old school friend of his has died, he rethinks how he's been living his own life.

  • George's fishing plans get in the way of Webster's original plans.

  • Webster helps an old man who wants to be reunited with his jazz band in San Francisco.