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  • 2008
  • 1 Season
  • 8.4  (2,868)

Wild China is a stunning six-part nature documentary series from the BBC that explores the diverse landscapes and wildlife of China. Narrated by the acclaimed actor Bernard Hill, the show takes viewers on a journey through China's mountains, rivers, forests, deserts, and wetlands, showcasing some of the most breathtaking and unique species on the planet.

The series opens with a breathtaking aerial view of the Himalayas, showcasing the mighty mountains that form China's southwestern border with Tibet. From there, the show moves to the forests of Southwest China, where we meet the elusive and endangered golden snub-nosed monkey. We follow a group of these primates as they search for food and avoid predators in the dense forests of the Yunnan province.

The second episode of the series takes us to the karst formations of Guangxi province, where we explore the limestone caves and the underground rivers that flow through them. We also meet the fishermen who make their living by harvesting the local cormorants, using trained birds to catch fish in the fast-flowing rivers.

In episode three, the show introduces us to the Tibetan Plateau, the largest high-altitude plateau in the world, and home to some of the rarest and most endangered species in China. We meet the elusive and beautiful snow leopard, as well as the Tibetan antelope, whose wool is so soft and warm that it has led to massive poaching and exploitation over the years.

The fourth episode of Wild China takes us to the deserts of northern China, where we discover the incredibly resilient and resourceful animals that call these arid regions home. We meet the Bactrian camel, a two-humped beast that can survive on very little water, and the elusive Gobi bear, a small, brown bear that is threatened by habitat loss and human encroachment.

The penultimate episode of the series takes us to the tropical rainforests of Yunnan, the most biologically diverse region of China, and one of the most biodiverse areas in the world. We encounter some of the most fascinating and bizarre creatures on the planet, including giant flying squirrels, the world's largest moth, and the elusive clouded leopard.

Finally, in the sixth and final episode, the show takes us to China's coast, where we explore the country's marine life and the communities that rely on it. We travel to the remote and beautiful Hainan Island, where we meet the Hainanese people, whose lives revolve around the sea, fishing, and the conservation of their marine resources.

Wild China is a visually stunning and fascinating insight into the natural world of China. The landscapes and creatures that are showcased in the series are breathtaking, and the stories of the people who live and work alongside them are equally compelling. Whether you are a nature lover, a student of Chinese culture or history, or simply someone who appreciates great filmmaking, Wild China is a must-see.

Wild China is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (6 episodes). The series first aired on May 11, 2008.

Wild China
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Tides of Change
6. Tides of Change
June 15, 2008
From the eastern end of the Great Wall, China's coast spans 14,000 kilometres and more than 7,000 years of history. This is a place of huge contrasts: futuristic modern cities jostling traditional seaweed-thatched villages, ancient tea terraces and wild wetlands where rare animals stil survive. Here white dolphins, red-crowned cranes, deadly vipers, giant sturgeon and sabre-wielding monkeys struggle to eke out a living faced by competition from 700 million people; widespread pollution and over-fishing. How China is managing such conflicting pressures has lessons for us all.
Beyond the Great Wall
5. Beyond the Great Wall
June 8, 2008
China's emperors built the Great Wall to keep their kingdom safe from the hostile lands to the North. Warrior nomads, bizarre wildlife and extreme weather conditions are found beyond the Wall. How does life survive the harsh deserts and frozen wastes? But northern China is also a place of great beauty, rich with history. The legendary Silk Road drew traders across the deserts in search of fabulous wealth. Nomadic tribes hunt with golden eagles and race horses. Adapt or die is the way to survive these extreme lands, which have shaped some of China's most colourful people and wildlife.
Land of the Panda
4. Land of the Panda
June 1, 2008
China's heartland with its Han people is the centre of a 5,000-year-old civilization. This land contains the Great Wall, the Temple of Heaven, and Beijing's Olympic Stadium, and it's home to some of China's most charismatic creatures such as the giant panda, golden snub-nosed monkey, and golden takin. China has undergone significant development in the past 50 years, bringing many environmental problems. But the relationship of the Chinese to their environment and its creatures is in fact deep, complex, and extraordinary. We will explore this ancient relationship and understand what it means for the future of China.
3. Tibet
May 25, 2008
The size of Western Europe, the Tibetan plateau covers a quarter of China. This vast windswept wilderness is one of the world's most remote places, defined by the glacier-strewn Himalayas. But this brutal region is home to incredible wildlife such as rare chiru, brown bear, wild yak, and even the highest predators on earth. There are more large creatures here than anywhere else in China. Tibet has a unique culture, defined by over one thousand years of Buddhism. This strange looking culture has nurtured remarkable beliefs. We will understand why this landscape and ancient culture is the life support system for much of the planet.
Shangri La
2. Shangri La
May 18, 2008
Beneath billowing clouds, in China's far South West, rich jungles nestle below towering peaks. Jewel-coloured birds and ancient tribes share forested valleys where wild elephants still roam. These remote forests stretch into northern territories where normally deserts would be found. How do these forests exist? Perhaps the rugged landscape holds the key.
Heart of the Dragon
1. Heart of the Dragon
May 11, 2008
The improbable egg-carton hills of Southern China seem to float in a sea of glistening rice paddies. This is a landscape full of surprises - next to peasants ploughing with buffaloes are rivers concealing dwarf alligators and giant salamanders, trained cormorants that catch fish for their masters, bats with unusual tastes, and monkeys that hide in caves. But this isn't a nature park - almost 300 million people live here, with a tradition of eating wildlife. So what forces have shaped this remarkable landscape and how do farmers and wild creatures manage to coexist among the rocks and the rice fields?
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  • Premiere Date
    May 11, 2008
  • IMDB Rating
    8.4  (2,868)