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In this sitcom, a single dad who needs to support himself and his young daughter takes a job as a live-in nanny/housekeeper for a single female executive and her young son. The dynamic in which a manly man has to take orders from a woman provides lots of laughs. Tony Danza, Judith Light and Alyssa Milano star.

Who's the Boss? is a series that is currently running and has 8 seasons (196 episodes). The series first aired on September 20, 1984.

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8 Seasons, 196 Episodes
September 20, 1984
Cast: Tony Danza, Judith Light, Alyssa Milano, Danny Pintauro, Katherine Helmond
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Who's the Boss? Full Episode Guide

  • Angela attempts to adjust to her new life in Iowa, but discovers that she really wants to be back east, working at her agency. The conflict of professional interest threatens to split up Tony and Angela.

  • With Tony living in Iowa, Angela and he take turns flying out to visit each other on the weekends. When this plan doesn't work out, Angela agrees to move to Iowa to be with Tony.

  • The house has a hole in the roof. This in conclusion leads to a rebuilding of Angela's bedroom. Joe, trained workman, carries out the job. But Tony, like it's his way, doesn't leave the workmen,like the others before them, in peace. This leads to a big argument between Joe and Tony - and Tony fires him and does the work now by himself. His team: Hank, Jonathan and Al.

  • Angela, accompanied by Mona, goes to a health resort to get some distance from Tony and his temper. There she meets Tom who, bylook, could be Tony's lost twin brother but his way is completely contrary to Tony's.

  • Sam and Hank return from their honeymoon to learn that married couples aren't allowed to stay at the dorm. Tony skeptically agrees to let them stay at the house. Despite a sleepless first night for Tony, he and Hank soon bond. This creates tension between Sam and Hank.

  • Sam and her boyfriend Hank are planning to get married, and Sam must find the right moment and way to tell Tony. But a series of incidents, including Hank's plan of career change, a roofing accident, and an unexpected visit from Hank's parents, yield a chaotic scene. During the bickering that ensues, Sam and Hank sneak off to elope.

  • Angela books up the whole time with some events and visits. Tony has to fall back on excuses to be together with his friends. But Angela catches on to him.

  • Al is having difficulty getting for his own apartment, because the landlords would all rather sell to a young couple than to a single guy. Sam agrees to pose as his wife, but Tony is upset when he discovers the charade, and insists Al stay at Angela's house. The family comes to regret this.

  • Hard times have begun in the advertising industry - and Angela isn't spared either. Tony takes over the financial management because he has economy experiences. He pinches and scrapes wherever he can.When Angela, totally frustrated, goes shopping, she runs into serious troubles with Tony. He without hesitation takes away all her credit cards.

  • Jonathan is looking for a job. A friend of Tony's arranges for Jonathan to work as a ball boy at New York Mets games. A slight mistake during his first game costs him his job -- and the Mets the game.

  • Mona's mother visits and gives the subtle impression that she doesn't want Tony and Angela to get married. Mona can't convince them that her mother is manipulating them, trying to turn them against each other.

  • Tony is angry at Angela for her rejection. Meanwhile, she continues to question the sincerity of Tony's intentions.

  • The death of a friend puts Tony in a mid-life crisis. He has become quite the adventurer, and invites the family on a ski trip. His plan to propose marriage to Angela are thwarted by a series of accidents that consistently plague her. The joy of the proposal is short-lived when Angela turns him down.

  • Tony feels inferior to Angela's success. A letter that addresses him as "Mr. Angela Bower" doesn't help his self-esteem. He takes a second job at a bar, but that proves to be a mistake.

  • While Angela is away on business, Mona begins dating one of her biggest clients. She finds him thoroughly uninteresting and promptly dumps him. In an attempt to prevent from withdrawing his account from the agency, Tony accompanies him on a duck hunt. An accidental gunshot only makes things worse.

  • After a car crash Sam and Pierce come closer. When Tony finds this out after weeks, he - against the other's expectation - takes a fancy to Pierce and confides his money to the stockbroker. But like always he overdoes here, too, and he spends more time with Pierce than Sam does.

