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The Doris Day Show was an American sitcom that was originally on CBS when it was being recorded. The show itself starred Doris Day as the leading role of the series as Doris Martin. During the course of the show, Doris Day, playing as Doris Martin, originally started off as a story about a single mother who decides to move onto a family ranch, with her two sons, after leaving the San Francisco city life. The two sons are named Billy, played by Philip Brown, and Toby, played by Todd Starke, and both were supporting characters on the show. As the series progressed however, Doris and her family moved back to San Francisco by season 3, once Doris herself had secured a job working at a magazine publishing company.

The show itself, while being a family sitcom for all ages, enjoyed high ratings and lasted for five seasons and was widely known for having a fairly large cast. Also, the show was known for having most of its cast no longer being around towards the end of the series, leaving Doris Day the only main character left.

The Doris Day Show is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (128 episodes). The series first aired on September 24, 1968.

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5 Seasons, 128 Episodes
September 24, 1968
Classic, Kids & Family
Cast: Doris Day
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The Doris Day Show Full Episode Guide

  • Scotty, a co-worker of Doris' at Today's World magazine takes credit for her work.

  • A romantic weekend for Doris and Jonathan turns into a double date with Jackie and her boyfriend.

  • Doris accepts Jonathan's marriage proposal and makes plans for their wedding.

  • Doris and Cy turn criminal thanks to her uncle, an art forger who involves the unwitting pair in a swindle.

  • Cy is upset when his ex-wife's boyfriend falls for Doris, worrying he'll have to keep paying alimony.

  • Cy tries to play matchmaker in order to get the rights to Doris' ex-boyfriend's newest book.

  • Doris adopts a couple of stray dogs which causes problems for her and her landlord.

  • Doris offers to help Peter raise money and operate a fashion show as a hospital fundraiser.

  • Doris attempts to save an elderly employee's job at Today's World magazine.

  • In order to expose a phony talent agency for a magazine article, Doris goes undercover as an actress.

  • Doris is caught in the middle of a police investigation when detectives check out the dog she's babysitting.

  • Doris replaces Cy as editor-in-chief after Colonel Fairburn attempts to give the magazine a fresh look.

  • Doris and neighbors are upset when a huge conglomerate tries to turn their building into a co-op.

  • An Eastern European General is investigated by Doris about allegations that he plans to defect.

  • After interviewing a rock star, Doris discovers the younger music idol is falling in love with her.

  • Doris poses as a nurse as she breaks hospital security to interview an injured safecracker.

  • Doris becomes a friend in need as she tries to borrow eleven hundred dollars.

  • A suspicious Doris believes that boyfriend Peter is secretly romancing a beautiful actress.

  • The police arrest Cy as a peeping Tom, jeopardizing his chance of winning the Man of the Year award.

  • Doris takes a leave of absence to serve as press secretary to a Congressional candidate.

  • Doris moonlights as hostess of an all-night radio show to solve her economic problem.

  • Two aggressive bosses cause chaos when they battle to win Doris as a valuable employee.

  • Doris' boyfriend Peter finds himself on the sidelines while Doris interviews a handsome bachelor.

  • Doris persuades a French fashion show director to use Doris' own trendy couturier in the show.

  • Doris asks a charming artist to paint a cover for the magazine and cringes when she sees the outcome.

  • Doris' night on the town with a butler posing as a prince lands her in deep water at a casino.

  • Doris' guest Thelma finds herself In a love triangle when a flirtatious neighbor goes after her boyfriend.

  • Jackie gets into trouble when she donates Cy's trenchcoat to a thrift shop leading Doris to hunt it down.

  • Angie is expecting a litter of pups from her dog Sophie and Doris decides to throw a baby shower.

  • On a train trip in France, Doris gets involved in foreign intrigue when the theft of a diamond takes place.

  • Doris is recruited by Peter into service as a surgical nurse for an emergency operation.

  • Doris visits a penitentiary for a criminal's deathbed confession while Cy is concerned about security leaks.

  • Doris and Angie become witnesses to an attempted theft of art objects during their preview of the exhibit.

  • Dashing and debonair Dr. Peter Lawrence is interested in his medical patient Doris.

  • Doris is mistakenly kidnapped by revolutionaries in the Middle East as a romantic interest for the Sultan.

  • Traveling to England on assignment, Doris tries to sell an author serialization rights to his book.

  • Angie fixes Doris up with a handsome airline pilot, but Doris thinks Angie's matchmaking abilities are lacking.

  • Doris' cousin Charlie gets her involved in an espionage plot following his visit to the Far East.

  • Doris' dating service computer match turns out to be more than just a lonely bachelor.

  • Doris persuades her finicky neighbor Mr. Jarvis to run for a seat on the city council.

  • Angie goes to a spa with Doris who's on an undercover assignment spying on the wife of a convict.

  • Doris must cancel her vacation to assist the magazine owner's wife with her annual charity ball.

  • Doris falls in love with an Italian in Rome and is heartbroken when a difference comes between them.

  • Doris and Mr. Jarvis wind up in jail after they are suspected of robbing a jewelry store.

  • Doris' ego-tripping boss complicates her efforts to line up an interview with a TV talk-show host.