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Edward Stratton is a man who will probably never grow up. He lives in a small palace filled with all kinds of toys, high-tech gadgets, and video games. His immense wealth comes from his successful ancestors, including his estranged father, who does not approve of the toy company Edward has started.

After his divorce, Edward gains custody of his son Ricky. And because he's never had such an important responsibility in his life, it's a slow process to learn how to be a father to his son. The two work through the good and bad times and discover along the way that they can be best friends as well.

Silver Spoons is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (116 episodes). The series first aired on September 25, 1982.

Silver Spoons is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Silver Spoons on demand atAmazon, Google Play, iTunes online.

5 Seasons, 116 Episodes
September 25, 1982
Cast: Ricky Schroder, Joel Higgins, Erin Gray, Jason Bateman
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Silver Spoons Full Episode Guide

  • Kate and Edward have little time alone when their skiing escape for two becomes a frozen prison for six.

  • Edward loses his wallet while playing pool. But when he calls Rick for help, Rick believes it to be an April Fool's joke.

  • Disappointed by Rick's interest in party schools, Edward steers him toward a more rigorous all-male college.

  • Grandfather Stratton returns home from a trip to Paris--with a young fiancee.

  • Kate's grandmother comes to visit and brings a big surprise---a new boy friend

  • Rick plays matchmaker for an unwed mother (Suzanne Snyder) and a contractor (Robert Krantz), who's unaware he's dating a parent.

  • Rick's basketball idol is arrested for possession of narcotics.

  • When Rick decides to cook an elaborate Mother's Day dinner for his mother, Kate fears that her place in Rick's life is secondary.

  • Edward's ex-wife writes a novel about a woman's stormy relationship with a character to whom he bears a strong resemblance.

  • Rick, Brad, Alfonzo & two others form a band getting ready for the Battle of the Bands. However, Brad & Alfonzo fight over issues & that Alfonzo invites his new girlfriend (Kiki) to rehearsal.Rick tries to convince Alfonzo to rejoin the band.

  • When Brad's father goes out of town for a few days, Rick invites him to stay with the Strattons despite Edward's misgivings.

  • Rick allows rumors to spread about a friend who is grounded because of their late study session.

  • Rick's strong ambition to become a comic threatens his grades.

  • Rick agrees to care for a boa constrictor, which soon becomes an uninvited guest at Kate's business dinner.

  • Rick meets the perfect girl---who happens to be his pal Brad's girlfriend. But when Brad (Billy Jacoby) gets grounded, he asks Rick to take her to a concert

  • A football championship rests on Rick's shoulders as he tutors the star player (Beau Dremann), who won't be playing if he fails a history test.

  • Kate feels left out when her friend from college, now a rock-magazine editor, has more in common with Rick than with Kate.

  • Edward doesn't feel like celebrating his birthday after Rick beats him at tennis for the first time, making him feel old.

  • When Rick thinks that he has no privacy,he moves into the guest house. But Ricks friends think they could use it for parties.

  • While Ricky is on vacation, he meets a beautiful girl.

  • Rick takes a job at shoe store, only to become a victim of nepotism when he loses a promotion to his employer's nephew.

  • A new housekeeper from Sweden steals Rickys heart.

  • Kate's grandmother gets lost in New York City.

  • Edward resents Kate's success after he promotes her to President of Eddie Toys.

  • Rick feels inferior to his girlfriend.

  • Rick wants to invite Nicole Desmond to be his date at his 16th birthday party but Brad accidentally gives the invitation to Julie Warren. When Nicole gets herself invited anyway Rick has to balance his time between two dates without letting either girl find out about the other.

  • As prom night approaches, Rick jilts a girl whose father is rumored to be associated with the mob.

  • Rick's the manager of his friend's band, Splat!When Rick gets them on Rock Search, the lead singer has laryngitis. The band convinces Rick to step in for him & sing that tune.

  • Rick gets grounded, which effectively ends his experience with alcohol, but he soon learns that Greg is still drinking.

  • Rick's new friend encourages him to try alcohol.

  • Rick takes part in a marriage with a student, but is shocked when his "wife" gets pregnant.

  • Rick invites a bag lady home for dinner, where she makes a distinct impression on one of Edward's key clients.

  • While Edward is away, Kate allows Rick to go with friends to Fort Lauderdale for winter vacation.

  • On a trip with Grandfather's exclusive club members, Rick and Edward see a different side of Grandfather

  • When Edward lectures him about his poor geometry grade, Rick goes crazy trying to improve it.

  • Rick loses his girlfriend to the captain of the football team, and then loses his dignity in an effort to win her back.

  • In an effort to prove that he is athletic, Edward decides to participate in a race up to the top of the Empire State Building.

  • Rick leads his friends in a picket line against Grandfather Stratton for paying unfair wages to student employees.

  • Kate's Uncle Harry uses the Stratton family in a deceptive maneuver to impress an old Army buddy.

  • Grandfather Stratton schemes with Rick to corner the baseball card market.

  • Rick's girlfriend has something in mind for their relationship that is a serious step for Rick.

  • Rick coerces Edward into offering his mom a job, after an embezzler takes all her money.

  • As new wife and mother, Late begins making changes in the Stratton household that Edward supports and Rick resents.

  • Whitney Houston gets more than she expects during a visit to the Stratton household when Dexter decides to move to Los Angeles with the singing star.