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  • 1981
  • 1 Season

Sense and Sensibility is a captivating BBC adaptation of Jane Austen's beloved novel of the same name. Set in the late 18th century, the story follows the lives and romantic pursuits of the Dashwood sisters - Elinor and Marianne - after their father's untimely death leaves them in a precarious financial situation.

The series stars a talented ensemble cast, including the likes of Mark Gatiss, Janet McTeer, Claire Skinner, David Morrissey, Charity Wakefield, and Dominic Cooper. Each of them brings their own unique touch to their respective roles, making the characters feel both authentic and relatable.

One of the standout performances in the series belongs to Janet McTeer, who plays Mrs. Dashwood, the matriarch of the Dashwood family. McTeer's portrayal of the widowed mother is both poignant and powerful, and she does an excellent job of conveying the deep emotional pain that her character experiences as a result of her husband's death.

Another standout performance comes from Claire Skinner, who plays the role of Elinor Dashwood, the eldest of the two sisters. Skinner does an excellent job of portraying Elinor's strong sense of responsibility and duty, as well as her constant struggle to contain her emotions and maintain a stoic facade in the face of adversity.

David Morrissey, meanwhile, delivers a nuanced performance as Colonel Brandon, a reserved and somewhat melancholic man who develops a romantic interest in Marianne Dashwood (played by Charity Wakefield). Morrissey brings a quiet intensity to the role, and his scenes with Wakefield are among the most emotional and affecting in the series.

As for the rest of the supporting cast, they all do an excellent job of bringing their respective characters to life. Dominic Cooper, for example, plays the rakish John Willoughby, a charming yet ultimately untrustworthy suitor who captures Marianne's heart. Meanwhile, Mark Gatiss delivers a memorable performance as the cold and calculating John Dashwood, Elinor and Marianne's half-brother who proves to be more concerned with his own interests than his family's welfare.

One of the things that makes the series so compelling is how well it captures the essence of Austen's novel. From the gorgeous period costumes to the stunning scenery to the sharp wit and social commentary, Sense and Sensibility is a masterful adaptation that serves as a love letter to the source material.

Overall, Sense and Sensibility is a delightful and thoroughly enjoyable series that will appeal to fans of Austen's work as well as anyone who appreciates a good period drama. With its superb cast, gorgeous visuals, and expert storytelling, it's a must-watch for anyone looking for a captivating and entertaining viewing experience.

Sense and Sensibility is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (9 episodes). The series first aired on February 1, 1981.

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Sense and Sensibility Episode 7
7. Sense and Sensibility Episode 7
March 15, 1981
Upon hearing of Marianne's illness, Willoughby comes to visit, attempting to explain his misconduct and seek forgiveness. Elinor pities him and ultimately shares his story with Marianne, who has a surprising revelation. When the Dashwoods return to Barton, they hear more about the engagement of Lucy Steele and Mr. Ferrar.
Sense and Sensibility Episode 6
6. Sense and Sensibility Episode 6
March 8, 1981
After learning from Mr. John Dashwood that Edward has been disinherited because he stood by his engagement to Lucy, Elinor is now as desolate as Marianne. Their unhappy stay in London finally comes to an end. Then, while visiting a family friend's country home, Marianne falls deathly ill.
Sense and Sensibility Episode 5
5. Sense and Sensibility Episode 5
March 1, 1981
In London, Marianne is anxious to be reunited with her beloved Willoughby, but when she sees him, he cruelly rebuffs her. At the home of Mrs. Ferrars, Elinor is slighted for her honesty while Lucy is favored for showing diplomacy. Later, Lucy is surprised by Edward's sudden arrival, and Edward is astonished to find Lucy with Elinor. Meanwhile, unaware of the secret engagement, Marianne is affectionate to Edward, treating him as the future brother-in-law she believes him to be. At Mrs. Dashwood's, Lucy's elder sister reveals Edward and Lucy's engagement.
Sense and Sensibility Episode 4
4. Sense and Sensibility Episode 4
February 22, 1981
Meanwhile, Anne and Lucy Steele, two recently discovered relations of Lady Middleton's mother, Mrs. Jennings, arrive at Barton Park as guests of the Middletons. Lucy ingratiates herself to Elinor and informs her that she (Lucy) has been secretly engaged to Mr. Ferrars for a whole year. Elinor initially assumes that Lucy is referring to Edward's younger brother, Robert, but is shocked and pained to learn that Lucy is actually referring to her own beloved Edward.
Sense and Sensibility Episode 3
3. Sense and Sensibility Episode 3
February 15, 1981
John Willoughby openly and unabashedly courts Marianne, much to war hero Colonel Brandon's disliking since he too has fallen in love with Marianne. The handsome young man and the emotionally charged sister flaunt their attachment to one another until Willoughby suddenly announces that he must depart for London on business, leaving Marianne bewildered and desolate.
Sense and Sensibility Episode 2
2. Sense and Sensibility Episode 2
February 8, 1981
After leaving John and Fanny, the Dashwoods move to a small but comfortable Barton Cottage. Meanwhile, Marianne cannot understand Elinor's philosophical acceptance of their new lives as her own heart is breaking for their beloved house at Norwood. However, the family tries to appear happy for each other's sake.
Sense and Sensibility Episode 1
1. Sense and Sensibility Episode 1
February 1, 1981
Although the half-brother of Elinor, Marianne, and the younger Margaret promised to care for his half-sisters, his wife convinces him he bears no financial obligation. Mr. And Mrs. John Dashwood take over the residence in Norland, leaving Mrs. Henry Dashwood and her daughters to feel like guests in their own home.
Episode 1
101. Episode 1
December 31, 2007
After the passing of her beloved husband, Mrs. Dashwood and her daughters are forced to move to a tiny cottage on a cousin's estate in Devonshire to start their lives again. This causes a shakeup in romantic lives of her daughters Elinor and Marianne.
Episode 2
102. Episode 2
January 5, 2008
Elinor is confused by Edward's distant demeanor as of late and is soon made aware that he has been secretly engaged to Lucy Steele for four years. However stoic, Elinor is secretly devastated. Meanwhile, Marianne hasn't heard from Willoughby in ages.
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  • Premiere Date
    February 1, 1981