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Watching old episodes of the Donna Reed show will take you back in time. The show focuses on the Stone family. Alex stone is a pediatrician. He and his wife Donna have two children, Mary and Jeff. The episodes focus on many normal every day problems. Alex and Donna love one another and their kids. The kids are good, but not perfect. The Stone's marriage is also good, yet they do disagree and get into arguments. All of the members of the family have times throughout the series when they become frustrated or annoyed with one another and normal life situations.

This is a fun show to watch. Over time you begin to care about the characters. Even though it is set in the past, modern families will still be able to relate. In one episode Donna begins to feel unappreciated and taken advantage of. A mother from any time in history can relate to those feelings. She goes to extremes to change herself so she will not feel this way anymore, only to find out that she is turning into someone she does not like. It stands to reason that every mother has at one time or another had a less than shining moment when dealing with her family.

Mary's boy problems are another common bond that viewers of today can relate to. A boy doing something to annoy a teenage girl is something that transcends time. Each generation of young girls can attest to this fact.

Alex does his best to be a great husband and father. Even with the best of intentions he sometimes finds himself falling short. Who can't relate to having so much to do that something must suffer. Like parents everywhere, he keeps trying.

Jeff is like everyone's little brother. He is messy, he goes out of his way to irritate his sister and he sometimes makes poor decisions. Throughout the series fans are able to watch Jeff grow and mature.

All in all the Donna Reed show is a good show. Each episode has something to keep the viewers interested. It is fun to watch and a great escape.

The Donna Reed Show is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (187 episodes). The series first aired on September 26, 1960.

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5 Seasons, 187 Episodes
September 26, 1960
Cast: Donna Reed, Carl Betz, Shelley Fabares, Paul Petersen, Patty Petersen
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The Donna Reed Show Full Episode Guide

  • Jeff makes a date with Rosemary for the senior prom. Smitty then lets Jeff know that Jeff has been nominated to run for Senior Class President. Now gorgeous Dolores wants Jeff to take her to the prom. What can Jeff do? He's already committed to Rosemary, or is he? Will Jeff actually dump Rosemary for Dolores?

  • Mary is going away to a new college in the fall. As part of her leaving, she is putting on a "large" outdoor formal party that will be in their backyard. At the same time, Jeff is flirting (again) with car ownership and ends up buying an "Hilldale Bus Lines" bus, which he hopes to use in various money making ventures. While Jeff was able to drive the bus home, unfortunately, it will no longer start. Tune in to see how Mary and Mrs. Stone deal with the bus, while attempting to save Mary's party.

  • A tale of Joyce and Sabrina in a classic contest, which one will get Jeff to ask her to the big dance? Will it be poor, helpless Joyce or the dominant Sabrina? They both ply Jeff in their own manipulative ways. Poor Jeff can't make up his mind. When he asks his family for advice, all he gets for an answer is "Why don't you toss a coin?"

  • Pitcher Don Drysdale appears in this episode along with his real-life wife and daughter. On a trip to Chicago, Jeff is excited about seeing his pal, Don Drysdale, again. He is supposed to get an interview with Don for the school paper. Jeff's excitement turns to disappointment when it appears that Don Drysdale can't deliver the interview.

  • While Jeff and Joanne are dating as seniors in high school and Mary and Scotty are dating in college, turns out Scotty would rather date Joanne, and Joanne would rather go out with Scotty got it? Then they all go to a college dance and Jeff and Mary wind up being the wallflowers. What can Jeff and Mary do?

  • Dr. Dave Kelsey, who has been more and more frustrated by his in-laws (or outlaws as he calls them) moves into the house next door with his wife Midge.Midge is a neophyte when it comes to household chores,so for the first week or so Donna helps her all she can-and Dave is truly grateful that the Stones have helped both of them settle down.

  • There is a local handyman Trisha knows who loves fooling around and making children laugh.Trisha offers him to help fix the little things around the house that need fixing,but it turns out that he is clumsy and inept.Donna and Mary feel helpless as he wrecks much around the house,but soon afterwards the ice-cream man arrives.He knows much more about reapir work- and he hates kids.Donna makes a suggestion,which is followed.The ice-cream man ends up fixing everything around the house-while the handyman ends up delivering the ice cream,and singing to all the kids as they play and have fun.

