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  • 1975
  • 11 Seasons
  • 7.5  (10,415)

The Jeffersons is an American television sitcom that aired from 1975 to 1985 on CBS. The show revolves around George and Louise Jefferson, a wealthy African-American couple who move from their working-class neighborhood in Queens to a luxury high-rise apartment in Manhattan. The show's creators, Norman Lear and Don Nicholl, originally conceived the characters of George and Louise as the neighbors of Archie and Edith Bunker from the show All in the Family, but they soon became so popular that they were given their own spin-off series.

Sherman Hemsley portrays George Jefferson, a cantankerous, opinionated businessman who runs a successful chain of dry-cleaning stores. George is fiercely proud of his status as a wealthy, self-made man, and his motto is "move on up," which he sings in the show's upbeat theme song. Despite his gruff exterior, George has a heart of gold and cares deeply for his family and friends.

Isabel Sanford plays Louise Jefferson, George's devoted wife and the love of his life. Louise is patient and kind, and often serves as the peacemaker in the family. She has a great sense of humor and is always ready with a clever quip to diffuse a tense situation.

Marla Gibbs stars as Florence Johnston, the Jeffersons' sassy, no-nonsense housekeeper. Florence is always quick with a witty retort and a sharp tongue, but she also has a soft spot for the Jeffersons and will go to great lengths to keep them happy.

Roxie Roker plays Helen Willis, the Jeffersons' neighbor and Louise's best friend. Helen is married to Tom Willis, a white man, and they are one of the first interracial couples to be depicted on television. Their relationship is a source of tension and conflict with George, who struggles to accept their marriage.

Franklin Cover portrays Tom Willis, a successful businessman who is deeply in love with Helen. Tom is kind and patient, but he also has a fiery temper that can be triggered when he feels he is being treated unfairly.

Mike Evans stars as Lionel Jefferson, the Jeffersons' son. Lionel is a college student who is trying to find his place in the world, and he often clashes with his father over his choice of friends and career aspirations. Lionel is also in an interracial relationship with Jenny Willis, Tom and Helen's daughter, which further complicates matters for the family.

Berlinda Tolbert plays Jenny Willis, the sweet-natured daughter of Tom and Helen. Jenny is bright and ambitious, and she is determined to make her own way in the world despite the racism and sexism she encounters.

Zara Cully portrays Mother Jefferson, George's mother, who moves in with the Jeffersons after her apartment is damaged in a fire. Mother Jefferson is a feisty and opinionated woman who is not afraid to speak her mind, much to the chagrin of her son.

Damon Evans and Jay Hammer also have recurring roles on the show as Lionel's friends, and Paul Benedict appears as Harry Bentley, the Jeffersons' bumbling, accident-prone neighbor from England.

The Jeffersons is a groundbreaking show that tackled issues of race, class, and gender in a way that was both honest and humorous. The show's outstanding cast, witty writing, and catchy theme song made it a beloved classic that still resonates with audiences today.

The Jeffersons is a series that is currently running and has 11 seasons (424 episodes). The series first aired on January 18, 1975.

