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In this sitcom, a recent widow sets out with her son to make a new life in California. Unfortunately, her car breaks down in Arizona, forcing her to take a job as a waitress in a local diner. Thus begins her unexpected new life, as she develops relationships with the diner's gruff owner and her quirky co-workers. The series stars Linda Lavin and was based on the movie Alice Doesn't Live Here Any More.

Alice (1976) is a series that is currently running and has 9 seasons (199 episodes). The series first aired on August 31, 1976.

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9 Seasons, 199 Episodes
August 31, 1976
Cast: Linda Lavin, Beth Howland, Vic Tayback, Philip McKeon
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Alice (1976) Full Episode Guide

  • When Mel (VIC TAYBACK) sells his diner to a land developer, he, Alice (LINDA LAVIN), Vera (BETH HOWLAND), Tommy (PHILIP McKEON), Jolene (CELIA WESTON) and the diner's faithful customers reflect on the good times and bad, and how the diner and its "family" has affected their lives. Series finale.

  • Elliot (CHARLES LEVIN), Vera's (BETH HOWLAND) police officer husband, is so ashamed of accidentally shooting himself that he quits his job.

  • A romantic relationship unexpectedly develops when Jolene (CELIA WESTON) decides to try out for a women's professional basketball team, and Mel (VIC TAYBACK) offers to be her trainer.

  • Vera (BETH HOWLAND) and Elliot (CHARLES LEVIN) seek a tenant for their spare room, only to have the room rented by their onetime landlady, Debbie Walden (LINDA LAVIN in a dual role), a certified tyrant, who all but drives them from their little love nest.

  • While a country singer (KIP NIVEN) and a writer (MICHAEL DURRELL) simultaneously vie for Alice's (LINDA LAVIN) affections, the gang at the diner fears she has been kidnapped. Second of a two-part episode.

  • A famous country music performer (KIP NIVEN) falls in love with Alice (LINDA LAVIN) and, after hearing her sing, invites her to join him on the road. First of a two-part episode.

  • When a fast-food hamburger restaurant opens down the street, Mel's (VIC TAYBACK) customers flock to the new eatery, and Mel is forced to close his diner.

  • To celebrate their first wedding anniversary, Vera and Elliot (BETH HOWLAND and CHARLES LEVIN) plan to reconstruct the day they met, but their plans fall apart when Vera is arrested.

  • Mel (VIC TAYBACK) volunteers the use of his diner for a performance by a dance group, only to oust the entertainers when he mistakes them for hoodlums.

  • Alice (LINDA LAVIN), Vera (BETH HOWLAND) and Jolene (CELIA WESTON) try to "save" Mel (VIC TAYBACK) from being arrested when he goes undercover to help Elliot (CHARLES LEVIN) apprehend a gang of cattle rustlers.

  • Tommy's (PHILIP McKEON) partying in college causes concern for Alice (LINDA LAVIN) and real problems for her boyfriend, Nick (MICHAEL DURRELL), after Tommy gets so drunk that he forgets where he left Nick's expensive sports car.

  • When Jolene's (CELIA WESTON) family members come to Phoenix for a visit and overstay their welcome, Mel (VIC TAYBACK) intervenes, causing Jolene to be disowned by her father (GREGORY WALCOTT).

  • Cries of protest do no good when Mel (VIC TAYBACK) buys a nursery school so that he can tear it down and create a parking lot for his customers.

  • Halloween brings out the superhero in Mel (VIC TAYBACK) when he dresses as Captain Galaxy and wards off a real-life bank robber (DAN GILVEZAN).

  • When Alice's (LINDA LAVIN) love life seems to be in a slump, Jolene (CELIA WESTON) and Vera (BETH HOWLAND) attempt to help by placing a "personals" ad for her in a local magazine.

  • An absentminded preacher (DAVID BOND) marries Vera (BETH HOWLAND) and Elliot (CHARLES LEVIN) but refuses to disappear when the hone ymoon begins.

  • Mel (VIC TAYBACK) refuses to make alterations at the diner to accommodate the handicapped--until he learns firsthand what it's like to be helpless when a sprained ankle puts him in a wheelchair.

