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Keeping up Appearance is a British comedy starring Patricia Routledge as the annoying and outrageously hysterical Hyacinth. Hyacinth is married to Richard who is always overshadowed by her demands. Hyacinths only goal in life is to gain the acclaim she believes she is due from her neighbors. While the couple actually resides in a modest home in a average community Hyacinth always believes herself to be in the same company as the well to do. She goes to great lengths to impress the people she comes in contact with by mentioning her latest acquisition or her imagined association with some high class person.

Hyacinth has three other sisters which also have been named after flowers. Rose, Violet and Daisy add their own personal touches to the stories in this show. Daisy is married to Onslow who appears to have no actual job other than sitting in front of the TV drinking beer. The house Daisy and Onslow live in is usually filled with clutter and has a broken down car sitting in the drive. Rose lives with Daisy and Onslow as does the father of all four girls. Their father is extremely senile and has a tendency to wander off and get in trouble with the law. Rose is somewhat lose with her affections toward men which adds a different type of comedic angle to the show.

Hyacinth and Richard live next door to Elizabeth and her brother Emmet. Hyacinth is constantly dragging Elizabeth over to her house so she has someone she can announce her latest triumphs too. She treats Elizabeth as someone who is below her social status, which makes Elizabeth extremely nervous. A running gag in the series is that poor Elizabeth can never hold a cup of tea at Hyacinths without spilling. While Hyacinth has exaggerated images of her status in the community, her sister Violet is actually extremely rich, which Hyacinth never ceases to boast about. Hyacinth also has a son who is away at college, but who calls home frequently to ask for money.

Keeping up Appearances is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (48 episodes). The series first aired on October 29, 1990.

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6 Seasons, 48 Episodes
October 29, 1990
Cast: Patricia Routledge, Clive Swift, Josephine Tewson, Geoffrey Hughes, David Griffin
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Keeping up Appearances Full Episode Guide

  • Hyacinth decides to organize and direct a local pageant titled "Our Town in the Civil War." She also, naturally, casts herself in the starring role of Queen Henrietta Maria and coerces various members of her family to play assorted Cavaliers and Roundheads. The Church Hall is soon in pandemonium.

  • A minor fungal infection of the feet leaves Richard walking like Long John Silver. Hyacinth prefers to let everyone think it's gout, a more aristocratic ailment. Meanwhile, she's been planning a new kitchen and discussing color choices with the vicar. "When you have to choose between Angel Gabriel Blue and Lucifer Grey, you need a spiritual advisor!" Daisy informs Hyacinth that someone other than Daddy has been found in his bed.

  • Hyacinth buys tickets for a holiday cruise on the QE2 so that she can hobnob with a better class of people. After loading their matching set of executive luggage with the genuine leather embellishments and initials into the car, Richard heads for Southampton, via the scenic route, which causes them to miss the boat. Fortunately, they manage to book a flight to Copenhagen and pick up the luxury liner there. Little does Hyacinth know, Onslow has won tickets for that very same trip.

  • Hyacinth invites Richard's boss and family to the church social. After being coaxed into wearing a Santa costume, Richard goes next door where Emmet plies him with Christmas spirit, leaving him in no condition to drive or play Mr. Claus. Donning the costume herself, Hyacinth arrives at the church social where a drunken Daddy is making passes at the parish ladies, and Onslow, Daisy and Rose have come to collect him. To make matters worse, Onslow succumbs to a case of mistaken identity that results in him kissing Hyacinth under the mistletoe, twice!

  • In this special clip episode, Daisy and Onslow snoop around the Buckets' place and find a hidden diary that contains Hyacinth's most closely guarded memoirs. Unable to resist the urge to respect her privacy, Daisy and Onslow devour every word.

  • Hyacinth decides to share her talent as the perfect hostess with those keen to know more about gracious living and places an advertisement in the local newspaper. But when the telephone rings, her clients have different services in mind.

  • Hyacinth can't believe her Freestyle Floral Decoration of a Table Centerpiece didn't win first place at the local craft fair. And to make matters worse, Lydia Hawksworth, a woman who was unpleasant at one of Hyacinth's candlelit suppers, walked away with the prize.

  • After her audition, Hyacinth is convinced that Emmet is too shy to offer her a part in his musical, which is already fully cast. She decides to boost his courage by inviting him to Violet's home for a bon vivant buffet.

  • Hyacinth is determined to join the cast of Emmet's production of The Boyfriend. She invites him and Elizabeth for coffee, then bursts into "impromptu" snatches of 1920s songs.

  • Hyacinth is excited about attending a country house auction and mingling with the aristocracy. Richard loses sleep at the prospect of Hyacinth going well beyond their spending limits.

  • Hyacinth decides to give Richard skis instead of his usual gift of slippers. When he tells her that he has no intention of taking up the sport, Hyacinth suggests he cultivate the correct image by occasionally driving around with the skis strapped to the top of the car.

  • While walking by an idyllic riverbank with Richard, Hyacinth conceives one of her most ambitious plans. "I shall hold a riverside picnic equally as graceful as one of my candlelight suppers."

  • Hyacinth is concerned that her invitation to the Mayor's fancy dress ball hasn't been delivered. Richard is even more concerned that Hyacinth plans for him to attend the ball costumed as Louis XIV in silk trousers.

  • To the vicar's dismay, Hyacinth has volunteered to accompany a small group of senior citizens on a trip to the seaside. When one of them gets too friendly, she realizes she has taken on more than she can handle. Who will suffer the most - The pensioners or Hyacinth, condemned to the indignity of white-knuckle fun fair rides?