The Jeffersons
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Red Robins
24. Red Robins
July 2, 1985
George becomes the nest mother for the Red Robins, which Jessica is in. He does this so he can qualify to be Dry Cleaner of the Year.
Off-Off-Off-Off Broadway
23. Off-Off-Off-Off Broadway
June 25, 1985
George uses a talent show started by Louise and Helen to get business for his store. The winner will get time on TV to promote their favorite charity.
The Odd Couple
22. The Odd Couple
June 11, 1985
Florence puts an ad in a column of a singles magazine, trying to find a man. The ad is responded to, but by none other than Harry Bentley.
The Truth Hurts
21. The Truth Hurts
June 4, 1985
Louise makes a painting, and her friends and family tell her that they they are good - although they do not think so. So, Louise decides to enter an art show.
And Up We Go
20. And Up We Go
April 30, 1985
George and Tom try to set a world record for the most times riding up and down an elevator while Louise and Helen are at a spa.
State of Mind
19. State of Mind
April 23, 1985
Louise tries to get the other people in the apartment to make a formal compliant about a new tenant, in apartment 12-C. The young woman is constantly partying.
That Blasted Cunningham
18. That Blasted Cunningham
April 2, 1985
George is in another battle with Cunningham, his rival. But this one is different; Cunningham dies.
A Secret in the Back Room
17. A Secret in the Back Room
March 19, 1985
George and Louise have to try to help Charlie with his marriage while trying to celebrate their anniversary, but they find out that he is an alcoholic.
Hail to the Chief
16. Hail to the Chief
March 12, 1985
Tom gets promoted to president of Pelham Publishing after the original president retires, but he's not sure if he can handle the job.
The Gang's All Here
15. The Gang's All Here
March 5, 1985
Charlie, to get more profit, decides to host a party at his bar. But Louise has to work there for him when he has to go out-of-town. The party is for a bunch of tough bikers.
Last Dance
14. Last Dance
February 19, 1985
Clark, a trainee of George's, can't get a date to go to his prom with, so Florence goes with him. Florence sees a man there she wanted to go to the prom with when she was in school.
Sayonara  (2)
13. Sayonara (2)
February 5, 1985
Lionel and Jenny make their announcement: their getting a divorce. A battle between the Jeffersons and Willises follows.
Sayonara  (1)
12. Sayonara (1)
January 29, 1985
Lionel and Jenny come back from Japan with some bad news.
Chairman of the Bored
11. Chairman of the Bored
January 22, 1985
Tom wonders if he is attractive while everyone else is busy. Mr. Bentley's girlfriend's sister practically answers his question for him.
The Unnatural
10. The Unnatural
January 15, 1985
Reggie Jackson hit a homerun at a baseball game George is at, and George catches it! But he ends up dropping the ball, embarrassing himself in front millions of people.
You'll Never Get Rich
9. You'll Never Get Rich
January 8, 1985
Florence gambles in hopes of raising money so she can go to a graduation. While she is doing that, Louise goes around Atlantic City looking for stars, but when she finds them, she doesn't recognize them.
Try a Little Tenderness
8. Try a Little Tenderness
December 23, 1984
George and Louise catch some kid thieves, and Louise thinks she can change the kids. But George disagrees, and says that he will give a check for $2,000 to the arts program at the Help Center if Louise indeed does change them.
They Don't Make Preachers Like Him Anymore
7. They Don't Make Preachers Like Him Anymore
December 16, 1984
Florence is going to go to Ohio with her church choir for a convention, but the money for the trip is stolen by the minister.
The Gift
6. The Gift
November 25, 1984
George tries to find a birthday present for Louise when she thinks that he is going to throw a surprise party for her.
Some Enchanted Evening
5. Some Enchanted Evening
November 18, 1984
Florence's favorite soap opera actor is going to be at a ball that the Jeffersons and Willises are going to, but she can't go. This causes her to imagine herself as Cinderella, with the actor as Prince Charming.
A House Divided
4. A House Divided
November 4, 1984
The council of the apartment buildings tenants' is having an election to decide who the president will be. George and Louise are running against each other.
Bobbles, Bangles and Booboos
3. Bobbles, Bangles and Booboos
October 28, 1984
George is tricked by Louise and Florence to be on a hidden camera TV show. But the producers of this show might be burglars.
Ebony and Ivory
2. Ebony and Ivory
October 21, 1984
Louise plans for Jessica to go up against Mrs. Van Morris's grandson in a piano recital.
Blood and Money
1. Blood and Money
October 14, 1984
