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Avec Eric is a television show that features world-renown chef Eric Ripert, of the New York City restaurant Le Bernadin. Each episode of the series shows Mr. Ripert cooking a meal with a celebrity guest. Sometimes they are other chefs and other times they are famous movie stars.

Eric Ripert's restaurant in New York is one the top-rated in the world and he is known for serving complex, five-star dishes. The show is Eric's attempt to teach viewers at home how to make his food and create a menu for any dinner party that they may be having. Eric even shows the viewer how to make cocktails that complement the meals. His goal is get the viewer to pair his food perfectly.

Avec Eric also spends time outside of the kitchen, teaching viewers about various different topics in the culinary world. He explores culinary trends and discusses environmental and sustainability issues. Eric teaches the viewer how to build flavors and make dishes that taste complex. He really gets into the science behind food.

Eric also highlights more than just the food. He talks a lot about the pleasure of dining out and enjoying a meal. He says it is so much better for people that this takeout culture that pervades the culture. Avec Eric also depicts the lifestyle of a celebrity chef, showing charity engagements and training sessions. Basically, the show gives you an all-inclusive look at the inner workings of a high-class restaurant while giving you tips and tricks to bring the exquisite cuisine into your home.

Avec Eric is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (35 episodes). The series first aired on January 3, 2009.

Avec Eric is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Avec Eric on demand atAmazon, iTunes online.

3 Seasons, 35 Episodes
January 3, 2009
Cast: Eric Ripert
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Avec Eric Full Episode Guide

  • Tensions run high along the border between two nations that used to be one.Eric visits the DMZ where he explores Unification Village, an area where war, nature and people cohabitate. Contrasted with the show of military presence is Eric�۪s visit with local farmers who harvest an abundance of amazing products from the fertile land that sits perilously close to the divided nations. Eric�۪s adventure to the DMZ truly illustrates the power of food to bring people together inspiring him to prepare Poached Daikon with radish salad and kimchi chicken broth.

  • Eric has been going to Puerto Rico for 30 years, to celebrate his adventures Eric decides to host a tribute to Puerto Rican culture. Eric meets with legendary master ���Apa�۝ Ramos to share his pig roasting techniques and secure the lech�_n��for his party, and he travels to artisanal rum producer Ron del Barrilito to taste rums that will be served at the fiesta. As the sun begins to set the party heats up and Eric along with his friends celebrate over delicious food and live music from beloved local band Groupo Plenarium. Inspired by his travels through Puerto Rico Eric prepares Pan Roasted Pork Chop Encebollado with Rosemary Scented Bananas. ��

  • To showcase the country�۪s local produce, exotic foods, and great wine, three of Australia�۪s most esteemed chefs, Ben Shewry, Neil Perry, and Peter Gilmore, host a dinner for the world�۪s culinary elite. Honored to be a featured guest, Eric attends the gala along with familiar faces such as Alice Waters and Jonathan Waxman. This culinary celebration inspire Eric to prepare Seared Tasmanian Sea Trout, watercress, finger lime and trout roe sauce vierge.

  • Known more for its white beaches and calm turquoise waters, Puerto Rico also boasts what many consider the premiere surfing spot in the Caribbean. Eric, having visited the island annually for over 30 years, has never tried surfing so he heads to Rincon to ride some waves. His coastal journey affords him the opportunity to sample delicious local foods while en route to meet up with his oldest friend and mentor famed Chef Alfredo Ayala. Eric and Alfredo enjoy a picnic on the idyllic Gilligan�۪s Island where they dine on spiny lobsters that Eric has caught and rice and beans that Alfredo has prepared. This aquatic adventure inspires Eric to prepare Snapper with Sofrito Emulsion.

  • Melbourne, a growing dining destination situated in Australia�۪s state of Victoria is an inviting city where the hip and eclectic coexist with vast culinary diversity. Eric visits the city�۪s most famous shopping spot, the Queen Victoria Market and hits some of the hottest restaurants in town which reflect Melbourne�۪s cultural melting pot including Tonka, Chin Chin and sitting down with chef Shane Delia from Maha. Just outside the city is the home of David Blackmore, a Waygu cattle farmer recognized and embraced by Japanese traditionalists. Eric will get to sample what many regard as the most exclusive cuts of meat.His culinary diverse experiences in Australia�۪s culture capital inspire Eric to prepare Seared Tandoori Spiced Hamachi with Pickled Cucumbers.