  • Jolene (CELIA WESTON) decides to marry a popular game show host (JOHN McCOOK), who's ready to whisk her off to Hollywood, but wedding plans come unglued when Jolene gets stuck to Mel (VIC TAYBACK) when he attempts to repair her broken fingernail.

  • Vera (BETH HOWLAND) winds up in the hospital after trying to save some baby birds, and the rest of the Mel's Diner crew learn that bandages can cover up a lot of things--including Vera.

  • Mrs. Debbie Walden (LINDA LAVIN in a dual role), Vera and Elliot's (BETH HOWLAND and CHARLES LEVIN) feisty landlady, falls madly in love with Mel (VIC TAYBACK) after she invites him to dinner at her apartment and discovers his hearty appetite for her home-cooked meals.

  • Tommy (PHILIP McKEON) gets a bad case of gambling fever when Mel's (VIC TAYBACK) zany mother (MARTHA RAYE) takes Tommy with her to the racetrack.

  • Her date with a swaggering, hot-air balloonist (JED ALLAN) ends up with Alice (LINDA LAVIN) and the Mel's Diner gang flying off in the guy's runaway balloon.

  • It's love at first bite when Mel's (VIC TAYBACK) dentist, Dr. Harvey Gordon (JAMES COCO), meets Alice (LINDA LAVIN), who has cracked a tooth on some of Mel's chili.

  • Mel flies into a rage when he learns from his mom that his childhood pet dog, Buster, never got closer to World War II heroism than a farm in New Jersey.

  • When she's asked to pitch for Mel in a softball game between Mel's Diner and Lenny's Deli, Jolene (CELIA WESTON) is torn between loyalty to her co-workers and affection for a slugger on Lenny's team.

  • When the circus comes to town, Vera (BETH HOWLAND) hijacks Sparky The Wonder Horse, who she believes is being mistreated.

  • After being regaled by ex-Navy buddies Mel (VIC TAYBACK) and Frank (DONNELLY RHODES) with stories of their exploits in exotic ports, Tommy (PHILIP McKEON) enlists.

  • The holiday spirit takes a backseat to Elliot's (CHARLES LEVIN) rising jealousy when Vera's (BETH HOWLAND) former boyfriend arrives unexpectedly at the diner, just days before Elliot and Vera's first Christmas together.

  • After Mel refuses to listen to Alice's ideas on improving working conditions, she quits her job at the diner and is promptly replaced by Blanche, a prototype food-service robot whose charm and efficiency impress the customers.

  • After the mistaken marriage of Mel (VIC TAYBACK) and Vera (BETH HOWLAND), the romance between Vera and Elliot (CHARLES LEVIN) travels a rocky road to the altar. Second of a two-part episode.

  • Dire complications arise at the rehearsal for Vera's (BETH HOWLAND) impending wedding to her "Mr. Right," a uniformed cop named Elliot (CHARLES LEVIN). First of a two-part episode.

  • While helping Mel's mom, Carrie (MARTHA RAYE), battle the boredom of getting old by launching a singing career, Alice (LINDA LAVIN) learns that she herself is older than she thinks.

  • The love of his life enters Mel's Diner in the stunning form of a recording star named Sarah James (FLORENCE HENDERSON), who enraptures Mel (VIC TAYBACK) and winds up proposing to him.

  • A date with an old high school flame (DENNIS HOLAHAN) livens up Alice's bland love life and serves as a real eye-opener when Alice (LINDA LAVIN) learns the now-successful businessman is blind.

  • Jolene (CELIA WESTON) fulfills her childhood dream of becoming a flight attendant but really wins her wings on a comically disastrous maiden voyage.

  • Vera (BETH HOWLAND) is besieged with presents and love poems from a secret admirer, and everyone in the diner is guessing who he is.

  • Hazzard County's Boss Hogg (SORRELL BOOKE) pays a visit to Mel's Diner and tricks Mel (VIC TAYBACK) into signing away his diner for one dollar.

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