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We the Voters: Now hear this

1 Season, 21 Episodes
September 14, 2016
Documentary & Biography
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  • This music-video tribute to government rules pokes bipartisan fun at our contradictory attitudes toward freedom and safety. How much regulation is enough? Where do you draw the line between protections and tyranny?

  • Ever wonder how bills make their way through Congress? Dollar bills that is. We uncover the role money plays in politics, and shine light on the controversies swirling around Super Pacs, dark money, corporate donations, and free speech.

  • With 50 states, 5 territories, and over 7,000 voting districts, our elections can get pretty chaotic. A quick look at the history of US voting rights shows how we got here, and what obstacles might prevent you from voting.

  • A day in the life of a first-time, millennial, Latina politician in a small New England city. This documentary shows how change starts at the grassroots and grows with hard work. What would it take for you to make a difference in your town?

  • Social Security is a 'pay-it-forward' system that will theoretically benefit all of us. Fixes were made to take care of the retiring baby boomers, but what about millennials? Can they rely on government help in retirement?

  • Politicians argue over the Constitution. Luckily Jefferson, Franklin, and Madison take time out of their afterlives to answer the question: "what would the Founding Fathers do?" Starring Harold Perrineau, Mario Cantone, and Ana Ortiz.

  • These housewives get real about politics. Starring Anabelle Acosta, Charlotte McKinney, and Analeigh Tipton as ladies who let heavily partisan politics ruin brunch. Can they learn to listen to opposing points of view and remain friends?

  • Now hear this - Vulcan Productions and Show of Force are unleashing WE THE VOTERS, a collection of short films that offers quirky takes on the issues that define our generation - student debt, inequality, healthcare, immigration, media polarization, and more.

  • The right to assemble and speak out is written in the constitution. But do rallies and civil disobedience really provoke policy changes? We meet the people who take to the streets to "rage against the machine" and "speak truth to power."

  • Election polls make new predictions every day. Should you pay attention? Clare Malone and Harry Enten offer a 'millennials guide to polling' that will help you tell the good polls from the bad.

  • We Americans are stuck in social media news bubbles that block exposure to opposing points of view. Here you'll get concrete advice from leading media experts on how to break free and get fully informed. Narrated by Glynn Washington.

  • Secret Agent Brink must escape the villain's lair in time to register for healthcare, or have his fingers broken, which will stick him with thousands of dollars in medical costs. Many Americans know how he feels: tortured to debt.

  • Our inept but intrepid reporter, Josh Horowitz, enters the heart of darkness, aka Washington, D.C., planning to expose the corrupt lobbyists perverting our democracy. They exist, but he meets some lobbyists who break the stereotypes.

  • This master class on the dark art of political debate teaches you the diversionary tactics and evasions politicians use to avoid tricky subjects and undermine their opponents. Starring Richard Kind and Josh Malina.

  • A mildly paranoid citizen of Colorado uses personal research to explain the difference between State and Federal laws. From pizza laws in Iowa, to pot laws in states where it's legal, we learn what happens when a state dissents.

  • More young people than ever identify themselves as politically "independent." This animated film (narrated by Morgan Spurlock) looks at pros and cons of our two-party system, and at what makes it so hard for third parties to win power.

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