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Do you often look back and think you let the love of your life get away? Maybe you wonder how things could have been if the two of you had stayed together. First Love, Second Chance is a perfect example of the ones that got away. Join the couples that are being re-united from the past for a second chance at love. This show will certainly warm your heart as couples from years ago are face to face for that second chance of making it work. Find out if these people's dreams come true for that second chance at love.

Wednesdays at 10:00 pm on TV Land
1 Season, 6 Episodes
March 10, 2010
Reality, Romance
Cast: Mason Pettit
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First Love, Second Chance Full Episode Guide

  • A woman's jealous outbursts ruined her relationship decades ago.

  • Chris was a world-champion skateboarder, Hollis a California girl. The two teenagers fell in love, but Chris couldn't resist the temptations of being famous. When the pair is reunited 25 years later, much has changed. Hollis lives in Atlanta and Chris is still in Cali. Can their first love have a second chance?

  • Shane and Angela were passionate lovers, but when he moved to a different city, Angela started seeing other men. Now Shane wants to rekindle their romance.

  • Chris and Pam had a hot romance twelve years ago when she was working as a bartender and he was her favorite customer. But Chris's drinking became out of control and then he moved. Will he have a second chance now that he has cleaned up his life and they both have secure jobs?

  • Garry was an Australian foreign exchange student who fell in love with his U.S. host family's daughter, Star Lynn. Their budding romance was put to an end when Star Lynn's mom found out and kicked Garry out. Now, nearly 30 years later, Star Lynn wants to try to rekindle the romance with Garry. For one intense week, Star and Garry will live in each other's world to see what could have been, and if anything can still be.

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