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Alice is an American sitcom television series that aired on CBS from 1976 to 1985. The show was based on the 1974 movie Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore, which was directed by Martin Scorsese. The series starred Linda Lavin as Alice Hyatt, a recently widowed mother of one who moves to Phoenix, Arizona, to start a new life.

Alice Hyatt is a single, working mother who leaves her home in New Jersey after she loses her husband in a trucking accident. She packs up her son, Tommy (played by Philip McKeon), and moves to Phoenix, where she dreams of becoming a singer. Alice's car breaks down in the middle of Arizona, forcing her to seek the help of a roadside diner called Mel's Diner.

Mel's Diner is owned by Mel Sharples (played by Vic Tayback), a gruff and sarcastic man who has a soft spot for Alice. Alice winds up getting a job as a waitress at Mel's Diner, and becomes friends with the other waitresses, Vera (Beth Howland) and Flo (Polly Holliday). Vera is a timid and skittish woman who lives with her neurotic mother, and Flo is a tough-talking, catchphrase-spouting waitress who was spun off into her own series, Flo.

Throughout the series, Alice navigates the ups and downs of being a single working mother, dealing with Mel's temper, and juggling her love life. Alice is pursued by various men throughout the series, including local rancher, Earl (played by Charles Levin), and singer, Travis Marsh (played by Tommy Lee Jones). However, Alice's main love interest is Tommy's basketball coach, David Kane (played by played by Geoffrey Lewis), who becomes Alice's on-again, off-again boyfriend throughout the series.

The show explores themes of friendship, family, and the struggles of the working class. Alice's life is far from perfect, but she remains determined to make the best of it. Her relationship with her son, Tommy, is a cornerstone of the show, and the two share a strong bond. Tommy is a teenager throughout the series, and his coming of age is often a major part of the show's storylines.

The show was a hit with audiences, and its catchy theme song, "There's a New Girl in Town," became a popular tune of its time. Alice was also notable for its depiction of working-class women and the camaraderie between the show's female characters. The series enabled the female characters to showcase their strengths and vulnerabilities, and was particularly progressive in its representation of the hardworking women of the service industry.

In conclusion, Alice was a groundbreaking sitcom that resonated with audiences throughout the 1970s and 1980s. The show portrayed the struggles of working-class individuals in a relatable and authentic manner, and its characters remain beloved by fans to this day. Linda Lavin's portrayal of Alice Hyatt was a tour-de-force, and the show's cast of supporting characters added depth and heart to the series. Alice was a classic television show that continues to be celebrated for its humor, heart, and engaging storylines.

Alice (1976) is a series that is currently running and has 9 seasons (200 episodes). The series first aired on August 31, 1976.

Alice (1976)
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Th-Th-Th-That's All, Folks!
16. Th-Th-Th-That's All, Folks!
March 19, 1985
When Mel (VIC TAYBACK) sells his diner to a land developer, he, Alice (LINDA LAVIN), Vera (BETH HOWLAND), Tommy (PHILIP McKEON), Jolene (CELIA WESTON) and the diner's faithful customers reflect on the good times and bad, and how the diner and its "family" has affected their lives. Series finale.
Vera's Grounded Gumshoe
15. Vera's Grounded Gumshoe
March 12, 1985
Elliot (CHARLES LEVIN), Vera's (BETH HOWLAND) police officer husband, is so ashamed of accidentally shooting himself that he quits his job.
One on One
14. One on One
March 2, 1985
A romantic relationship unexpectedly develops when Jolene (CELIA WESTON) decides to try out for a women's professional basketball team, and Mel (VIC TAYBACK) offers to be her trainer.
The Night They Raided Debbie's
13. The Night They Raided Debbie's
February 6, 1985
Vera (BETH HOWLAND) and Elliot (CHARLES LEVIN) seek a tenant for their spare room, only to have the room rented by their onetime landlady, Debbie Walden (LINDA LAVIN in a dual role), a certified tyrant, who all but drives them from their little love nest.
Alice Doesn't Work Here Anymore, Part 2
12. Alice Doesn't Work Here Anymore, Part 2
February 5, 1985
While a country singer (KIP NIVEN) and a writer (MICHAEL DURRELL) simultaneously vie for Alice's (LINDA LAVIN) affections, the gang at the diner fears she has been kidnapped. Second of a two-part episode.
Alice Doesn't Work Here Anymore, Part 1
11. Alice Doesn't Work Here Anymore, Part 1
January 29, 1985
A famous country music performer (KIP NIVEN) falls in love with Alice (LINDA LAVIN) and, after hearing her sing, invites her to join him on the road. First of a two-part episode.
Vera, the Nightbird
10. Vera, the Nightbird
January 22, 1985
Mel (VIC TAYBACK) falls hopelessly in love with the sultry voice of nighttime radio disc jockey "Nightbird," not realizing it's Vera (BETH HOWLAND), who's moonlighting so she can buy a special present for her husband.
Kiss the Grill Goodbye
9. Kiss the Grill Goodbye
January 15, 1985
When a fast-food hamburger restaurant opens down the street, Mel's (VIC TAYBACK) customers flock to the new eatery, and Mel is forced to close his diner.
Vera's Anniversary Blues
8. Vera's Anniversary Blues
January 8, 1985
To celebrate their first wedding anniversary, Vera and Elliot (BETH HOWLAND and CHARLES LEVIN) plan to reconstruct the day they met, but their plans fall apart when Vera is arrested.
Footloose Mel
7. Footloose Mel
December 23, 1984
Mel (VIC TAYBACK) volunteers the use of his diner for a performance by a dance group, only to oust the entertainers when he mistakes them for hoodlums.
Undercover Mel
6. Undercover Mel
December 16, 1984
Alice (LINDA LAVIN), Vera (BETH HOWLAND) and Jolene (CELIA WESTON) try to "save" Mel (VIC TAYBACK) from being arrested when he goes undercover to help Elliot (CHARLES LEVIN) apprehend a gang of cattle rustlers.
Tommy's Lost Weekend
5. Tommy's Lost Weekend
November 25, 1984
Tommy's (PHILIP McKEON) partying in college causes concern for Alice (LINDA LAVIN) and real problems for her boyfriend, Nick (MICHAEL DURRELL), after Tommy gets so drunk that he forgets where he left Nick's expensive sports car.
Houseful of Hunnicutts
4. Houseful of Hunnicutts
November 18, 1984
When Jolene's (CELIA WESTON) family members come to Phoenix for a visit and overstay their welcome, Mel (VIC TAYBACK) intervenes, causing Jolene to be disowned by her father (GREGORY WALCOTT).
Big Bad Mel
3. Big Bad Mel
November 4, 1984
Cries of protest do no good when Mel (VIC TAYBACK) buys a nursery school so that he can tear it down and create a parking lot for his customers.
Space Sharples
2. Space Sharples
October 28, 1984
Halloween brings out the superhero in Mel (VIC TAYBACK) when he dresses as Captain Galaxy and wards off a real-life bank robber (DAN GILVEZAN).
Romancing Mr. Stone
1. Romancing Mr. Stone
October 14, 1984
When Alice's (LINDA LAVIN) love life seems to be in a slump, Jolene (CELIA WESTON) and Vera (BETH HOWLAND) attempt to help by placing a "personals" ad for her in a local magazine.
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