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Hot in Cleveland is a sitcom about four single women who share living space. Their personalities are polar opposite of one another. Three of the four have left Los Angeles and the shallow lifestyle that accompanies their careers in the entertainment industry. They decide on Cleveland because they believe that the people there are more down-to-earth.

Betty White plays the eldest member of the household. Elka is a feisty woman that tosses out insult after insult upon the other members of the household. It seems to work for her because they love her just the same. She is especially hard on Melanie (Valerie Bertinelli).

Valerie Bertinelli plays Melanie who is a woman with little self-confidence. That is what makes her such an easy target for Elka. She is very sensitive and naive. It is a mixture that provides a great mix of comedy as only Bertinelli can pull off.

Wendie Malick is the perfect fit for her role as Victoria. Victoria is an aging soap star that knows all the ropes when it comes to being snobby. She is still a loveable character. She is self-important which offers the show a hilarious look at the perceived notion that people have of television stars.

Jane Leeves plays the role of Joy. She is from England and has the accent to accompany her generally funny lines. Joy is a beautician who takes eyebrows very seriously. She has a bad relationship with her mother and does not do well on dates.

One of the main focuses in Hot in Cleveland is all of the women trying to find that special someone. The many antics they get into as a result are hilarious. They generally find ways to manhunt in groups. It includes barhopping, party going and blind dates set up by each other. Their first dates are usually last dates because they always find something wrong with the person they are with.

Casting of the show is a brilliant mixture of personalities. The actresses that portray each character have a proven track record of comedy under their belt. It is an excellent show that may not have received enough attention during its run. Look for guest stars such as Susan Lucci and Rick Springfield.

Hot In Cleveland is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (128 episodes). The series first aired on June 16, 2010.

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Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on TV Land
6 Seasons, 128 Episodes
June 16, 2010
Cast: Jane Leeves, Betty White, Wendie Malick, Valerie Bertinelli, Mary Tyler Moore
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Hot In Cleveland Full Episode Guide

  • The cast and crew highlight some of their favorite episodes_4-18, bloopers and behind-the-scenes moments.

  • Victoria and Melanie try to deal with Joy leaving. Bob tries to impress Joy's mother.

  • Victoria gets the opportunity to direct both her mother and son in a musical play. Elka looks for a way to also get a part.

  • Melanie encounters a difficult chef. Victoria tries to impress a restaurant critic.

  • Joy discovers something new about Bob when they take engagement photos. Melanie goes on a date with herself. Victoria tries to get a new driver's license photo. And Elka and Mamie pose nude for charity.

  • The gang assists Joy's son in planning the rehearsal dinner for his wedding. Joy's past sneaks up on her.

  • Melanie becomes jealous when her boyfriend becomes Victoria's love interest in a play.

  • Elka believes Bob's gift to Joy is a voodoo doll. Melanie makes a mistake. Victoria gets a visit from her agent.

  • The women take a DNA test and learn about their lineage. Melanie pretends to be someone else when she encounters a handsome relative. Victoria finds out she's a Native American. Joy and Elka make an unexpected discovery.

  • A damage control team steps in to cover up a mayor's death. Victoria's show gets a bad review.

  • Joy vies for Bob's affection. Elka seeks Melanie's help.

  • Joy sees Bob in a new light when he helps Joy's grandson deal with the school bully. Elka inspires Melanie to reconnect with a woman from her past. Victoria tries to keep up with her younger boyfriend.

  • Joy's younger sister is in town. Melanie collaborates with Victoria on a children's book. Elka and Mamie Sue welcome British royalty to Cleveland.

  • Feeling smothered by Jack, Melanie asks Frankie to help her break up with Jack. Victoria's dad, Alex, comes to town with a shocking announcement. Elka tries to fight off Alex's advances.

  • Melanie recruits Joy to persuade Jenna to go to medical school. Victoria obsesses over a nude scene for her new show. Elka takes "Councilman for the Day," Lance, under her wing.

  • Mortified by an old Christmas movie she made, Victoria is desperate to get the rights from her ex-husband, Ernie Hudson. Melanie and Sally fight over decorations. Joy spends Christmas without her mother but finds an unlikely proxy.

  • Melanie and Jack try to spice up their relationship. Victoria becomes the spokesperson for a new vodka brand. Joy's new hairstyle backfires when she meets Owen's office crush. Elka and Mayor Deacon have a scandalous affair.

  • Victoria goes on a ride-along with Joy and Bob. Elka and Melanie take on Agnes and Mona.

  • Elka hosts a party in an effort to sway the vote of a rival politician. Melanie investigates to see if a cute neighbor saw her naked.

  • The women are inspired to try new things after reading some coffee sleeves. Joy tries to help Victoria.

  • When the ladies meet up with the creator of Victoria's new television show in L.A.. Elka tries to persuade him to move production to Cleveland.

  • Joy must decide whether to marry Mitch, Simon, or Bob. Victoria's new CGI movie presents unforeseen challenges. Elka tries to bring film jobs to Cleveland.

  • As Joy becomes extremely content with Mitch, Simon returns to her life. Elsewhere, Elka enjoys a newfound power a little too much.