  • Tony, like it's always his way, overdoes his relationship with Angela. But Angela doesn't dare to tell - and tries to get out of his way.

  • After Tony and Angela have confessed their love for each other,they both now want to spend an enchanting evening together.But that isn't that simply,especially since no one can know about it.

  • Angela is ready to profess her love for Tony, but her hopes for a romantic anniversary night with him are dashed when he invites her and the whole family to a carnival. A fortune teller tells Tony that he is about to lose the love of his life, but he misses the point. A ride through the Tunnel Of Love changes their relationship.

  • An attractive young government representative becomes Tony's guide to major events and public appearances around America's capital. Angela begins to suspect that the woman's intentions toward Tony are less than pure.

  • Tony is asked by some senior citizens from the neighborhood to state their request concerning the cut in the old age pension scheme in front of the US-Senate.

  • Sam promotes a concert in college. But she can't find a band for the evening's highlight. Tony informs her that he has the actions to provide a star. But the friend he relied on is just a braggart who's working as errand-boy in a studio.

  • The time has come for Tony to return a favor to Gus, a feared man in Brooklyn's underworld, who once saved him from the police. Tony should teach manners to Gus' daughter.

  • Billy has his birthday. But the Harpers wants to hold their birthday party the same day as Angela and Tony. As a result an (expensive) fight arises, who has the better party with the most guest.

  • When Tony has to leave his class, Mona takes his place as the teacher. But she teaches the class in sex education and later on, Tony is called to the principal.

  • Tony and Angela are audited by an IRS agent after Angela's accountant is imprisoned. The auditor suspects that Tony and Angela are more than just employer and employee, and alleges that they may inadvertently be married already.

  • For Tony the time has come to learn for the exams but there's no replacement for him in sight. Therefore Angela takes over his job and for two weeks she should run the household.

  • Tony and Angela invite Sam to temporarily move back to the house while she is sick. She is skeptical at first, but soon is taking full advantage of their hospitality. Only Jonathan sees that she is milking Tony and Angela for their attention.

  • Jonathan fears the dark girl he is dating has no interest in him. To impress her, he takes her for a ride in Tony's jeep. A minor accident occurs, leaving a scratch on the van. Jonathan desperately turns to Sam to help him cover up what happened.

  • Tony and Sam compete for a college job as a sportscaster. Sam expects Tony to give it his best shot, but she is afraid that, since she is running against him, he will let her win. Tony's audition video, however, misleads Sam about his intentions.

  • A social worker pays a surprise visit to Tony and Angela in order to check up on Billy. Unfortunately, no one seems to know where he is.

  • The family fly to Italy to visit Tony's relatives, who have a surprise for him. He is now the owner of a vineyard there.

  • Tony and Angela each bring a date to a dance hall's final ball before closing. They meet a couple there who first met at the hall during World War II. Their story is told through flashbacks, where Tony and Angela play the couple as their younger selves.

  • Tony becomes a volunteer fireman. His dedication is a little too extreme, and he ends up getting kicked out of the squad.

  • The time has come for Billy to start kindergarten. But there he beats up all kids. Tony and Angela is given the advice to take up a parental consultation.

  • An older woman from Tony's old neighborhood has fallen ill and wants Tony to be the guardian for her 5-year-old grandson, Billy.

  • Sam moves out of the house and into a dorm. Tony's frequent visits make him as popular there as she is, and she begins to feel smothered.

  • Tony meets Kathleen's father, who takes him hunting, and later tells him he expects Tony to be the father of his grandchildren. Angela and Mona babysit a child from Tony's old neighborhood.

  • Discouraged that Angela is spending too much time at home, Tony convinces Mona to bring her to a night club. Angela does loosen up, but more so than Tony had intended. Soon, Angela is having middle-of-the-night parties, skipping work, and becoming a regular at Mona's club.

  • Sam has spent the summer working at a ranch in New Mexico. When she calls home and announces that she'd like to move there permanently, Tony and the family fly out to change her mind. Tony is adamant that she return to Connecticut and go to college, but even more so when she meets her new boyfriend.

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