  • Puerto Rico, an island rich with amazing food, vibrant nightlife and natural beauty has become an annual destination for Eric to visit his dear friends and enjoy this tropical paradise. Eric along with dear friends/Chefs Mario Pagan and Jose Santaella attempt to catch some big sport fish while exploring the city�۪s burgeoning food scene. The three friends�۪ adventures in San Juan inspire Eric to prepare Cod Serenata.��

  • Realizing New South Wales is more than Sydney, Eric heads outside of the city to do some fishing and foraging and gets to cook kangaroo on the farm owned by one of Australia�۪s most heralded chefs James Viles of Biota. Venturing back to Sydney, a cosmopolitan and iconic city with world class dining, Eric pays a visit to Australia�۪s master of meat, Anthony Puharich at deluxe butchery Victor Churchill and enjoys one of his best meals ever at Sepia. ��Back at home Eric prepares Seared Flank Steak with Chimichurri and a side of Byadli.

  • On his mission to explore the influence of Korean cuisine in the culinary world Eric seeks the counsel of famed New York chef David Chang. In Korea, Eric is taught how to make these cooking staples from the masters. The student becomes the teacher as Eric prepares Korean Style Shrimp Cioppino with Gochujang inspired by his journey.

  • The law of the land is food and wine paired perfectly together. Eric heads out into the Margaret River coastal region braving crashing waves and searching for abalone with Josh Whiteland whose family has inhabited the land for centuries. After visiting an Aboriginal cave dating back thousands of years, Eric continues his journey to the Aravina Estate, an impressive vineyard with chef Tony Howell that respects traditions in a modern setting.With an appreciation for local and seasonal produce, Eric prepares a Goat Cheese Parfait with golden beets, apples, potatoes, and an olive vinaigrette paired with a Margaret River Voyager Estate wine.

  • In this version of a food and wine safari, chef/sommelier Aldo Sohm tours Adelaide�۪s wine regions, sampling some of South Australia�۪s finest at Penfolds to D�۪Arenberg in the McLaren Vale, while Eric heads to Kangaroo Island and tastes the diverse offerings from local producers. The two share their adventures and some wine over an amazing dinner at Southern Ocean Lodge. Back home, Eric prepares Garlic and Rosemary Studded Leg of Lamb with Potato Puree paired with South Australian varietals.

  • Eric ventures on a quest for spiritual enlightenment where he will have the rare privilege of learning the ancient cooking secrets of the Buddhist Monks and Nuns. The grounds of the Temple provide all the ingredients needed for their meals, and the dishes they prepare have healing properties that nourish the mind, body and soul. Inspired by the food that Eric cooks with the nun, Eric will prepare a Spicy Tomato Consomm©.

  • The 'Top End' of Australia is home to crocodiles, wallabies, water buffalo and other wildlife that Eric encounters along his journey. Eric�۪s adventure starts by meeting local chef and jackaroo Lynton Tapp at Pee Wee�۪s at the Point in Darwin. Lynton takes him to a special spot at Wildman Wilderness Lodge before sending him along his way by boat up the Mary River then by helicopter to a remote fishing spot where he will try to reel in a prized barramundi...all the while avoiding becoming dinner himself. Inspired by his wildlife adventures, Eric will prepare Striped Bass with Green Papaya Salad and Blood Orange with a Citrus Vinaigrette.

  • Eric visits the renowned Inn at Little Washington where Chef Patrick O'Connell shares his stories (and cooking) about how the dream of a restaurant became a reality.

  • Eric is invited to visit Ratna Ling, a Buddhist meditation center on the northern coast of California. He reciprocates by cooking a farm fresh vegetarian luncheon for the center's volunteer workers.

  • Eric visits Polyface Farms in rural Virginia. Farmer Joel Salatin has worked for 40 years creating a green, sustainable farm raising cattle, chickens, and pigs.

  • Great food calls for great service. Eric visits the Culinary Institute of America.

  • Eric takes time away from his kitchen in New York and spends a week sharing stories, inspiration and cooking with some of America's greatest chefs – Anthony Bourdain, Dean Fearing, Jose Andres, Grant Achatz and David Chang.

  • Eric travels to rural Virginia to a heritage pig farm and then explores the flavorful Surryano Hams that are made from it.

  • Celebrity chef Eric Ripert doesn't always cook in his 4-Star restaurant kitchen. Today, we'll see him in action at City Harvest Mobile Market.

  • A chef's job is much more than cooking in a restaurant. Eric travels to Grand Cayman for a grand cookout and grilling competition with his friend Anthony Bourdain and lots of laughs and great food.

  • Eric visits a former chef colleague, now a farmer, whose mission is still all about taste and flavor.

  • Eric visits the Culinary Institute of America aka CIA as a guest teacher.

  • Eric visits a mountaintop village in Italy where he learns all about making and eating lardo.

  • Chef Eric Ripert visits the Cayman Islands, where his restaurant serves fresh-from-the-ocean seafood.

  • Eric joins a Chesapeake waterman to harvest soft shell crabs at sunrise and cooks them on the river bank for an al fresco feast. At home, the recipe is Poached Halibut Vinaigrette.