George has Ralph donate blood, but only under the name George Jefferson. The blood ends up saving the life of Mrs. Wertimer, Whittendale's wife.
Ep 230 - Blood and Money
230. Ep 230 - Blood and Money
January 1, 1984
George pays Ralph to donate blood in his name---and becomes a hero when the blood saves a life.
Ep 231 - Ebony and Ivory
231. Ep 231 - Ebony and Ivory
January 1, 1984
George and Louise insist that Jessica compete against a snob's grandson in a recital, even though her musical talents are questionable.
Ep 232 - Bobbles, Bangles and Booboos
232. Ep 232 - Bobbles, Bangles and Booboos
January 1, 1984
Louise's scheme to make George appear on the TV series "Bobbles, Bungles and BooBoos" backfires.
Ep 233 - A House Divided
233. Ep 233 - A House Divided
January 1, 1984
Louise and George compete for the presidency of the building's tenant council.
Ep 234 - Some Enchanted Evening
234. Ep 234 - Some Enchanted Evening
January 1, 1984
The closest Florence can get to a banquet where her soap-opera idol will be speaking is to fantasize---and her daydream takes the form of a Cinderella story.
Ep 235 - The Gift
235. Ep 235 - The Gift
January 1, 1984
George forgets Louise's birthday, but hopes to save his neck with a gift suggestion from Ralph (Ned Wertimer).
Ep 236 - They Don't Make Preachers Like Him Anymore
236. Ep 236 - They Don't Make Preachers Like Him Anymore
January 1, 1984
Florence loses faith when her minister runs off with the congregation's money.
Ep 237 - Try a Little Tenderness
237. Ep 237 - Try a Little Tenderness
January 1, 1984
George agrees to make a donation to the Help Center if Louise can prove that there is some good in two youngsters caught breaking into the store.
Ep 238 - You'll Never Get Rich
238. Ep 238 - You'll Never Get Rich
January 1, 1984
In Atlantic City, Florence hopes to hit the jackpot while Louise's hunt for celebrities turns up Phyllis Diller, Joe Frazier, Charo, Helen Reddy, Engelbert Humperdinck and Michael Spinks.
Ep 239 - The Unnatural
239. Ep 239 - The Unnatural
January 1, 1984
George is the butt of everyone's jokes after he drops a home-run ball at a baseball game witnessed by millions. Reggie Jackson, Brian Downing and Mike Witt appear as themselves.
Ep 240 - Chairman of the Bored
240. Ep 240 - Chairman of the Bored
January 1, 1984
Tom's boring stories turn to fascinating conversation as he envisions himself surrounded by Playboy Playmates.
Ep 241 - Sayonara  (1)
241. Ep 241 - Sayonara (1)
January 1, 1985
Lionel returns from Japan with news that dampens the homecoming celebration. Part 1 of two.
Sayonara  (2)
242. Sayonara (2)
January 1, 1985
Conclusion. Lionel and Jenny's breakup causes a row between the Jeffersons and Willises on family night at Jessica's school.
Ep 243 - Last Dance
243. Ep 243 - Last Dance
January 1, 1984
Florence accepts a date for her old school's prom with the student trainee at George's cleaners.
Ep 244 - The Gang's All Here
244. Ep 244 - The Gang's All Here
January 1, 1984
Louise tends bar at Charlie's to show George she has a head for business, but unruly customers test her abilities.
Ep 245 - Hail to the Chief
245. Ep 245 - Hail to the Chief
January 1, 1984
When the publishing-company president steps down, its Tom's turn to step up---assuming he's presidential timber.
Ep 246 - A Secret in the Back Room
246. Ep 246 - A Secret in the Back Room
January 1, 1984
The Jeffersons think Charlie is keeping his marital problems bottled up, but they discover his real problem is alcoholism.
Ep 247 - That Blasted Cunningham
247. Ep 247 - That Blasted Cunningham
January 1, 1984
Engaged in another dry-cleaning war, George dreams up a sales promotion that he hopes will bury archrival Cunningham.
Ep 248 - State of Mind
248. Ep 248 - State of Mind
January 1, 1984
Louise goes on the warpath when a young neighbor starts throwing loud parties.
Ep 249 - And Up We Go
249. Ep 249 - And Up We Go
January 1, 1984
To set a world record, George and Tom ride an elevator---while their friendship goes on and off.
Ep 250 - The Truth Hurts
250. Ep 250 - The Truth Hurts
January 1, 1985
Someone has to tell Louise the truth: her oil paintings stink. But will it be George, the Willises---or the guy George hires to pose as an art critic?
Ep 251 - The Odd Couple
251. Ep 251 - The Odd Couple
January 1, 1984
Florence places a personal ad in a singles magazine, but she's not prepared for the man who responds.
Ep 252 - Off-Off-Off-Off Broadway
252. Ep 252 - Off-Off-Off-Off Broadway
January 1, 1985
The Jeffersons and their friends stage a benefit show, and the winner gets free TV time to plug a favorite cause.
Ep 253 - Red Robins
253. Ep 253 - Red Robins
January 1, 1985
Hoping community service will win him a dry-cleaning award, George volunteers as a "nest mother" for Jessica's Red Robin troop.
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    January 18, 1975
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