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  • 2016
  • 1 Season
  • 6.9  (47)

Islands of the Future is an engaging and informative television series that premiered on Pivot in 2014. Over the course of its 10-episode run, the show explores the unique challenges and opportunities facing a variety of island communities around the world, while also showcasing some of the innovative solutions that these communities are developing to address these issues.

Each episode focuses on a different island or archipelago, such as Hawaii, the Maldives, or the Galapagos, and features interviews with local experts, community leaders, and everyday citizens. Through these conversations, viewers gain a deeper understanding of the particular environmental and social pressures that these islands are facing, from rising sea levels and dwindling natural resources to cultural erosion and economic inequality.

At the same time, the show highlights the various ways in which these communities are coming together to address these challenges head-on. In some cases, this involves developing new technologies or strategies for sustainable resource management, such as creating a seawater-powered desalination plant in Aruba or implementing a comprehensive waste reduction program in Bali. In other instances, it means reviving traditional practices or forms of knowledge that have been lost or marginalized over time, such as the ancient Hawaiian practice of ahupua'a or the indigenous knowledge systems of the Torres Strait.

Ultimately, Islands of the Future offers a thought-provoking and inspiring look at how individuals and communities can work together to build a more sustainable and resilient world, one island at a time. Whether you're interested in environmentalism, social justice, or just enjoy stunning views of tropical landscapes and ocean vistas, this series is well worth a watch.

Islands of the Future
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Iceland - Green Paradise At The Crossroads
5. Iceland - Green Paradise At The Crossroads
April 29, 2016
Iceland's embrace of volcanic hydropower and geothermal energy, which provides almost all of its electricity, is detailed. Also: its effort to run all cars and its enormous fishing fleet on hydrogen.
Samso - The Community Of Power
4. Samso - The Community Of Power
April 22, 2016
A look at the Baltic island of Samso, which produces more energy than it can use from wind turbines and straw-fuelled thermal power stations.
Madeira - The Struggle For Water And Power
3. Madeira - The Struggle For Water And Power
April 15, 2016
Amid rising oil and gas prices and dwindling resources, tiny islands off the coast of Europe are rethinking the future of energy.
Orkney - The Blue Revolution
2. Orkney - The Blue Revolution
April 8, 2016
The Orkney Islands, which is studying whether tides and waves can be turned into an energy source, are spotlighted.
El Hierro - Visionaries at the End of the World
1. El Hierro - Visionaries at the End of the World
April 1, 2016
The Canary island of El Hierro, which produces most of its electricity from wind, is the focus of the premiere episode of the series, which examines islands that have embraced sustainable energy.
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    April 1, 2016
  • IMDB Rating
    6.9  (47)