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This comedy-drama series follows the life of a twentysomething young man as he navigates the challenges of new adulthood. All the usual difficulties of being newly on one's own are made even more challenging in this case by the young man's recently acknowledged homosexuality. The series stars and is written by comedian Josh Thomas. It debuted on Australia's ABC network in 2013.

Please Like Me is a Comedy series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (33 episodes). The series first aired on February 28, 2013. It has mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 8.5.

Please Like Me is available for streaming on the Pivot website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Please Like Me on demand at Amazon, Hulu, Google Play, iTunes online.

Friday 10:30 PM et/pt on Pivot
4 Seasons, 33 Episodes
February 28, 2013
Cast: Josh Thomas
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Please Like Me Full Episode Guide

  • It€™s the end of an era as Josh, Tom and Ella move out of their share house and find that domestic bliss is hard to come by. Josh confronts Claire about their friendship and weighs up whether a pasta maker or a therapist will best solve his problems.

  • Josh reconnects with his first boyfriend, Geoffrey, who shows Josh some surprising new tricks. As Dad gets excited about a low-carb diet, Ella has a health scare which leads to a checkup from an extremely hot doctor, which makes Tom jealous.

  • Josh takes his divorced Mum and Dad to a cutting edge degustation dinner. As they work their way through fifteen delicious and intimidating courses, wine is consumed, emotions run high and secrets are spilled.

  • Josh is single and ready to mingle, but a string of dates goes from weird to worse as he tries to remain optimistic about his love life. Meanwhile, Hannah has taken up boxing, while Mum seems to have taken up fighting € with anyone about anything.

  • A camping trip to celebrate Hannah€™s birthday goes pear-shaped. Josh and his friends face stormy weather, dampened spirits, a treasure hunt, a dead body and fireworks € both in the sky and in their tent.

  • A threesome goes wrong, teddy bears€™ lives are threatened, a lovers€™ tiff makes a family barbecue awkward, and a revelation over a chocolate quinoa slice makes Josh realise he€™s had it up to here with things.

  • ???Tis the season to be jolly, and Christmas orphans Arnold, Ella, Claire, Hannah and Tom all find themselves crammed around the table with Josh??s family for a Christmas lunch they??ll never forget. With Mum back in manic mode, Hannah dealing with her depression, Arnold missing his family, Claire facing up to her loneliness and Dad and Mae experimenting with a new parenting technique, Josh discovers that warm punch, spilt gravy and a vomiting dog are the least of his problems.

  • After visiting Ben in hospital before his brain surgery, Josh decides to tell Arnold about him. Tom badgers Claire into telling him about her abortion. Elle tries to distract everyone by taking them for an outing on a scenic observation wheel, but a confined space with no escape route brings up old issues, new tensions and a panic attack from Arnold, as Josh waits to learn of Ben??s fate. Meanwhile, as Mum and Hannah make a concerted effort to take control of their lives, they end up back where they started.

  • Tom discovers he has chlamydia - again. He??s worried that if he tells Ella, he??ll lose her, so Josh agrees to help Tom try to pull off a caper so bold that they may just get away with it - giving Ella medication for chlamydia without her knowing. Meanwhile, Josh agrees to babysit Grace so Dad and Mae can have a nice ???making up?? dinner. Their night is interrupted by a call for help from Mum, who has a surprising Stuart situation on her hands. A phone call from Ben throws Josh off course.

  • As Arnold gets ready for a trial sleepover back at his parents home, Tom gets anxious about his trip to the dentist, and Claire prepares to terminate her surprise pregnancy, Josh shows his support for everyone the best way he knows how - with food. Meanwhile, when Mum learns that Stuart is still with his wife, she enlists Hannah as a sidekick to plot revenge. With Dad determined to move on from Mae, he tries to enlist Josh as a sidekick to find a new house, but Josh is busy discovering with Claire that they are growing up - fast.

  • Josh, Tom and Arnold decide that theyre young, theyre hot, and its time to experiment with MDMA. Arnolds anxiety about what happen disappears when the drugs come on and the trio decides to head to a nightclub. They meet a free-spirited girl called Ella, who convinces them to go for a run in the night that ends up with a kiss, an ambulance ride and Tom in a hospital emergency room. As they wait for Tom to be patched up, Josh and Arnold convince Ella to dump her boyfriend, while phone calls from Dad and Mae reveal that Dad has also been dumped.

  • As a loaf of bread causes friction between Josh and Tom, Arnold reveals he??s going to come out to his parents at his birthday party. Mae has a big confession to make that leaves Dad heartbroken and behaving irrationally, Hannah??s depression reveals itself in a disturbing manner, but Mum insists on taking her out for a big night at a lesbian bar. Claire reveals that she??s coming home from Germany - again. Josh ropes Dad into helping Arnold do a musical dress rehearsal of coming out to his homophobic father.

  • Josh is surprised to find hes living in a romcom. Despite grand romantic gestures, elaborate dates and barely edible vegetarian meals, he still cant seem to get Arnold to commit to being his boyfriend. Even the lure of adorable new baby chickens doesnt seem to be getting him across the line. As he seeks counsel from his bipolar Mum, well-meaning-but-distracted Dad, no-nonsense, de facto stepmother Mae, and romantically hopeless friends Tom, Claire and Hannah, Josh rides a romantic roller coaster that looks like its headed for a lonely destinationunless a last minute stunt can turn things around.

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