  • Alex and Donna prepare to go away for the weekend, but Donna suspects Trisha will be sick. Donna sees Trisha eating bananas and she always saw Jeff eating bananas before he became ill. Alex's collegue Dave (Bob Crane) tries to convince them otherwise ... and it turns out that Jeff is the one who came down with a fever. Trisha had been eating bananas because of her promised treehouse and she had wanted to climb trees like a monkey.

  • The Stones all end up at Shelter Bay during "mid-term vacation", better known today as "Spring Break". Mary doesn't know the rest of the family is there; she thought it was just her and her girlfriends. Donna, Jeff, and Alex get to stay on a fishing boat named "Big Daddy", and boy, does Donna hook a big one!

  • Donna visits a reclusive woman who lives in an old Victorian house.She feels trapped in a haunted house after a while.

  • Alex and Jeff spend the weekend at the cabin of Alex's friend Red. Donna and Mary follow them and prove that women can, "rough it" in the wilderness as well as men can.

  • On Jeff's 16th birthday he has a big fight with his girlfriend. Then he falls for an older woman.

  • Mary learns the joys and pains of having a little sister,as she has to baby-sit Trisha on a night when she'd planned to go on a date.

  • A little girl named Trisha follows the Stones home from the park and says that she is one of the family.After a long effort to find her real parents,her uncle arrives.He realizes that the orphaned Trisha loves being in a family and that the Stones are fond of her.He arranges it so Trisha can stay with the Stones.Thus a new family member is added.

  • A boyfriend of Mary's calls her wholesome,and she doesn't know whether to take it as a compliment or an insult.

  • Donna attends an auction of unclaimed freight and an unknown woman asks Donna to bid on a Chinese horse. Donna wins the auction but the woman disappears. Donna brings the item home, but then strange things begin to happen.

  • When Donna decides to run for town council, Jeff and Mary agree to take care of the house. And how! But when Alex dreams about Donna's political future, as Mayor, perhaps Governor, he decides he'd rather have her back home again.

  • The Stones are planning a simple wedding for Mary's friend Marcia. When Marcia's mother shows up, everything becomes a big production.

  • If Jeff wants to be able to afford to go to a special event this weekend, he had better collect on the loans he gave his friends. This prompts Donna to suggest that Alex collect from his deadbeat patients.

  • When Jeff finds the winning raffle ticket for a new sports car, he faces some adult sized responsibilities. Jeff sees a woman from behind drop a raffle ticket and before he can return it to her, she disappears. The only possible clue is her child's drewpy-drawers, but as Dr. and Mrs. Stone agree there are lots of children with drewpy-drawers.Jeff begins to learn the cost of owning and operating an expensive sports car (such as insurance). He also discovers how people now treat him differently from his boy and girls friends to prospective employers (he needs to pay for the car). When Jeff thinks he sees the child and woman again, he reaches a crossroad in his life. Tune in to see the path Jeff takes as he deals with this moral dilemma.

  • Mary decides to make-over ill-mannered basketball star, Steve, into a polished gentleman.

  • Everyone chips in to buy the elderly baby doctor a new car.

  • Alex and Jeff go camping in order to spend more time together, but the trip turns out to be a plot cooked up by Jeff to meet his friends.

  • Mary succeeds in helping a shy boy she knows become a singing star.

  • Donna is selected to take part in a survey of housewives to dtermine how long they spend doing their household chores.

  • Alex tries over and over to spend a day with Jeff,but his plans are always interrupted by emergency calls.Jeff later shows that he still loves his father by singing the song,"My Dad."

  • The Stone family is having growing pains, now that Mary is 18 and going to college. After several riffs, Mary decides it's time to leave home for the college dormitory for women. Mrs. Stone agrees, as she lived in the dorms and found it a benefit in growing up and learning. Tune in to see how each member of the Stone family reacts to Mary moving out.

  • Jeff decides wearing glasses would make him look older, and sets out to prove he needs them.