  • Tension surfaces following Victoria's nomination for an Academy Award and with the upcoming elections for Elka's City Council. Melanie's mother also pays a visit.

  • Victoria is faced with a difficult decision for who her plus one will be for the Oscars.

  • In the 100th episode, Melanie feels isolated when the ladies seek advice from her co-host. Victoria meets J.J.'s family.

  • Things heat up between Victoria and J.J. (Dan Lauria) and Melanie and Donald (Craig Bierko) during Elka's City Council debate against Councilman Powell (Bill Bellamy).

  • In this special animated, the ladies experience beauty treatments, zombies, and an alternate Cleveland.

  • Joy and Mitch consider their compatibility while Victoria's "forgotten" son shows up.

  • Joy's confession to Mitch gets interrupted. Victoria becomes attracted to a screenwriter.

  • To the ladies' surprise, Elka has written and directed a play about them. They're shocked to see how they're portrayed and by whom. It doesn't help that Elka's role is being performed by the beautiful and glamorous Claudia (Morgan Fairchild).

  • Because Elka must get Ross Barkley's (Chevy Chase) endorsement for City Council, Melanie gets forced into going on a date with him. Joy masks her feelings for Mitch (Tim Daly) while he tries to get over Melanie.

  • The women head to Los Angeles to watch Victoria as she announces the Oscar nominations. Elka gets advice and Joy meets a potential husband.

  • Joy and Bob pose as a couple. Elka has a political argument.

  • Victoria shares a secret with Maddie. Melanie, Joy and Elka decide to check a few items off their bucket list.

  • A pet therapist blames the women for how their dog is acting.

  • The women want to adopt a dog but the shelter manager ruins everything.

  • Victoria seeks to be nominated for an Oscar and recruits her friends to convince Academy members to nominate her.

  • Emmy makes an unexpected announcement prior to Victoria's film premiere. Elka dates a younger man.

  • Elka organizes a fake funeral for Victoria. Susan Lucci is in attendance.

  • Joy's baby daddy, Simon, is introduced to his son and grandson for the very first time when they pose as a happy family to get Wilbur into a prestigious pre-school. Melanie and Elka search for the perfect doctor.

  • Melanie shocks Alec when she reveals her news; an FBI agent keeps tabs on the women in the wake of Emmet's disappearance; Joy learns that men now find her irresistible.

  • Due to a superstorm, the ladies get stranded in the house with some unwanted guests: Victoria's island boyfriend, Melanie's downer friend and Joy's mother. Elka thinks the ghost of a murdered woman is haunting them.

Hot In Cleveland News

Betty White Speaks About Cecil The Lion's Death: 'How Could Someone Do That?'

Known animal rights activist Betty White has a few things she would like to do to the man who shot Cecil the Lion.

'Hot In Cleveland' Syndication Deal Spans 65% Of U.S.

"Hot In Cleveland" has been quite the first try at scripted television for TV Land. Set to begin production on its fourth season, CBS Television Distribution has already sold syndicated episodes to markets spanning more than half the U.S. The hit comedy is set to begin its syndicated run starting in 2014.

Betty White Proudly Announces Her Congressional Endorsement

Oh, Betty White. Could it be you're just a sucker for any pretty man that bats some big ol' baby-blues at you? When a California legislator who champions animal rights needs support in a tough race, who better to call on? In this recent spot, America's Grandma casts her vote adorably behind the Democrat fighting for his U.S. House seat thanks to redistricting.

Betty White To Get Royal Treatment For 90th Birthday

Betty White's left a long TV legacy behind her already. With two shows of her own soon to be on the air at the same time and her 90th birthday on the way, it's only appropriate that TV give back. So what's she getting for her big day? How about a 90-minute birthday special, a preview of her new hidden-camera show, a tribute on "Hot In Cleveland" and a Grammy nomination?

Betty White is Turning 90 and You're Invited!

No Facebook campaigns necessary, Betty White's milestone 90th birthday party will be televised. NBC is planning a special party for the legendary funny woman and invitations are in the mail.The struggling peacock network will air the special around the time of the comic icon's birthday on January 17th, 2012.

Video: What the World Would Be Like If Everyone Was Betty White

Ever wonder what it would look like if mankind finally achieved worldwide peace? Well now we have ourselves a pretty good idea. It will involve Betty White, cloned twelve times over. This is the only time you'll ever hear us say this (we swear): Check out this great new video from the AARP.

Betty White to Host Senior Prank Show 'Off Their Rockers'

What's better than having the hilarious Betty White host a show? How about having Betty White host a hidden-camera prank show?

NBC's upcoming show "Off Their Rockers" has found its host in Betty White. The "Hot in Cleveland" star will host the hidden-camera show, which will feature senior-aged improvisors and actors pulling pranks on younger folks.

If that isn't the best idea for a show, I don't know what is.

Thank You For Bein' a Friend: Betty White Celebrates Birthday #89

Can we just give Betty White a hand? The 89-year-old party girl celebrated her own birthday last night while interviewing with David Letterman and drinking vodka. You go girl! Betty and Dave whooped it up and shared some funnies…that is until Dave opened his big mouth and inserted his foot!

The interview was going great and they were chatting it up like great friends. Letterman busted out come chilled Grey Goose and photos from her golden years.

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