  • Trying to save enough money to build a boat, Jeff and Smitty make a pact to give up dating. Then Jeff finds Mary's friend Joanne hiding under his bed.

  • When Donna fills in for Alex's vacationing nurse, she is taken aback to find him an office tyrant.

  • Mary can't understand why her brother Jeff is being so polite to her - unless there is some ulterior motive behind his good behavior.

  • After attending a friend's wedding, Mary proclaims that she is in love. Now Donna and Alex are afraid that she will run off to Las Vegas in order to elope.

  • Jeff and Mary both need help on important matters from Alex, but he is preoccupied with a critically ill patient.

  • Jeff interviews baseball great, Don Drysdale for the school newspaper.

  • Jeff has a plan on how to advertise Mr. Varney's bicycle shop.

  • Jeff and Smitty don't have dates for the junior prom.

  • The Stones rent a motor home for a trip to Lake Mead.

  • This was actually an unsold pilot episode of "The Roberta Sherwood Show." Roberta Sherwood and Gale Gordon star as a typical couple raising three children in a typical small town. The only untypical thing about them is that they break into song.

  • How can a guy ditch a tag-a-long little brother?

  • Donna plays the fortune teller at a bazaar.

  • Alex relents and agrees Mary can go out on a blind date if she will meet the boy first. Now Mary wants to cancel the date because he has big ears.

  • Jeff's team-mate on the baseball team has an overbearing father who drives the son hard and constantly berates him, thinking this will help him be a star player someday. Alex tries to set him straight.

  • The Stones track down the owner of a watch that they got from a pawn shop.

  • Jeff's leading lady in the school play has a bad temper.

  • While spending the weekend with friends who have left the rat-race of the city life and who now live on a farm, Donna and Alex become tempted by the country life.

  • Donna is offered a free trip when she complains to an airline.

  • While Donna and Alex are away, Mary's little get-together with a friend somehow turns into open house party.

  • Alex moves his pediatric practice out of the house and into a new office downtown.

  • Jeff's club is trying to raise money to purchase a telescope.

  • Mary decides to forsake college and embark on a singing career.

  • Alex goes to Hawaii to treat a friend's daughter who woke up paralyzed after an operation.

  • Jeff doesn't have enough money to buy Angie a special birthday gift, so he starts selling his possessions in order to raise the money.

  • The Stones become the laughing-stock of Hilldale after Alex takes to driving an antique car that he dubbed "Eloise".

  • A boy at school tries to prove he's tough.

  • Victor is a very bright boy, so why doesn't his grades reflect that?

  • The skiing trip with friends has been cancelled, and Mary is depressed. To cheer her up, Donna suggests that Alex take Mary on a trip to Chicago.

  • Alex has a new patient whose grandfather plans on paying the medical bill with money won from betting on the horses.

  • Will child psychology theories prove themselves in practice? Alex is going to find out, with Mary and Jeff as his subjects.

  • Mary tries to wangle an invitation to the Hilldale Centennial Dance from the handsome new classmate who just happens to be her French tutor. Meanwhile, he and Jeff are competing for odd jobs.

  • Jeff takes on more than he can handle when he starts a newspaper delivery service.

  • Jeff's been keeping a secret from Donna and Alex: He's been expelled from school for a prank he and some friends pulled which involved messing up the bells and clocks, and he won't be allowed back unless he names the other boys involved.

  • Millie and Jack have split up over barbequed chicken of all things! Alex and Donna think that because they are childless, it kept them immature so Donna decides they should adopt a baby to Alex's dismay.

  • Jeff is cornered into dating a new girl in town. All ends well when he discovers the new girl is a tomboy.

  • First some large animal has trampled Mary's flowers. Now when Alex is out of town, Donna and the kids keep hearing noises late at night. Upon investigating, they peek out the front door window and see a large, furry creature sitting on the porch!

  • Jeff has discovered he is growing whiskers, and decides that since he is no longer a little boy that he needs to start acting like a man. He insists on taking a job to pay his way at home.

  • Jeff failed an English assignment and now he has to stay home and redo it even if it means missing the father/son baseball game.

  • Mary dates Kip Dennis, unaware that he is also singer Jim Brandt who Jeff admires and Mary despises.